On the NEWS - Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma

by: Bennie M. Beaver

CATACLYSM! Is this the morphed future of some of America's finest coastal lands and grandiose cities?

Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma have written a frighteningly new story into the world's lexicon of cataclysmic events. Can we survive a yearly whirlwind of rain and wind? Scientist say that the cycle could continue for another 20 to 30 years.

I'm convinced that most American's prefer rebuilding New Orleans and surrounding communities. But then, how to accomplish it? And what of any continuing efforts by scientist to weaken or stop these monster storms? Can it be done?

We can sit around watching coastlines, cities, economies, and human lives disappear; or is there more to do then just rebuild and weary about the next time? Personally, I believe that we must rebuild it bigger and better. Raise the dikes and lowlands wherever appropriate. Move people to higher ground. Maybe, turn low lands into some of the most unique parks and wetlands. How to pay for it is a debate. But is that really enough to forestall future disasters?

I could tell you more about the Gulf State calamity, but then, you've already heard how the disaster could lead to improved public safety and infrastructure. I could tell you how these storms equal the might of a hundred nuclear bombs, but then, you have already heard about it over, and over again. It's all true, and much more, I'm sure. What I want to talk about is past American courage and imaginations to dream BIG - The INTERIOR DEPARTMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Has the American scientific community and engineers lost their once noble imaginations, big dreams and courage? They lament how these storms are just too big to even mitigate. Well, they might be right. I would imagine that's true, especially, if one looks at it that way - CAN'T. Well, I look at it - CAN - just the way I was taught in school. Sure, it's not likely to be easy. But then, neither was Hoover Dam and hundreds of other impressive projects dreamed up by creative people from our past. I would like to talk about just two layman ideas of my own, and then, I'll leave it at that . . . for now.

Most of us have heard of at least two coming climate episodes that could change our environment in a multitudinous of ways. We're either in a global warming faze that could over heat our tootsies, or in a cold wave that could freeze us all into Pop-Sickles. Well, In this discussion it really doesn't matter what side you may come down on, because I have my own layman solution for both. Here it comes:

Station giant shades, a curtain of carbon nanotubing surrounding the Earth as a single piece or patches embedded with atom size reflectors adjustable remotely (so thin as not to be dangerous if collapsing. Seen only when atom size reflectors are on edge. Created in giosynchronous orbit (L1, Lagrangian point) utilizing automated satellites spewing, or weaving the barrier), general reflectors, or fusion space heaters backed by reflectors in space to heat up or cool down areas of the Earth, such as a hurricane.

Would this effect a hurricane, or even the general weather on Earth? I think so. Do the scientist think so? This may end up being what we need to do. Large shades or reflectors could be designed to almost any size and degree of effectiveness. I ask, why not? The devices could be tested at the minutest of temperatures either way. Could a reflector warming up an evolving hurricane resulting in a mitigating effect? I would like to know.

Additionally, these shades and reflectors could be very effective around the Moon or Mars and elsewhere, etc.

So, unlike the celebrated scientist and science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke who once said, "He could have made a lot of money had he copyrighted/patented his idea for the Communications Belt around the Earth." Now called the Clarke Belt named after Arthur C. Clarke. I do, here and now (this October 3, 2005), Copyright/Patent this idea in my name "Bennie M. S. Beaver." Now, how about that?

For those individuals more attuned to NATURE or NATURAL - such as myself - this would be essentially the same as when you stand under a TREE for SHADE or stand in the SUN for WARMTH . . . or use a SPACE HEATER. It's totally NATURAL.

This reminds me of a movie Space Odyssey 2010 based on a novel by Arthur C. Clarke. We could have the SUN shining at night just like in the movie, but without igniting the planet Jupiter. Well, how do you like that?

I say to the government, "Stop playing Nero's Fiddle and lets get the job done. We can control the inevitability of a new Ice Age or Global Warming!"

We can think like the CYNIC and be buried under a mile of freezing ice, or think like the CAN-DO folks and be buried under ninety-three million miles of nice warm sunshine . . . and some mountains and poles with snow.

Well, that's my big/little solution. Sure, what would be the over all effects of such a project on Earth's climate? That will be debated. Now, prove that it can't be DONE!

P. S. I'm still reading mournful editorials from doubting Thomas', "Mankind just can't control the weather because he hasn't done it yet!"

I ask, How long has mankind been at this game called SCIENCE?

Out of the history of civilization and the billions of years of geological history the greatest advances have only spanned the last hundred, or so years. Give them a break . . . like a few more hundred years.

Science will not only control the weather, but it will move the planets, or even, the Universe. I say we will do these things much sooner than many would imagine.

But then, who am I but just some lowly layman with big dreams. To paraphrase Mark Twain, "My stature just rises to the level of the U.S. Geological Survey and great journalists ankle bones."
(Read Arthur C. Clarke's "Profiles of the Future")

My problem with CAN'T journalism is its effects on the imaginations of the young. I like to qualify my remarks with, "not, YET."
Copyright 2005

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