SF SHORT STORY - by Bennie Beaver

Simulated Hologram: EARTH:

With a large retinue of angels at stark attention, an omnipotent entity stands ready at a promenade of controls. Its fingers flit lightly, cascading over a magnificent chorus of buttons and knobs. Abruptly, the entity stalls with but one finger positioned ominously above a sole button. Looking first to the entourage, and then to a simulation program, it hesitantly presses downward. A hologram dutifully strums to life.

There, posed in the grips of a stealthy darkness set a dead world, and the entity said, “Let there be light” and there was light. The bleak world beamed with all of the colors of a rainbow. The entity said, “Let there be a man and women and all sorts of beast of the land," and it was so, and the entity was pleased.

The entity and angels muse over a purpose for the man and women. What would be their station on this world, and the entity said, “They can live there forever in a Garden of Eden, but for one thing; they can’t partake of the fruit of one tree of autonomy.” It was all established and agreed upon, and the entity said, “So be it.” The entity and angels sit back to observe, but soon close the book on Earth.

It was not long before the angels report that the simulated world called Earth is flawed. The women had taunted the man into partaking of the fruit of the forbidden tree and the world had become autarchic. The year is now in the 21st century and the humans had suffered centuries of wars, disease, and famine. The all imposing entity must decide the ultimate fate of Earth.

The entity ponders the situation for a nanosecond and said, “For eons they have questioned my name and that was fine, but then, they trample upon righteousness and goodness. I created this world as one of my many simulations. There’s an error in the program."
The entity positions one finger ominously above a solely dimming button and presses downward…..DELETE Dec. 21 2012!

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P.S. I just wrote this very short story after reading about real theoretical evidence suggesting that the universe may be a hologram. Ideas about a simulated and holographic universe are long present in Science Fiction, but I'm not sure about the latter. I believe that there are reasons for believing that our universe is a hologram as a way to explain the infinitely large or infinitely small in mathematics. Three dimension is more likely a folded single dimension. They are conversely and interchangeably the same, as is an alpha and omega. All of natural forces and energies are similarly interchangeable in a sense of definition. As strange as it may seem, an infinite universe is conversely simultaneously a finite one at an instant in time which may never have existed once it no longer exist, just as once your dead, a billion, trillion years could pass, before you return to never cognize a passing time. A similar conclusion describes why many copies of you may simultaneously exist elsewhere in an infinite multiverse, and at an infinite configuration of relationships, etc.

I don't believe that the world will end in 2012. Please, remind me if the world ends on Dec. 21 2012 via Mayan calendar or Nostradamus prophecy of an end of time. But Sir Issac Newton's prediction of a 2060 end date more closely coordinates with the venerable scientist/inventor Ray Kurzweil's singularity date of 2045.

However, I feel that I should cover my presaging back-side. In consideration of Ray Kurzweil's coming "singularity", I predict that staggering change will soon come to Earth. It makes one wonder about predictions portended by Nostradamus...or is that "quatrained" by Nostradamus. Is the universe more strange than we have imagined, or than we can imagine? I'd rather believe that the answer is out there!

New Scientist, Jan. 15, 2009

Fermilab scientists have found anomalous "holographic noise" in their GEO600 gravitational-wave detector that suggests the possibility that we live in a hologram.


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New Scientist, Jan. 15, 2009.

Fermilab scientists have found anomalous "holographic noise" in their GEO600 gravitational-wave detector that suggests the possibility that we live in a hologram..
Hogan’s holometer: Testing the hypothesis of a holographic universe October 29, 2010
Source: symmetry breaking, Oct 20, 2010

Conceptual design of the Fermilab holometer (Fermilab)


In 2008, Fermilab particle astrophysicist Craig Hogan made waves with a mind-boggling proposition: The 3D universe in which we appear to live is no more than a hologram.


Now he is building the most precise clock of all time to directly measure whether our reality is an illusion: a holometer.

The idea that spacetime may not be entirely smooth — like a digital image that becomes increasingly pixelated as you zoom in — had been previously proposed by Stephen Hawking and others. Possible evidence for this model appeared last year in the unaccountable “noise” plaguing the GEO600 experiment in Germany, which searches for gravitational waves from black holes. To Hogan, the jitteriness suggested that the experiment had stumbled upon the lower limit of the spacetime pixels’ resolution.


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