by: Bennie Beaver
Sadly, It would be surprising should our U.S. congress pass a meaningful law regarding Illegal immigration before a massive crisis. It shouldn't be surprising to Americans. A similar ineptitude has occurred with our old peoples retirement plans. The plans where placed under government sponsored insurance (Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), a federal insurance agency), and now there's big talk about corporate and other big buninesses under funding those plans.
(NOTE summer of 2006: The Johnny-come-lately congress passes a new law requiring that companies fully fund pension plans. You quess why this law was not already in place! Still, the PBGC FUND IS SOME Five-hundred billion dollars in the RED ($500,000,000,000 with a B! Where do you think that money has gone?)
Who will pay for those shams created by our federal government - YOU! The TAX PAYER! Many of the legistature will later become lobbyist for big buniness. Over illigal immigration, it's as if we Americans believe that Rome survived the invasion of the barbarians. They did not! Many of those who remained of Rome's artisans (including, earlier, from the Middle East, East Asia, and originally, from Africa) immigrated to Western Europe helping to spark that successful culture, which later moved to America.
For many years America maintained some control over immigration. And when it didn't, big business used the poor emigrants more like slave labor, such as in the later nineteenth century, etc. They are doing similar things now to get richer at the expense of illegals and the American tax payer.
The problem is not immigration with assimilation. The problem is floods of illegal immigration without assimilation. There are enormous benefits to the rich, and also, some benefits to the consumer. And yes, we need to get world wages and benefits on a more even footing because of competition.
It could have been accomplished legally and more effectively. We're a big country and may survive these floods of illegal immigration, but it's the wrong way to run an immigration policy.
It's dangerous to foment floods of unenlightened emigrants whose belief system is largely superstition/religious based. What will happen when they become voting citizens and begin to vote our scientific and technological prowess out of existence. You say it can't happen, then I say, read the history of Rome and cheap labor. I'm hoping that these new immigrants continue America's support of science and technology, or we will find ourselves a third world country very quickly.
The trouble with many third world countries, is not that they don't have genius to roused scientific and technological progress, but because their cultures fail to support such talented individuals. Therefore, fewer of those individuals successed and reproduce. (Compare South Korea's 16,000 registered patents to the Middle East's 300 registered patents for an equal period of time).
Wake up America! That is one reason why I advocate voting, first one party in and then the other out, until they get the message to do the peoples best interest, no matter what the issues.

Unfortunately, our American congress has abbetted illegal immigration by ignoring it for decades. Considering this evidence, I can see reason for terming "illegal Immigration" as "undocumented workers". It's not entirely the fault of illegals seeking opportunities unavailable in their home countries. Sure, you may ask, "why don't they just get involved and change their own country"? But sometimes that can seem next to impossible. Excuses come from all quarters. The facts are now that they are here in America. Maybe we should give some of them an opportunity to stay if they can prove to be good works and citizens with a clean record. How many of us could fine a soiled past in our ancestry . . . especially, when it comes to survival.
Once we have secured our borders we can remove all those illegals who are criminals elsewhere and in prisons: street gangs and crimes, home invasions, identity theft, narco-terrorism, credit-card and staged-accident scams, etc.
Not having secured and controlled our borders presents other threats to our American freedoms; that our government will become even more invasive than the Patriot Act: considering the government Talon Security Identifications efforts to identify every single real or imagined threat to the security of the United States (watch the PBS show titled NOW); the TSA government program to determine the qualifications of truck driver HAZMAT endorsements using long list of disqualifications (terrorist are as likely to possess falsified identifications and/or steal hazmat matterials or dangerous tanker loads).
Conversely, lets consider this real threat to the security of the United States of America coming from our own government: efforts by big business, money, and the Bush administration, threatening the very security of the United States of America, by dallying out the control over some of America's most important sea ports to an United Arab Emirates company - . a country that is a known threat to America. Furthermore, an effort by the Bush Administration to hire a Hong Kong Co., (Hutchison Whampoa Ltd.) to scan possible nukes entering America from overseas ports, with known ties to the communist chinese millitary and government - a known threat to the security of the United States of America. Which is the greater threat to America, an American truck drivers hazmat endorsement, or the Arabian Emirate and communist China?
