What could possibly hold him on the carpet's surface when it begins to fly?
The alien anticipating his concerns, speaks with a placating persuasiveness, “Do not be afraid. You can not fall off of the magic carpet”.
Although, what the alien had said was reassuring, the doctor was not reassured with the same conviction. Well, there was no going back. He was there for the ride.
In the midst of a zephyr, the magic carpet disappears . . . PUFF!
Dr. Warpenstein and the alien emerge above an ancient crescent valley somewhere in the Middle East. A small village looms ahead as they float ever so swiftly over small fields of grain. Shortly, they find themselves floating among shoddy huts made of dirt, clay, and rocks; when unannounced, cries of alarm fill the air. Panicky eyes and outstretched arms and fingers point toward the sky. The doctor looks upwards to gleaned the object of their terror. The silhouette of an enormous craft effervesced in the bright sun light of high-level cirrus clouds. Its colossus size is drifting ever so slowly and ominously downwards toward the village.
It was the ancient episode foretold by the aliens, of our ancestors from the Stars whom would arrive to hasten the evolution of man.
Dr. Warpenstein and the alien sit placidly on the Magic Carpet, completely invisible to their surroundings, as the enormous craft suddenly stays it descent. Huge shuttle crafts exit the ship descending in all directions. Clouds of mist spray from beneath the shuttles as they traverse the relatively clear sky above the villages and primitive peoples. The orderly movement of the shuttles drifts back and forth, from on end of the valley to the other, in an intelligent cross pattern. The nearly imperceptible mist drifts downwards toward utterly ignorant and oblivious breaths of air. Its only effect is on homo sapiens and not lesser animals.
Nano-Molecular idiosyncratic patterns of genetic RNA and DNA had been bio-engineered with complex computer like intendment to, unheralded, enter into the bodies of the primitives byway of breath-of-air, and there, with the aid of viruses to slit the human cell nucleus and implant a new and improved genetic ensoulment. The aliens continued to spread the new genetic message throughout the as-yet small world of humanoids on Earth. It was now time for the next phase of their colonization.
Waves of shuttle crafts transport alien colonist to a nearby mountain range. Incredibly advanced survival gear are stored in caves and makeshift shelters to await the construction of more formal habitations.
(You see, the massive ships above must return to their home stars to aid the final battle for hope, sanity, and survival. This small colony would be left to fend for itself).
The colonist are not left helpless by any means. Many android command ships are stationed throughout earth’s near space and Solar System to protect the future of the world . Nonetheless, the androids are not permitted to interfere directly in the success of the colony. They can only protect the earth from cataclysmic events which could destroy the world; such as an extinction size impact from asteroids or comets. There would be no more mass extinctions like destroyed the dinosaurs some sixty-five million years ago.
The aliens possess technologies far advanced to many modern worlds - much less this primitive one. They would have no fear for their survival: They had stored in the mountain caves beautiful Magic Carpets that fly; Magic lamps with Genies that could cater to their every wish; books of knowledge to accomplish most anything imaginable. They had dreamt up their technologies in configuration that would transfix the imaginations of primitive peoples and spear their evolution to ever grander heights.
(You see, nature does not allow one to advance primeval peoples’ evolution instantaneously. Their intelligence may be improved instantly, but their evolution must be elaborated the old fashion way . . . over time).
Long, long ago, the aliens had understood that the most favorable way to hearten the evolution of a primitive world is to create legends, epic tales, and myths. Fantasies and fables can rule the verging mind. They would create folk tales that engender the imagination; then truth and falsehood; then right and wrong; and then, reasoned knowledge of science and technology.
The alien sit placidly beside Dr. Warpenstein on the Magic Carpet. They watched with great interest and amazement as the alien shuttles unloaded time after time before withdrawing one last time back into the formidable ships in the sky and vanishing (FOREVER?).
And yes, it turns out that their edict to the androids was considerably short sighted!
Dr. Warpenstein and the alien move forward through time as the colony builds magnificent palaces and temples. Their mansions supplant acres of land beside the River Euphrates in a today Iraq. Their lives become the stories and legends of ancient Babylonia. Their Sumerian language, like no other in recorded history, is past down through the epic tales of the Sumerians, Gilgamesh great flood, Hammurabi code, Sargon the empire maker of Akkad, and the laws of Lipit-Ishtar.
Much was to follow the great Gods (aliens) of the Bronze Age and the collapse that led to Chaos and the Dark Ages. By then the Aliens were gone and the myths and fables succeeded. Great sages arose in the lands, and the arguments continued on over truth and falsehood, right and wrong; and in time, over the meaning of an empirical conclusion and a supernatural explanation for the world.
