The Death of AL-ZARQAWI

by: Bennie Beaver

The death of the Machophile terrorist Al-Zarqawi will hardly make a dent in the murderous evacuate-brains in this demon haunted world. Just as PT Barnum believed "a sucker is born for everyone that dies", I say "there's another machophile and terrorist born for everyone that dies". Terrorist minded machophiles exist not only in the Middle East, but also in every corner of the globe . . . including America. In the West they're brainwashed a little differently, but they're the same, nonetheless. (Watch this video and WAKE UP AMERICA! check out this Web Site for more on the TERRORIST MENTALITY "www.investigativeproject.org". Throughout the history of the world societies have become fat and weak and were taken over by this kind of mentality. If America is discovered to have become one of those fat and weak societies, then it is up to you "SCIENCE" to prevent another carnage of a free and successful society, by CHANGING HUMAN NATURE).

The only real or permanent change that'll come to Carl Sagan's professed "Demon Haunted World" is when SCIENCE changes HUMAN NATURE, period!
Now, wait and watch as the world continues its age old path of war and violence. Oh, there will be times of peace and plans for hope and love, but little will change before reasoned knowledge creates a new paradigm. It's the quicker evolution largely ignored by todays educate (not all).
I predict that this evolution will come before the end of this century, or humanity will go the way of the dinosaurs. Of course, the machopliles of this world could get lucky/unlucky and drag the human race and reasoned knowledge back into a new darken age, but not should sanity become the aphorism.
The one adumbrated is coming, machophiles, and you are not the ones chosen! For man will create devices and things and time machines, and life will rinder justice upon those long past and seemingly immune . . . or there will be no real justice in this universe. That's not a formal or fundamentalist version of religion, and yet, it's a kind of Einteinian religious affirmation! (Read Part 3 short story on this Web Site titled "Dr. Warpenstein's Virtual Time Machine").
Like Einstein understood, there's more cogency to religion than is currantly cognizant. The pathway is byway of science and reasoned knowledge in pursuit of those wonders and beauty and order of our incredible universe. That pathway is not significantly different from those greatest of principals from religions as Einstein said "science without religion is lam, and religion without science is blind".
News report in June 2006: Two American soldiers are captured by Iraqi terrorist. The terrorist cut the soldier's genitals off and stuffed them in the soldier's mouths; cut the soldier's eyes out; cut their hearts out, then cut their heads off to lay on their remaining chests as if the soldier's could still see what they had wrought.
Can you feel the outrage, AMERICA! Don't you get it! These demons could drag us down with them as our anger reaches a crescendo, and we then, deem it necessary to kill millions of them in order to eradicate them. America should stop dancing with the devil before we become one of them.
We should either quickly squash these terrorist or proceed to withdraw to the borders of Iraq and Kuwait, and there, protect the borders from more insurgents, then create safe zones for those innocences seeking shelter from a civil war. The Iraqi people must purge their own demons much like America did in its own civil war, then we can deal with what remains. This would be to the benefit of America, Iraq, and all of the Middle East.

Copyright 2006

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