Lets be clear, maybe neither America's truck drivers, nor China and the United Arab Emirates are a genuine threat to the security of the United States of America, but I would much less fear an American citizen who's not a member of a known threat to America. Also, I would be much more afraid of our porous borders. I think our government has lost its common sense! Maybe it's all those drugs they use to take? What do you think?
All this because terrorist attacked America and less then two-percent of Americans are a known threat; so the government goes after the other ninety-eight percent (rediculous). Controlling the borders is the best avenue for securing a free America. Also, it's the best method for securing the future of all new emigrants.
Such thinking on the part of government can lead to absolute power and control. They can never get enough! "A society that will trade a little order for a little freedom will lose both, and deserve neither. ~Thomas Jefferson" "Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them. ~Albert Einstein" I say, let's try a paradigm shift.
Illegal Mexican emigrants are not the only illegals entering American. It's estimated that 100,000 Chinese enter our country every year to become slave labors for triads and chinese mafias.
If we don't secure our borders and provide legal immigration with assimilation we could risk a real crisis which could result in our government becoming far more invasive of our freedoms: mass fingerprinting, federalizing state police forces in the name of national security.
What do you think could happen should terrorist manage to smuggle a WMD into this country and destroy a large population? We must secure the borders in order to continue rational immigration which could prevent the afore mentoned scenario!
(More reasons to secure the borders: Out of an estimated 270,000 crimes committed by illegals in one year, some 108,000 were committed in California alone. Half of California's prison population is made up illegal aliens from Mexico. Illegal immigrants from Mexico are not committing all of the crimes reported, but it's a clear example of why to control illegal immigration from everywhere in the world. Security at the borders is best for the healthy and safety of new emigrants, and the future freedom of America).
Simultaneously, we should insist that they make their own way through our immigration process - learn English and our history, etc. Comprehensively, and to insure the quality of future immigration, we could create new Ellis Islands on our borders and desert areas (an idea to keep more money and technologies in America financed largely by private investment). There we can place special industries and technologies (necessary for our security), instead of giving them away to our avowed enemies; not simply to stop all out-sourcing, but also, to put more pressure on autocratic governments to change.
Those autonomous Ellis Islands could give emigrants an opportunity to learn English, our history, prove themselves, educate their children, and save money to purchase a home once outside; including providing low priced products for the greater American consumer. (If constitutionalist complain about this idea, then why don't they complain about out-sourcing to SLAVE LABOR?)(I repeat, that first, it's important to secure the borders!)
The seemingly intractable difficulties of having two national languages is problematic. English is the language of America and should be enforced with greater clarity. Having two languages for informational purposes is different from having two languages for entertainment, etc. We should limit the numbers of other language local ground radio and television without direct informational purpose - Also, maybe just one station to a local. (Satellite may be different).
New emigrants should be emmersed in English. English is the greater language of science and technology. If we simply attempt to educate our children in two languages we will detract from our leadership in science and technology (Yes, science will soon develop language translators between all languages on Earth, but still there is little reason to believe that English should not remain the primary language of science).
Furthermore, emigrants in America may want to immigrate their relatives to America; and I believe that new Ellis Islands are a better starting point for learning English, or not to move here. This would put more pressures on emigrants, not serious about remaining, to move back to their home countries. Some emigrants may want to move back home, anyway. (Should each emigrant - out of twenty-million that may be in America - wish to immigrate only three of their relatives, we could end up with sixty-million or more. Is that a good idea? NO!)
The problems are many, and it's not possible to paint the issues with a broad brush. America is made up of emigrants, and we need and desire legal immigration with assimilation.
