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I believe that there is a subliminal force applied by many social taboos that result in a backlash response creating a greater attractiveness for pornography. Many desires of our instincts are so close, but yet, so far out of reach, and even hidden in plain sight behind cloths…except for the benefit of beauty and power, and/or just power. Pornography will continue to be a problem until the powers to be give up much of their control. No, I'm not saying we should live without cloths. No, I have never been enthralled by pornography. I always told my friends that 'I don't enjoy watching other people enjoy themselves in that way...unless a quality story.' (Shankar Vedantam in “The Hidden Brain,” in his exploration of the unconscious mind may be closer to the truth even in the subject of pornography). In some ways individuals in our world, like wife swappers, make one wonder whether some humans already live like a Bonobo society. In any case big changes are coming to mankind’s society. For those who doubt my words, I will simply say, ‘just keep your eyes and ears on the news’.

Power will simply relegate these words into the vacua space between their ears. Even in this modern world where scientific reason dominates an immense place in our lives, and when presenting new ideas that may conflict with those in power, one almost feels as Charles Darwin must have felt in the light of a religious entrenchment when he first published “The Origin of Species”.

I just witnesses on the news channel two 15 year old girls fighting outside a mall as one of the two girls was kicking the other girl in the head again and again and again while adults walked by and security guards stood idly by watching. The female news reporter blandly described the violent event as though she was announcing a football game.

The truth is that if a man were having consensual sex with this same teenager, with no force, disease, or pregnancy, he would go to jail for life, and this - so called helpless girl - would soon be right back out having sex with some other man and kicking some other human being in the head over and over and over again.

This case is just one more example of the foolishness of today machophile legislators and matriphile psychologist in their efforts to pad their own beds and best interest eliminating male competition. They will continue to do what they have always done throughout history, hacking away at personal rights, destroying large numbers of primarily males, until life is once more embroiled in a war.

The facts are that most females and males don't want legislators and psychologist dictating their every sexual moment outside disease, apparent and overt force, and pregnancy...the real social concerns of a society.

When I was a kid in the forties and fifties it was believed that homosexuals are aberrations and perverts. It was hard for me to understand how a male could want to have sex with a male, or a female with a female. It just didn't make sense to me as a heterosexual. It was nothing new to hear about homosexual priest and nuns and gays in the Boy Scouts and other associations favorable to their natures. I've been just waiting for the escapades of nuns and other gay females to be revealed. I remember a story of the famous scientist whose mathematics and algorithms led to the development of modern computers--Alan Turing. He was charge in an English criminal case for being homosexual in the 1952s and coerced into taking female hormones in order to avoid prison. He committed suicide in 1954.

When I was much younger I met a woman who told me that when she was younger she had sex with more than one older man, and that she would have reported one man to the authorities, but not the others. I ask her, why not turn in all of the men? She said that she liked all the men except for the one...She would turn in only that one man. Throughout my life I've heard of High School orgies, and teacher student sexual relationships, and even Presidents and secret paramours. Mostly, these escapades were kept out of the news, and I think we were better off for it. Today authorities are back at their old power game destroying human beings over their sexuality. They likely find most cases when a teenager talks to someone else, or becomes jealous or fearful, and authorities discover others by associations. The real human solutions I have mentioned above, but authorities are showing their tyrannous powers. They think that the universe is created in their image. The universe has purposefully established competing realities that intelligentsia has yet to come to grips with. I'm glad that I'm old and out of the game! What a thing to imagine having to say about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

In my lifetime, I've witnessed men/women with special sexual attractions to legs, to breast, to fat, to male to male, to female to female, to anything else one might imagine. There are authorities that justify their reasoning by expressing a visual abhorrence to making love to a still developing height or breast or brain. Well, the truth is that development continues throughout life. I suppose that they would be abhorred, or believe that a twenty year old women without much breast should go without love and sex, or a midget, or a man with a man, or women with a women. The point is that all this nonsense reasoning has little to no meaning. I too am discomposed by some of these relationships and have little interest in watching pornography, but still I understand those who are enthralled. I understand that the universe of life is not only created in my image. It's time for psychology and legislators to catch up to real science and reason and end present day prohibitions on drugs and sex...except for disease, apparent and overt force, pregnancy, and drugs and pornography to children.

