5th- When it comes to the MILITARY, and its conflicts in the world, we must remain strong. However, we must temper that statement by remembering what a famous President once said: You may have heard of the Commander of Allied Forces in the SECOND WORLD WAR by the name of General Dwhite D. Eisenhower, also known as a President of The United States of America. But little known, or repeated by today powers to be, is a warning by the General and President that goes like this: KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE MILITARY COMPLEX BECAUSE YOU CAN NEVER GIVE THEM ENOUGH MONEY OR ENOUGH WEAPONS TO BUILD!

Furthermore, I believe that America must negotiate placing more pressure on our friends in the Middle East to defend their own best interest. We should and must put more pressure on Iraq to take over its own defenses. We should not continue to spend 10 billion dollars a week in Iraq. That is hard earned American money being used to protect a country from civil war. We won the war in Iraq but failed to win the peace in a timely manner. General Petraus has accomplished what President Bushís team should have accomplished years ago. Now itís time to back away from that conflict by putting pressure on the Iraqi government to defend itself.

From Iraq I would increase the troop levels in Afghanistan, not just the 20,000 troops ask for, but to 50,000. I would expect results WITHIN ONE YEAR because I would begin drawing down those troops to the 20,000 requested, and if I saw little results I would reconsider conditions at that point. We are dealing with civil conflicts in the Middle East that will take years for those people to decide. Considerable negotiations would begin as we move more troops into Afgahanintan. It is clear that America has not lost a war in the Middle East. Nonetheless, we can not save the peoples of those countries from themselves. If within one year there was little progress I would negotiate assistances to those governments from afar with much less gound directed military involvement. The moderates among the Taliban and Afghan government must make amends. Work with Pakistan to battle terrorism. We can better defend against the Pakistani nuclear weapons by other means...for now. Move most troops out! America needs more of its money at home!

In consideration of a new, and less expensive strategy against terrorism, I would order a think tank of all the military services expressly for considering possibilities for improved air strike technologies and special forces designed to regularly reduces the enemies ability to produce WMDs and war. Furthermore, I would reduce oil trade and improve sanctions reducing they're ability to finance weapons of war. We should employ the terrorist and America's own pioneering and indian strategies of stealthy strikes and withdrawal. We should return to America and continue our technological and economic success building the sciences that defeat ignorance, impoverishment, and terrorism. America can not afford spending billions of dollars fighting a war of attrition. There is a better way.

In regard to the confrontation between Russia, Georgia, and America's desires for a missile defense system in Poland, I would work in consultation with diplomates and the military regarding a possible removal of those missile for an agreement alowing Russia a part to play in the security of its people in Georgia....short of direct military involvement. This would be a solution similar to that devised in the John F. Kennedy administration regarding missiles in Cuba and defensive missiles in Turkey.

America has other more effective missile defense systems in place and in the works. I would invest more money in completing the new ground and aerial laser systems. This system is far more useful for military purposes, etc. The military would have to convince me that the Poland system is necessary!

We in America must continue to support the research and development of new technologies to help our friends in the world and to defeat terrorism, and other enemies. Most of our efforts must continue to be a stick and carrot. We must improve our relationships with our friends in Europe and the rest of the world with joint efforts to fought terrorist and hunger and impoverishment. The war goes on and we must remain strong, but at the same time caring. For what do we gain if we lose our heart?

America will win this war by staying strong at home, and by technological and scientific research and development. We must keep our military strong and continue to improve our intelligence services and Special Forces. Our automation and artificial intelligence weaponry will miniaturize and multiply to be able to track down individual combatants in any war zone. Itís only a matter of time before battles are a much bigger problem for automation and robotics than for human soldiers. America needs to rebuild its home infrastructure and the rest will better take care of itself.

I believe that if the West concentrates on scientific and technological progress it's more likely to pull the world along in pursuits of greater redeemable value for the future of mankind in its defense from terrorism, or natural calamities like environmental warming, dangerous volcanos, wandering asteroids, radiation outburst from the sun. There are many dangers for the survival of mankind and they can be terminal!

As a point of fact, America has enough weapons to destroy the world several time over. If we decided not to build a few new weapons systems costing billions, and instead head, in an adventure of discovery and scientific research into space, we would spur the imaginations of the young and pull the world's money along in grander pursuits of greater redeemable value. The end result could mean more security for America and the world. If America's enemies understand that we can return from space at any time to destroy them they will think twice about war.

The Earth is becoming technologically smaller. The distances and separations of defensive and offensive weapon systems are becoming far too concentrated. We need to step out in a bold effort to change the rules of war and security. If we fail to do this the world will remain at even greater risk of self destuction.

America is not going to win the game of security and influence by continuing to complete on the ground level. It must step out in a courageous leap into the future with adventure, research, and discovery. The young and the world will tune back in with enthusiasm and benefit for all mankind. Of course, there is much more to be said.....

If a President could only accomplish some of these points, by whatever means, then life would improve dramatically!

Among the altimate futures that I predict will be coming within the next 50 years is the following prediction also found on the front page of this Web Site:

"I predict that within the next 30 to 50 years the exponential acceleration of science will presage a coming age of change in human nature and the successful transition of our capitalist economic system to a socialist (hopefully, democratic) system. Mankind's modern and primitive days will end FOREVER. Artificial intelligence and automation will supplant human beings in the production of all basic products of society (societies will not want the rich to own all of this means of production). Science will reverse engineer the human brain and adequately understand methologies for magnifying empathy, fairness, along with incentives to remain productive. Similarly, science will understand how and why to decrease - what some have termed the lizard lobe - aggression levels in a way that will insure that human kind will agonize over harm when making decisions." ~Beaver

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