We can negotiate charges to illegal emigrants and employers who hire them. We can determine whether taxes or other charges are necessary on monies mailed back to home countries. All of these things can be solved once we secure the borders. Something that our government seems totally inept and unable to do!
Furthermore, we should spend some of that three-hundred billion dollars (439 billion dollars 05/05/06 total cost) now disappearing in Iraq in a negotiated deal to help Mexico, and other third world countries here in our own neighborhood.
I'm not totally against our efforts in Iraq, but I believe that the war has been mismanaged. Maybe it's about time to come home and help with homesecurity. We could use some of that money to rebuild our Interstate System, protect the borders, and help our local community of nations. Still, we could continue the war against terrorism with Special Forces and technologies, etc.
We need to put more pressure on Iraq to take control of their own security. We should reduce our involvement in their affairs; as much as we imagine that we're needed to secure our best interest there. We can still lend support to those battling for freedom with armaments, and special forces, and technologies.
As sad as it may seem, I'm not so sure that our new American republic would have successed, had it not been for a kind of concluding civil war. When one drags out a conflict for years, it can drain the emotions, and destroy education along with future generations of children and community.
It has been a grand question, whether to drag conflicts out, or fight them out. Sometimes that decision must be left up to the people; that is, after we have tried to help, but it has become a effort in futility.
Sometimes one must make a decision in favor of ones own best interest to help ones own nation to remain strong; such that we can continue efforts to go out into the world and help others. The question is, when and how to do that?
I agree, that simply walking out of Iraq is not a good idea; so quickly, put into place a plan to move to the perimeter of the conflict, or Kuwait. Make it clear that we are not interested in destroying their nation in order to change it (although, we could), but that we will return if our national security is threatened; still, continue our diplomacy, ecomonic, and Special Forces activities against terrorism.
Whatever America does, we can not become an isolationist. We must protect our best interest in order to ably project a helping hand.
Now that I've strayed from the lead issue of immigration, I repeat, that we must first protect America's strengths and best interest (especially, the borders and immigration). Let's have legal immigration that can protect the best of our culture while assimilating emigrant cultures. If I were to move into a more successful culture, I would want to assimilate my culture without destroying the goose that laid the golden egg. That would be in my best interest!
I was once attacked by a Mexican and Indian gang! Desperate lives create desperate and violent people. If it had been a desperate white gang the results would likely have been the same.
We must control the numbers of desperate people entering our country helping them more in their own countries. Alternately, we should immigrate more individuals who can uplift our abilities to help the rest of the world.
We would destroy our country if we sailed an armada of ships to bring all the desperate and disenfranchised people to America. We must continue seeking ways to help every single human being on earth, and we will be able to do so, only if we remain strong.
Since science and society is my prime objective on this Web Site, let me include a bit of personal augury of future science and technology in conclusion of this succinct article: within twenty-five to fifty years artificial intelligence and technologies will make it possible to produce virtually everything now produced by third world countries, including uneducated Americans; then what will be the new infrastructure of society. I say that the only way to prevent the rich and powerful from owning it all, without a total disaster for the rest of humanity, is to CHANGE all of HUMAN NATURE! Otherwise, we will throw our fate to the wind, and a known history of MANKIND!
Scientific speculation is my one big objective on this Web Site. That does not mean that I'm unwilling to debate the issues. The future of science and society is yet to come. But there are signs in the road, and the future possibilities for science, technology, and society are incredible.
In conclusion, America is a large and strong nation and may survive an invasion of illegal immigration, but is that the way to conduct a rational immigration policy? Is that the way to protect, what some have termed, the last and greatest bastion of hope for humanity - AMERICA?
America and science may yet be lucky and survive these floods of immigration, considering science and technology may be close to a differentual point in its evolution; and because the greatest genius of science is continued by only about three to five percent of the human population. That is my sumise!
Let's hope that we (and other countries) can save the world before a third or fourth world War. Wake-up SCIENCE! Let's create the next evolution and CHANGE HUMAN NATURE!
Copyright 2006
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