Scientist threatening to leave AMERICA?
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by: Bennie M. S. Beaver
Is it time for American scientist to threaten leaving AMERICA back to Europe, or elsewhere? Has our today American government lost its once grand scientific and technological vision? Are the far right fundamentalist of the Intelligent Design and anti-evolutionary proponent gaining ground in American politics?
I say that it’s time for the American voters, and their politicians, to take sides. Will the American population decide to drag our country back into a new AGE of DARKNESS, or will we overcome to see America rise to new heights; and go where no man has gone before?
Over, again and again, I’ve read articles about non-sense threatening the continuing progress of our scientific leadership in the world.
To paraphrase myself, Carl Sagan, and others, "Yes, most assuredly, science has not discovered all of the forces and effects of nature and the mind; and this is good reason to keep an open mind. But not facing the evidence at the moment is not justification for accepting BALONEY"!
Do fundamentalist want to move America back into the Dark Ages? Don’t they understand why Thomas Jefferson and the other founding fathers so clearly separated our secular world from religion . . . not from the moral and ethical values from religions. Religions are more apparent studies in moral and ethical perimeters, and science is largely about following the evidence, wherever it leads, developing power, food, and security. Yes, we must debate the direction of progress in science. But to deny common sense and direct physical evidence is FOULLY! It will lead America back into a new Darken Age; because such reasoning is how man thought hundreds of years ago.
If these fundamentalist believe that they can live the way societies lived hundreds of years ago, then they should take a look at the Middle East. Do they want to live that way? Many people in the Middle East are as capable as us, but leaders killed off too many of their science minded people over the centuries.
The blood of all the people in the world most assuredly came through the Middle East centuries ago. We, in the West, have developed a new way of thinking that works. If we think, again, the way we once did, then we will live the way we once lived. Make up your minds!
Now, those in the Middle East have an opportunity to catch up with the West, and they can do so very quickly, because they’ve always had the ability. They just must create a reformation in their beliefs, just as did Christianity, and begin to think anew.
If you wish to return to a past age of Christian thought, then I say, GOOD LUCK, because you, as well as, anyone you drag back with you, will need it. Just read history!
On this Web Site, I’ve already talked about fundamentalism and evolution. So now, I’ll talk about other articles that I’ve read recently on the Internet like this one: State of Missouri Priests Urge Opposition on Stem Cells by: Alan Scher Zagier, Associated Press Writer.
Some Missouri Roman Catholic priests are urging Churchgoers to oppose a petition seeking a constitutional amendment to protect a controversial work on therapeutic cloning. Conversely, a group of business leaders, researchers and patient have responded with this petition as an opposing response to legislative efforts to ban a type of stem cell research called therapeutic cloning.
Some Missouri’s Catholic dioceses oppose it, and are urging their priests to campaign against it by keeping Catholics from signing the petition.
One Catholic Church Reverend James Smith quoted Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels and compared the therapeutic cloning of human embryos to the gruesome experiments carried out in concentration camps during World War II. He told worshipers, “There are real human lives that need our support and protection”. This Reverend’s kind of fundamentalist thinking will drag America back into a new Dark Age. We thought this way hundreds of years ago when they burnt women as witches . . . and much more of the same.
One deacon John Weaver of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Columbia said, “that human embryos are not potential human beings. Human embryos are human beings with potential”.
That’s about the biggest nonsensical double talk that anyone could imagine. These are individuals who simply don't understand common sense and definitions of words. They don't understand that POTENTIAL is a neutral meaning. It’s like a rock on a hill. It means no more, or less, until it starts rolling down the hill - kinetic.
The kinetic value in human consciousness, aside from spiritual ensoulment views of religions, is based on a state of conscious awareness and intelligence at a particular moment; and not on any imagined or hoped for outcome. The fetus is not aware or conscious by any known logic from reasoned knowledge.
To give this kind of meaning to POTENTIAL would be like believing that an aborted fetus could have saved the world. Well, thinking like that would justify everyone jumping into bed to have as many babies as possible because one might save the world. It's much like asking, "which came first the alpha or omega". This kind of thinking has LITTLE to, NO MEANING.
At this stage of existence there is no known reasoned loss except for the consciously aware living - like the reverend, etc. By reasoned knowledge, if you can prove that a fetus is aware of a loss, than you have some evidence for loss to the fetus. Otherwise, the loss is to the belief system and faith . . . and the consciously aware. These arguments against reasoned knowledge are reasons called BLIND FAITH.
Surveys actually show that most Missouri Catholics support stem cell research. This research will be done to the benefit of millions of fully conscious and aware human beings, as well as, for the benefit of all of our progeny. Otherwise, the benefits will be garnered by other nations, likely, to our monumental chagrin.

