Americaís frail relationship with Chinaís control of its money, flow of Internet information, and the respect of intellectual property reminds me of Americaís failure to apply the brakes regarding its mortgage and financial gravy train. The Westís big businesses have taken advantage of Americanís over mortgages, and outsourced jobs, and made deals with the devil just in order to stuff the pockets of a highly spoiled American opulent life style, and now weíve become too dependent on countries like China; and I would be surprised if anyone in government or business will apply the brakes before another clash and crash (having things that one can afford is not the problem).

Itís hard to put all the blame on China when the West has over the centuries plied the big foot of power in the world, and industrial espionage between its own companies, not to mention with improvements in communications and transportation, has become more and more invasive of our own personal rights. The oligarchy of power is nothing new in the West or East. Itís a delicate balancing act between ethical and moral principles and the daily grind and greed that often pervades efforts for survival. The big difference between America and China is not human nature but the basic rules and values of our constitutional government, and hopefully, our continuing successful efforts to mitigate harm to the individual under a blindfolded justice system.

Itís time for America, not to stop the train, but begin to apply some brakes to our relationship with China. We must accept that the Chinese people have all the equal abilities to create sciences and technologies, and that they could become more harmful to the security and best interest of the West before China becomes a equal and judicious partner with all of Earthís humanity in a singularly battle for survival with the universe. Itís time that America reestablish a more judicious and fair trade and relationship with China. Once we have developed a fair and respectful relationship, then just maybe, we can reestablish a more powerful and mutually beneficial relationship.

I believe that because of near future developments in artificial intelligence, automation, genetic engineering, life extension even our government in America will become a socialist-democratic system at best. At the least we will be entitled to all basic necessities and work only for the bigger house; bigger entertainment system; bigger car; better anything else you can image, but not basic necessities. Keep your eyes on the new technologies as they supplant all basic labor jobs. Be weary of how much of that power will remain in the hands of a few. Make sure that all mankind can receive the benefits from genetic engineering coming sooner than you may have imagined. Otherwise, the weak and poor in spirit may find themselves becoming superfluous to the wants and needs of the rich and powerful. Good luck to those hopes for a newly empathic, fair and judicious human nature!!!

There is a way for America and China and any other countries to create more wealth and jobs at home using the new artificial intelligence and automation soon to supplant all basic labor, and that is by using that technology to create local micro manufacturing and production of almost all goods. Every country in the world could have its own jobs with or without most dependence on outsourcing for all basic necessities, and even most luxuries. If we do this then jobs can return to all peoples in every country, and for pennies on the dollar, by using automation that works day and night for only energy and regular maintenance. By this methodology wealth may remain in each nation to produce other innovative and useful labor. This is where science and technology is headed. We can learn and take advantage of this, or simple wish we had.

An additional requirement for local automation is a need for raw materials. Already science is growing meat without a need for growing live cattles, etc. Those technologies will only improve until all foods can be created on location. Portable energy will be produced on location such as the new reported Boom Energy Corporation along with new developments in solar, etc. Science is already on track to create raw materials on location without much mining, etc. All these ideas are not just pie-in-the-sky ideas from Science Fiction. Itís time for the public to learn about science and pressure politicians to wake up and smell the rosesÖ.Invest in many of these new technologies so America, and in turn the world, may leap frog yesterdays methodologies and create a newer and cleaner an brighter future for all mankind. Finally, itís time to invest in portable, at home, smart systems for keeping constant tabs on our everyday health with on-body minute by minute monitoring of all basic bodily functions along with instant solutions to average variations in blood pressure and pathogens and illnesses concerns. Itís time to stay out of the doctorís office for an extra day, week, month, and years. We all know that doctors canít make money if they donít have patients. In a for-profit system itís time to reduce the need for doctors to a more urgent enveloping concernment. Personal responsibility in health care must take precedence over institutional dependence, period. Otherwise, wheíre going to go broke as a society where only the rich survive.

If we continue to rationalize our values with countries like present day China, etc., then we and the world will be lucky not to face another world war that ends all wars. Of course, we can continue to hope that the West and China, and other oligarchy governments, will come to a glorious chorus and weíll all sing kum-ba-yah.

Conquering the Solar System and Universe should become the mutually endearing battle of all mankind/womankind from Earth. The SF Book "Dr. Warpenstein "The Invisible Foe" is based on the Phoenix UFO.


"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." ~ Einstein