by: Bennie Beaver

Israel may not win a limited war against Hamas/Hezbollah so close to its borders (especially, regarding world opinion). It should have closed in from all sides with full force to gain the upper hand, then rapidly seal and secure the Southern areas.
(NOTE: This short war, between Israel and Hamas/Hezbollah, is to end on the morning of 08-14-06. However, I predict that this will only be a lull in a senseless conflict before a coming storm. Too many, in the United Nations and the West, are trying to make sense out of nonsense. It will not be possible before a greater conflict, between the West and Middle East, ends it all.)
(NOTE: Claims that Hamas/Hezbollah won this short battle with Israel is more moral equivocating from some in the west and those in the Middle East and Islamic terrorist who wish for the distruction of Israel (not talking about reformed Islam - Christianity reformed some years ago) As I see it, Israel does not fight an all-out war because it constrains the harming of innocence. Hamas/Hezbollah, on the other hand, could care less how many Israelis they kill. They wish for the distruction of Israel, period. What is it that Western opinionators and officials don't understand?)
(NOTE: As I have predicted, a war between Hamas and Israel continues in gaza at the end of 2008 into 2009. It appears that Israel will fare better than in the conflict of 2006. Nonetheless, this conflict will likely end short of a complete solution and the future will witness further conflicts between the Palestinians and Israel. I believe that the U.N. and world will make promises to help the situation, but in the end will do little. New technologies like America's new laser to shoot down rockets and other large and small projectiles, such as grenade fired weapons, will do more for peace in the Middle East than all of the negotiations dreamed up by the world. Anything else will require total destruction. Otherwise, only continuing negotiations, time, and attrition will hopefully save the day for Israel and the world).
If the west continues to view battles with Islamic terrorist as moral equivalence, then they can kiss the West...good bye!
Christianity was often bad heretofore a reformation. Some of those fundamentalist still exist today. Under the right conditions, Christian fundamentalist would be similarly dangerous.
I reiterate, that next time it will be REASONED KNOWLEDGE that creates a major reformation, not only in religion, but in all of HUMAN NATURE.)
Too many Western reporters and others seem to regard the deaths of smaller numbers of innocent Israeli citizens as trivial, while regarding the deaths of many Hamas/Hezbollah and Lebanese as an atrocity. I've always believed that the death of one innocent human being is just as mournful as the death of many. But, of course, some in the human race don't alway look at it that way...right!
Because of the inaction of the United Nations and the world, Israel is left to defend itself from a much larger neighboring force. Israel attacks only when attacked. Israel drops leaflets warning the enemy to vacate the area before an up coming battle.
The enemies of Israel wrap explosives around their own children to kill innocent Israelis. The enemy has been accumulating thousands of missiles to fire indiscriminately into Israel killing innocent civilians. The enemies of Israel could soon possess WMDs to place on those missiles to kill innocent Israelis or completely destroy Isreal.
Should Israel sit idly by waiting to be destroyed? Isreal is a very small and exceedingly successful democracy among autocratic and terrorist enemies. And yes, Israel must be discriminating in its battle among civilians, and I understand that it is. It must investigate failures in its war among the Labonese civilians, and I understand that it does. It is very sad and unfortunate that their enemies hide among civilians.
I ask, could the West have easily won the Second World War without saturation bombings? War is hell, and we must put an end to it. Of course, I believe that only a new evolution arising from reasoned knowledge will accomplish true peace by changing human nature, period.
I, for one, am appalled at the deaths of any innocent human beings...from either side. These senseless conflicts over land and religion must end. Israeli enemies could have, long ago, laid down their weapons of war and, by now, have had incredible wealth and power. They could have shared in the wealth of the Middle East, even beside and among all of the peoples of the Middle East. They have all of the qualities of genius to do so, only if they would let it develop among their peoples.
In the eighth and nineth centuries they did help to propel the progress of the west and east, then something changed. We, in the West, are made up of those peoples from the Middle East. We are all from the same blood. We may have been separated for centuries, but still, we are closer than you think. So lets discover a new revelation that descries us all conquering the Solar System and Universe - side by side. Anything else will be ruination.
The case above would be just the opposite against Iran's nuclear sites. Israel could likely have successfully conducted a limited bombing of sites in Iran. That would be even more possible after having secured Southern Lebanon.
This may have been their plan. However, their limited actions in Southern Lebanon are dampening prospects against Iranian nuclear sites, but not eliminating them.
I wouldn't be surprised should the United State be a part of an Israeli plan against Iran.
America has made similar tactical missteps in Iraq. The reasons are a little different, but once America understood the entrenched insurgency, we should have either, ratcheted up the battle, or withdrawn to the borders and Kuwait to protect against further insurgencies; create safe zones for innocent Iraqi citizens to escape a civil war. Like the American civil war, the Iraqi people must solve their own historical differences.
Yes, it would not be pretty - as civil wars are not pretty - but America would still be in the midst of a even greater conflict had it not had a civil war to a preliminary conclusion.
On the 08/03/06 General John Abizaid, top commander in the Middle East told the Senate Armed Services Committee, that Iraq could descend into a civil war. He still had hopes that they would not. At the same meeting, a General Peter Pace lamented a similar remark attributed to past prime minister of Isreal Golda Meir about hating Isreal, "that once the Iraqi warring factions learn to love their children as much as they hate different ethnic groups, then there would be peace" (paraphrase).

