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by: Bennie M. S. Beaver

I read, in a May 1999 issue of “Discover Magazine” while driving my long haul truck, about efforts being made to effect the pull of gravity. Not being a real scientist, still, I just had to sit down and write out my own ideas on anti-gravity.
Based on my hypothesis in my book titled “Dr. Warpenstein” I have developed a layman’s version of the physical laws governing our universe, and of course, gravity. While twiddling my thumbs and tapping my toes I managed to type an idea explaining the best methods for conducting experiments that could effect the pull of gravity, or develop anti-gravity.
At this point you may laugh exhaustively, and scorn. I understand that much mathematical insight is indispensable in fathoming the laws of physics.
Nonetheless, my infinite curiosity drives me, and my truck, down a road of an imaginary three-dimensional image wrapped perilously around the front and side windshield of my truck; all the while, and unbeknownst, I’m being towed upward and out into space by an unseen uniformly accelerating force; while simultaneously, I speed recklessly around a curve creating considerable anxiety and inertial G forces.
True, liken to the Einstein elevator example, I do not know what is going on until I look outside, or in this example, fail to wreck into an on coming car.
While this example is still not the designed test that I had in mind, it will conjure up more anomalies to consider in prelude. This particular example is not the exact same one that I present in my paper “A Truck Driver’s Case For A Unified Field Theory”. As I admit to being a little satirical in this rendition. Still, you may imagine that inertial gravity is a primary factor in any effort to effect the pull of gravity . . . even if it’s merely Newton’s third law of gravity. My idea is this:
Yes, as in the Discovery Magazine article, rotating disks of exotic ceramic materials in a cryogenic bath may yield interesting results; nevertheless, the primary significance may be the factor termed “rotating”. Most certainly, the kinds of materials used are important. Inclusively, in my idea, there is incorporated the limiting characteristics of photon energy and frequencies. Included is a weave field of fiber optics with photon frequencies interlaced within a fluctuating magnetic field. The light energy may be trapped within the fiber optics, or a mirrored tube or ringed cylinder (which I have never heard of any attempts to trap photon energy for testing. It would be a miraculous accomplishment to be able to trap photons immediately after an annihilation between an electron and positron, and before it becomes a quark, or some such experiment. Of course, why would this be possible?)
Maybe a medium that slows the observable speed of light could be an additional test avenue. The statement may seem like an oxymora in light of a light experiment conducted by Michelson-Morley. However, in this case, it's not. Einstein's theory obviates an upper limit on the velocity of light, and not a lower limit. Actually, in recent years, the speed of light has been slowed in an experiment carried out by scientist - Lene Hau , a Harvard University physicist.)
The notion of using photon energy this way in such an experiment may seem elusive, however, it may be no less daunting than anti-gravity. Nevertheless, the photon is the mechanism and probable crux of the solution.
The point is - while still twiddling my thumbs - our relativity is an unidirectional continuum, and can’t be motivated toward active anti-gravity without first being disrupted adequately. Once that has been accomplished, one may effectively activate motion with coherent light - maybe. The exact designed field effect and magnetic is difficult to know. I have ideas on how it can be accomplished . . . but I’m not saying right here and now. Ha! Ha! You’ve heard that one before?
I’m working backwards in my explanation. Here is how my hypothesis explains this effect: Our relativity is a delicately balanced inertial continuum. There are two aspects to our unfolding universe. One is the constancy of the limiting aspects of light, while the other, and simultaneously, is an uniformly accelerating inertial unfolding of our universe maintaining a balance of mass, energy . . . gravity. (All a part of calabi yau forms in entanglement from the Big Bang . . . one and two dimensional branes into three dimensional relativity).
A truck or car that speeds around a corner on a proverbial road represents a material unfolding of the balancing act of inertia, while the rotating inertial disk plays up against a constant which is limited in place. These two factors are playing off one another in relativity. In our unidirectional continuum whereby gravity is primarily attractive, the trick is to fluctuate the continuum . . . entanglement between two-brane and three dimensional space - our home. Wow! Now we’re really getting somewhere.
Light energy plays a crucial part limiting the extent to which our material relativity may become infinite through motion or infinite in place (called any point of reference is as good as any other). The two primary infinites are, point singularity and string singularity. All of our material relativity plays off a two-brane universe built up from one-brane or point-singularities (any point of reference), and string-singularities (inertia and folded two-brane/two-dimensional material shape); whereby, the two dimensional image, and the three-dimensional image merge from a string vibrating singularity arising out of a point mass - one brane shape, or part of an atom (planck length/string, or primeval atom).
Maybe out of this whole idea the only really significant statement or question is if at the beginning moments of the universe all the spatial dimensions are on a completely equal starting point, Planck-sized nugget, then why not a largely entangled universe thereby resulting in a remainder disentanglement now called three-dimensional space, or relativity?
It has been since 1998 that I wrote this original idea, and now, have added some added information from the book “The Elegant universe”from having just completed reading. Of course, Brian Green really knows what he’s talking about.
Well, I’ve had fun writing this little inchoate idea. I like to play around with my layman ideas. I’ll work on producing an improved and more cogent revised rationale. I do enjoy omitting parts of the idea like a puzzle. I admit that I don’t have a formal education and mathematical skills to be completely cognitional. This idea is written for those who will be interested, and maybe, desire to weave their own universal matrix. (Please, read my hypothesis included in my novice book titled DR. WARPENSTEIN). Have a nice day.