In the forties and fifties it was [less] imagined that mother nature intended a fertile female, at any age, would only be desirable to a peer. In our today thinking it has resulted in increased teenage pregnancies and divorces to the tune of 85%....and jailed males to the tune of billions of societal cost and dollars...mostly for the benefit of psychologist and machophiles. All this has resulted in a society no better for the cost.

In a world like this, I feel lucky that I've always been attracted to older good looking females as much as to younger ones. Still, I believe that those laws need to change. Many present laws are an assault on personal and human rights, and they lend themselves to matriphile's and machophile's grab for power over your natural rights! It's a strange world today where it's no longer odd for a Ellen Degeneris to be married to another female Portia Lee James Degeneres, but considered strange for male/female, at any age, to be attracted to a fertile female/male at any age. Societies concerns and interest should only be regarding passing disease, apparent and overt force, and pregnancy outside marriage. Governments should have no other rights to dominate and destroy personal rights. In this modern age, all this should be coupled with further audio/video evidence for consent. Even today, a perfect world for evidence does not exist, and governments and their cohorts seek more power and order and control over your rights.

Humans have always had the inalienable right to use their looks and sexuality to gain love and substance for survival just the same as females eighteen and over use their bodies and looks to live with a Hue Hefner for advantage and substance. No government has the right to abrogate those rights for a greater order that deprives those inalienable freedoms. Parents and society have a further nurturing right and responsibility to tie all those rights to good educations and a responsible family life, and society has the obligation and responsibility to insist on those family obligations as well as to protect youth from disease, apparent and overt force, and pregnancy. What we would end up with is a more happy and successful and less expensive and intrusive society with far less unwanted pregnancies...and pornography.

I say that we shouldn't be locking up primarily males to a tune of thousands more than females, over sexual ignobleness, and it be regarded as right. This is a concerted attack against males for the benefit of power. There's something innately wrong with our present laws. I'm in no way defending nefarious individuals abusing infants and the will and autonomy of children for an obscure and warped emotional loss or animus, or for creating profit from prostitution and pornography. I love science and reason and am open to debate over a tough instinctual and emotional isssue.

These issues usually come down to a disputation over the age of consent. There are people who believe that individuals don't have the maturity to decide their personal sexual consent until they're over thirty. To me, in a deceptive game like sex, these individuals are a perfect example of why we need everyone deciding these issues to take a plasizmograph to better ascertain who they really are. To me, like many things in life, these issues don't come down to a perfect world. As for me, I could go into many stories from my youth in the forties and fifties about High school girls, from the most successful, even the valedictory, who were having sex long before graduation. The most socially and academically successful where not having sex with their peers, but with older men where they didn't get pregnant with a peer who wasn't ready to settle down with a family. When they did get married they already had the experiences to wait for the right person to marry.

I believe that societies responsibility is to insure that they don't get a disease, are subject to apparent and overt force, or pregnancy. Schools are a great place to ascertain whether children are having a good and safe home life and social and academic development. The home is the right place to start, not by destroying families, but by correcting problem in the bud; and even as a last resort with coercion.

I also believe that there is an issue of human nature that is largely ignored by psychologist and legislators, and that is the case of a historical heterosexual instinct of assuming that homosexuals are just heterosexuals making bad decisions. This nature of heterosexuals has resulted in much of the animosity of sex at a young age, or any age, when heterosexuals have coerced and even forced asexuals, bisexuals, intersexuals, and homosexual into sexual relations adverse to their natures and differing desires. Many of these individuals have weaved themselves into the societal debates of women's and children's rights. Much of what they have accomplish with their heterosexual counterpart has been justice, but others have further confused the issues. They have often twisted the issues to their advantage and power and the truth has suffered from this competitive struggle for power.

Countrariwise, we all know from history how governments can be very invasive of personal rights for reasons of power and order; but to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, by scarifying freedom for safety one may lose both and deserve neither. This is a lesson that governments have a hard time learning.

I believe that it could be a start for someone to create a Internet Web Site allowing women to report anonymously sexual relationships that they had with an older male when they were young, and having no issue with it in a case were there was no disease, apparent and overt force, or pregnancy. Yes, knowing when they tell the truth is a question, but this could be a start.

Unfortunately, I believe that many psychologist and legislators don't want to know the truth because it could detract from their power. They may even preface the question incorrectly. Machophiles can be 95% to 97% correct about many things, yet that 3% to 5% has resulted in dictatorships and witch hunters throughout history. It's their primal instinctual cog-in-the-wheel that drives them to want to control sex...everyone else's sex!