All is not lost by any means. America has learned an invaluable lesson in Iraq. We now have a much better idea on how to win such wars in the future. We should have learned that such wars are extremely difficult to fight in a way different from the enemy. If we are not willing to win by methods dictated by the enemy, then we must wait for the technologies to win them by other means. Maybe those technologies are already in the works.
I would add, that this war in Iraq and elsewhere have temporally weakened terrorism, but that there are large numbers of the enemy to replenish the battle. A war against such large numbers must begin somewhere. The question remains as to methodologies to win. Is there a better way?
The West is very technologically advanced, and can afford to do more negotiating, but there are limits, particularly, in the case of biological and nuclear weapons.
I, for one, am very weary of an all out war that could kill thousands, if not millions of innocent people. Nevertheless, such a war could betide should terrorism get out of control.
That is why I say, we must either remove the people from entire areas in Iraq and check and clean them out, or partition the country completely. Otherwise, back away from a civil war and protect the innocence as much as possible, then return to deal with what remains.
The alternative is to return our soldiers to America and deal with terrorism through negotiations, Home Security, Special Forces, and technologies learned from this battle against an ancient kind of enemy.
This enemy should know, that they must have a reformation in beliefs and join the civilized world, or sink their societies even further back into chaos and destruction.
Again, I continue to hear news interviews with individuals claiming that Israel may be no more secure after defeating Hamas/Hezbullah on its borders.
It amazes me that some of these government and journalist spokesmen have a job in international relations. Of course, Israel may remain at risk in a war against an enemy of such huge numbers. That does not mean that they should simply negotiate alone or play "patty cake, patty cake" with the enemy. The battle must go on or Israel - and the world - will lose. The battle is a "carrot and stick" conflict, and the harder the enemy lashes out, the harder the West must confront them. Only then will they negotiate in good faith.
I hate to say just what could be the reaction of America should the terrorist destroy an American city. It is possible that we would kill millions of them. They must understand that they can't win. Only if the West thinks in terms of weakness and surrender can the terrorist win. As sad as war is the enemy should have a choice. They can choose to live in peace, or to live in the ruination of war.
As for the West, we must decide whether we live our lives through decades of emotional stress and strain, and its effects on our children, or to put an end to our dance with the devil.
As a final thought, I ask this question of you, "If the West did not have its advantages in science and technology, how would we battle the terrorist"? How much value would we still lend to the innocence? Would the enemy largely dictate the methodologies of war?
I wonder whether the West's endless years of negotiating has saved more innocent lives and stress and strains on the progress of modern societies? Having great sciences and technologies make it possible for us to negotiate and equivocate longer with the enemy, but in a world of WMDs time will run out! WMDs are the West and world's worst enemy. Science must find a way to change HUMAN NATURE once and for all, or life on earth will repeat its warring ways, endlessly!
But then, maybe it'll all end with one enormous DOOMSDAY WEAPON! Maybe, all that will remain, is one planetary size debris strung field of rocks and bolders orbiting the sun. (Read my short story this Web Site titled "TerraForming Mars (part 1)"

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