Read some of the authors science ideas on this Web Site at "Dr. Warpenstein Speaks - Web Site Objectives. SCROLL DOWN TO HEADING "Science".

BLOG: The UFO video below, if it is real, is more likely to be a craft constructed by some secret black project of the U. S. government (or some Earthly government). On the other hand, if one can believe much of the expert witnesses of unexplained UFOs, then those objects - reported back through history - seem beyond mankinds technical know-how. Whether such objects are from the Solar System or far space remain a quizzical. My idea on how this object may work is the following: (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/06/080611135049.htm).

I had this same idea when I saw a picture of this object on the Internet "Todays News"... A Plasma-propelled flying spinning wheel craft. I knew nothing about the University of Florida Professor Row's idea at that time. I alway look to science for an explanation of UFO reports. If the object appeared to disappear it may merely be a refraction of light technology (bending light). Look for the object to reappear somewhere else in the sky and then to try and calculate the time it took to reappear. That may be the actual velocity of the object.

I've wondered if it is possible to ionize the surrounding air into a plasma for a kind of magnetohydrodynamic force in opposition to surrounding air, and even maybe the Earth's magnetic field. Todays computers could likely provide the controls and stability for flight and a transition from magnetic pole to pole, etc. The tail of the object appears to be necessary - like with a helicopter - for stability. Some of the witnesses spoke of static charge! Any refined understanding of actual anti-gravity will hopefully come from future research by instruments like the new European Hadron collider (LHC) soon to come on line.

There are experts who believe that the incidents and pictures are a hoax. Conversely, I ask whether a ionized plasma or other system might influence the quality of the photograpes taken? Also, aside from collusion or opportunist in the hoax world, what about the seemingly unrelated sightings and various designed craft? Nonetheless, the designs are interesting and seem to make a kind of engineering sense. These are some of the questions to be discovered.

Otherwise, even though almost anything may be possible, it is hard to believe that merely humans could steal highly advanced technologies from an alien super race...maybe. However, if you take a lot of "if's" and "for sures" what you end up with is a bunch of "maybe's". (Another very interesting video second below. Very interesting interview and evidence, but still, I'm not convinced that he hasn't recieved disinformation. Having open default passwords could be a security methodology for identifying hackers. You decide).

"Here's another idea, somewhere between science and science fiction, to justify a history of alien life forms at present and in the past of human history: By a reckoning of a coming "singularity" as believed by myself and Ray Kurzweil (YouTube videos "Ray Kurzweil") it is interesting to wonder whether human life has evolved more than once here on Earth. Intelligent life has evolved to its present state in only a short time in Earth's history. In Ray Kurzweil's singularity it will only take a short time more before mankind will be smart enough to remove all evidence of ever having existed on Earth and ungrade the genetics of remaining primates to evolve again to our present state (Kurzweil's idea is the "singularity". My idea is, we would have the technology and science to remove all evidence of an existence on Earth). We, the present intelligent humans, would simply wait around watching and observing the new evolution to arise. Therefore, the UFOs we see are simply - so to speak - ourselves watching ourselves evolve again.

This could be one explanation for a few ancient technologies left behind to spur development all over again and again and again." ~ Beaver

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Compilation Copyright 2005

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