I believe that many asexual, bisexual, intersexual, homosexual, and heterosexual people have the same difficulties that I once had with accepting homosexual rights when viewing different sexual reality from one's own personal and innate sexual nature. It can be difficult imagining and empathizing from the vantage point of someone else's shoes when ones instincts are driving competing biologics.

We all know that we can use these issues to destroy others, and so they do. I could say a lot more about the subject, but this is enough for now. I'm a believer that science will soon change the arguments by changing human nature....You don't believe this, then I say, hid and watch. Keep your eyes on the news.

I have much more to say about these issues. However, it can seem like a waste of valuable time arguing with primal blindness. Besides, I have three patent ideas on my table to work on. Make sure that you keep your eyes on the feminist who are attending psychology to the tune of 65% and only a minuscule number into real science. They don't represent the majority of real women in society. We do need more women in science to help make real change for the betterment of themselves and the world; because they have been maligned and misused throughout history.

I'm convinced that evolution is struggling to make a change from a primal instinctual to a intellectual instinctual relationship to sex. If there is apparent consent, no apparent and overt force, no disease, and no pregnancy, no abnormal physical or mental harm like homosexual on heterosexual sex or vice versa, then there is no adjudicative harm.

Regarding the tremors over Catholic priest's sexual relations, it is little mentioned that parents failed to exercise their responsibilities to inform their children about all aspects of sex and their rights to say NO. Many of those same parents simply ignore the science which says that homosexuality is a natural condition of nature. Nature has created a competing reality for life to struggle over. I believe that this struggle is understood by science to be between heterosexuality and parthenogenesis. We'll never create a perfect world just a more equitable one.

I know that people will make other arguments about physical and mental harm, I challenge them to prove them in a court of worldwide and open minded and less primal instinctual prejudging of facts. Medical science is at a point where it can reverse any vasectomy, tubal ligation, or happenstance normal physical problem imaginable. Furthermore, they would need to prove that mental or physical harm is not defective genetic or is greater than a natural occurrence at any age in the normal processes of learning and developmental youth.

In the so called natural world the oldest and strongest males and females controlled most sex for millions of years and the world worked well for its primal plan. I believe that we're about ready for a return back to the future devoid of the primal instinctual battle, or the exclusive dominance of the young or old. I predicted long ago that with an advent of the liberated female we would begin to witness more sexual relationships between older women and younger males.

I reiterate, that I continue to witness male/female psychologist pontificating on the subject of sex without revealing their own sexuality. I reiterate, that the game of sex can be a deceptive game. And that is why we need scientific proof of their sexuality. If one can find many disagreements with psychologist conclusions about sex, then their conclusions fall apart. The proof then becomes evidence for collusion in a primal battle for power. It all adds up to a need for modifications. But I predict that what we will witness is more malicious investigations and prosecutions of society's good and productive people. The loss will be to the advantage of a better and more successful society that we've witnessed for over two hundred years in America.

In further complication of the issues of women in psychology, we need to know just how many women in the psychology are influenced by a more than 50% of women who have never experienced a sexual climax in their life. This is not so much a fault of women so much as that of men who have long, through natures laws and other selfish reasons, sought their own personal sexual satisfaction over that of women. Nevertheless, this is not an excuse for lesbians, asexual, bisexuals, and feminist, along with their cohort machaphilia males in power to use authority, not science, to dominate a majority of women. Also, the fact that more and more women are leaving a home life and children early to pursue a profession has stranded more children at home left to their own devices; and this at a time when they seek experiences and knowledge outside the family. A parent is not at home in the ways of the past to guide and enforce personal parental values. As a result of these changes in families, feminist have pushed for laws to control everyone else in the community, even when others' values may conflict with themselves. Due to a stigma, the correct questions and polls have been difficult to ask.

Consider that, if it were up to many of those booted-and-spurred psychologist, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and a myriad of other successful men in history, would be locked up. It's time to put a end to the real demons on Earth.

There is always more to be said on this subject, but to me, it almost seems like a waste of time to continue a debate attempting a bridge over prejudice, emotionalism, and a primal battle for dominance and control of procreation. These issues could easily consume a volume of books. I have other issues to talk about on my web site.

(I'm also a believer that mankind will merge with AI, and that ultimately science and technology will change outcomes, times, and events in many details. Incredible changes will occur in as short as the next 50 years. Let's see who's right).

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." ~ Einstein