Here's one more thing that I’ve said before in so many ways: China Aims to Put a Man on The Moon by 2020. America should have already been based on the Moon and Mars. If Congress doesn’t get a vision we will be playing catch up once again. Research, discovery, and exploration drive our progress. It has greater potentials for pulling more monies away from weapons of war into products of truly redeemable social value.
Get on with it congress before we end up a third world country. We’ve spent enough money on Iraq and/or building extra weapon systems - enough to blow up the world many times over - to have already been on Mars manufacturing and building and creating spirit and dreams, especially, for our young people. (I’m not so much against the war in Iraq, but it seems about time to start coming home)(I have not been convinced that we need another billions dollar ship, or other weapon system right now, when the money could get us to Mars. The benefits could be enormous for the young, and all).
Issues like, the invasion of illegals and other immigration without assimilation threatening our borders, language, and culture. If one even mentions illegal immigration, one is accused of being against immigration . . . more non-sense.
Most Americans are from immigrants. Even the indigenous peoples once migrated here. That's not to say that indigenous people don't deserve fair treatment for being here first. However, over time, indigenous tribes, as well as, invaders have occupied other peoples lands throughout history (I'm Scottish/Irish & Cherokee). Western Europians had the power and much to offer when they occupied this land. They did not always treat the original peoples well; but they did much better than past invaders.
I say, that when one is allowed to join in with a more powerful and successful society, one must blend the best of ones own culture with the new one . . . and be happy.
Contrariwise, floods of IMMIGRATION without ASSIMILATION can be dangerous. But even though the majority of Americans complain about illegal immigration, our government continues on with closed ears. Big money reaps the boon from cheap labor and no benefits, while the American tax payer makes up the difference. Here is one story from the radio:
. . . One day while traveling across the country I was listening to a popular radio show when a fast food owner called in to talk about illegal immigration. He lamented that, “illegals are willing to work in his Fast Food business for low wages while sleeping in a car; all the while, white American kids were unwilling and down at the Park wearing Ear Rings and on drugs”.
What he doesn’t say, is that our taxes make up the difference for his like of benefits for medical care, etc. What he doesn’t say is how these illegals will only work for a short time before, they too, JUSTIFIBLY, refuse to work at slave labor wages; then they move to places like Los Angeles, and other large communities, that speak only their language; then many of them create drugs and gangs which disturb the calm and peace of our schools; then ratchet up the violence level such that we now find many of our own kids in the park with Ear Rings and on drugs.
Now, the Fast Food owner will require more illegals to cross the border, to fill his jobs. This is all just so that these Fast Food owners can build ten-thousand Fast Food businesses on every corner to get rich; while many Americans would be better off at home eating together and creating better American families. We’re paying to destroy our own families . . .
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I know. It’s a vicious cycle not the fault of the immigrant. If congress would get its brain out of its rear side, we could still have LEGAL IMMIGRATION to fill these jobs, all the while, protecting citizens jobs. Slowly, the wages of these jobs could be pushed down to a level that provides both, competitive wages to live on, as well as benefits.
Why should the rest of America pay these benefits for these Fast Food businesses . . . and other businesses using illegals? This is a result of a flood of illegal immigration. I can tell you one reason, and that is because members of our own government may have their hands in the money.
Yes, the other reason is, that the world must eventually level out the playing field of wages and benefits to a more even competitive bases. My argument is, that the way we’re accomplishing it, is wrong.
Yes, we are a big and strong country that may survive all this illegal immigration. Still, it's the wrong way to continue our grand prosperity.
Our culture has spawned one of the most successful societies in history. Why does our own government risk its future so blatantly and frivolously? We must spend more time helping other peoples in their own lands; and applying pressure to other governments to raise their wages and benefits.
Our congress risk America’s very sciences and technologies, that have been primary in our advance to the top, by disturbing our children’s good education that could insure that we’re able to help ourselves and the rest of the world.
I think of the problem as analogous to allowing unlimited numbers of strangers to occupy ones house. Would you do that? Too many would totally upend your culture, language, and social structure. The education of your children would be at risk. Your household would disintegrate like an Atom Bomb!
We need equal numbers of immigration from all nations around the Globe, commensurate with the values of our indigenous culture; allowing the assimilation of new cultures. Not a helter-skelter immigration policy.
This has nothing to do with racism. Most people are not against immigration. We just want IMMIGRATION with reasoned ASSIMILATION.
The American people had better wake up and smell the coffee, because if we don’t, we could find ourselves a third world country with poorly educated children in science and technology; and no science to drive our economy and security. If you believe that thinking like we once did hundreds of years ago will save us, then I say, you are truly living in a FOOLS PARADISE!
As for scientist, you may need to THREATEN TO LEAVE AMERICA to bring some of these fools out of their FOOLISH FOLLY and BLINDNESS!

Copyright 2005
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