DR-WARPENSTEIN’S solutions - America at greater risk for TERRORIST ATTACKS

by Bennie M. S. Beaver

Former members of the 9/11 commission say that the U.S. is at greater risk for terrorist attacks because the American government has failed to enact stronger security measures.
Dr. Warpenstein TOLD YOU SO in his novel titled “Dr. Warpenstein - The Invisible Foe” as well as here on this Web Site. In a world whereby only one man/women, or a few men/women, could carry a weapon of mass destruction into a modern city and destroy it, there are few solutions short of CHANGING HUMAN NATURE itself. Well, here I’ll present a few interim solutions that may be necessary for protecting our nation from terrorist:
Insist on duel storage of all valued information in education and science. All valuable military, industrial research and development, finance and economic concerns, and government activities must be stored daily in duel locations. We must play a shell game with terrorist. If they succeed in destroying one location they should know that we can continue on the very next day. Furthermore, America may need to alter its very mode of operations:
For example GOVERNMENT: Is it time to turn Washington D.C. into a MUSEUM? We have all the capability for conducting MANY congressional and governmental activities from anywhere byway of telecommunications, etc. Should we take away Washington D.C. as a target, or will we procrastinate until a large part of Washington D.C. is destroyed? Should we create a plan just in case a weapon of mass destruction kills large numbers of congress and the government.
Congress could easily develop a plan to automatically select new members to continue our government with temporary new members from every legislature in the country; and they could, immediately, elect an acting President. All of this could be accomplished over night. Also, because of duel information storage, those new members could continue on with congressional business, unhesitatingly, the next day. Having no plan is dangerous!
This idea is to play a shell game with the terrorist by giving them nowhere to go to accomplish their designs and animus. Of course, I can just hear someone say, “Come up with a sensible solution”.
Well, we can continue to make improvements in technologies to detect weapons of mass destruction. That is true. But sooner or later the odds will, likely, catch up with us; because I’m a believer that technologies may provide a stop-gap solution for a while, but not, likely, FOREVER. Beyond these solutions, this Web Site has already provided a presage of the future:
. . . It will be argued and debated, but then, it will be done . . . In as much as because, and if for no other reason, then that a single individual could commit atrocious acts to destroy civilized society; sooner or later, or within the next hundred years, science will improve all human cognitive wiring to genius levels, while reducing aggression levels, and mankind’s primitive days will be over, FOREVER!
Of course, the issues are more complex than just making this prediction. The presage presumes that basic personality differences will remain . . .First: We’re merely insuring that the wiring of the brain works most perfectly. Secondly: The process of reducing aggression may include the removal of scaring from bad experiences along with the mitigation of our primitive brain, of which, some have termed the LIZARD LOB.
Remember that, predictions that things can’t be done have almost never proved true, and the accomplishments of science have well exceeded the forecast (read Arthur C. Clarke’s book PROFILES OF THE FUTURE). . .
Of course, I'm an individual who believes that a commensurate and ultimate way to win wars in a modern age is to excel the opposition in education and exploration and research of our world, Solar System, and Universe. Draw, drag, tug, or tow monies into activities with a greater potential for benefits to a future human life and happiness. Coax the enemy into following you with investments outside direct military purpose. Keep a step ahead as you coax them into a perpetual pursuit.
This process will not work as well without enough money and effort - like going to the MOON. If America had listened to scientist and explorers, we would have built a few less warships and weapons; and now, we would be on the MOON and MARS building industries enough to FOREWARN any enemy here on EARTH. But more importantly, our children would harvest unlimiting dreams and hopes in adventures and discovery. This is the way for a greater and grander security.
Nothing obviates the continuing development of weapons of war (except, maybe, to change HUMAN NATURE), but this method applies greater pressures toward more valued social possibilities from exploration and discovery.
So America, let's hit a TREK to the Moon and Mars . . . and to the STARS!

Copyright 2005


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