The doctor believed that one might argue the difference between the supernatural (ensoulment) and the scienctific (or empirical conclusion) until one turned PURPLE; but then, all that will ensue is that, one would turn PURPLE.
Mathematical formulas may ascertain that the Universe came from nothing, but then, that nothing is always associated with something elsewhere in the formula. One may spend all the money in ones bank account, but then, there is always something elsewhere to refill the void. Such events are simultaneous and Mobius Loop . . . or they're not at all.
The meanings were simultaneous. It was a fruitless argument like, "which came first, the chicken or egg", "the beginning or end". To the doctor, they were simultaneous realities conexistent. Unlike the relative nature of two separate events in the Theory of Relativity, these entanagled events are simultaneous.
These arguments were much like wondering whether time exist; whereas time does not exist except as it relates to things, and things do not exist except as they relate to time. Nonetheless, time disappears within entangled realities at the beginning of time (Big Bang) and at all times within entangled events . . . So you may ask, but never get an answer before both are a reality; then the question is the same and the answer is the same quandary. Why? Because the answer will come when you get there(iterate). Because time seems implicit in every QUESTION when it may not be implicit in EVERY ANSWER (wrangle-dangle).
The doctor stopped ruminating. Their sojourn was meant to travel back into an age of the Aliens and the myths that followed. They were back in a time some 3000 years B.C.
The story of Gilgamesh, a Babylonian king, begins on a journey to find the secret of immortality. On his travels, he happens upon a survivor of a great flood sent by the Gods. The survivor, Utnapishtim, is forewarned by the alien God, Enki, to construct a boat to save his family and friends, including artisans, animals.
The Magic Carpet flies further back in time to witness the source of the Gilgamesh story of a great flood.
Just as suddenly, the Magic Carpet is floating high above the straits of Bosporus at the present day Turkey. The story begins nearly 12,000 years ago toward the end of the last Ice Age. As earth’s climate begins to warm, the immense ice sheets burying the Bosporus straits at Istanbul, begin grinding as the deposition of gargantuan layers of glaciers retreat Northward. The Mediterranean Sea rises to ever greater heights. Most assuredly, the rising sea flows ever further Northwards until it eroded away the narrow Straits of Bosporus to flood the Black Sea. The doctor and alien witness the entire episode in the VIRTUAL TIME MACHINE.
It was now some 7,000 years ago as the surging torrents of Mediterranean Sea water gush forth with a force some 200 times that of Niagara Falls . . . down, down, into the great basin of the Black Sea! A great wall of water plummeting, and then again, rising to a thousand foot height as it rolls across a freshwater lake and bordering farmlands. Those ancients lucky enough to have survived were traumatized and their stories still live on to this very day.
The doctor and alien cringe with utter incredulity, and then, amazement and sorrow for the poor ancient peoples. Communities and individual lives are strewn asunder. It would take centuries for the stories to fade even a little. Thus, the recorded legends of Gilgamesh and Noah and his ark . . . which live on.
Still riding on the Magic Carpet, the alien and the doctor return to the time of Gilgamesh and Hammurabi. To their absolute astonishment the indigenous peoples of earth had gained the upper hand over their rulers - The Gods. The ALIENS.
Yes, as afore mentioned, the aliens had been considerably short sighted not authorizing the guardian androids to protect their colony.
The indigenous peoples, having been genetically improved by the parental aliens, somehow, manage to con and cozen the alien colony out of their miraculous weapons and technologies. They then proceeded to kill them all before extracting full knowledge on how to use the technologies. Many of the incredible technologies remained hidden deep inside underground vaults and caves. Over the centuries they become subjects for legends, folk tails, myths, and fables. One of those best beloved tails was one of Aladdin’s Enchanted Lamp and the Magic Carpet.
But first the doctor and alien, still riding upon the Magic Carpet, visit an exalted prince of Babylon by the name of Hammurabi. They lay witness to the Sublime King of Anunaki, and Bel, the lord of Heaven and earth, when they called Hammurabi to bring about the rule of the righteous in the land, and enlighten the earth, to further the well-being of mankind. Thus did Hammurabi's code become inscribed upon a great stone tablet nearly eight feet tall marking the beginnings of the rule of righteousness upon the world.
This was enough for the alien and doctor, and so, they push their Magic Carpet into over-drive in search of magic and other miraculous creations of the Gods . . . that is, ALIENS. They went in search of Aladdin “the diamond in the rough”. It would be a final venture before returning to Mars and the business of purging the earth before evanescing into a two-brane eternal life.
Aladdin, “the diamond in the rough”.
TO BE CONTINUED............
I plan to continue this story in the future. I'm a truck driver with little time or money to write these stories. I'll continue my diatribes and opinions on issues of the day.
I'll just complete the story in time . . . Maybe after I get out of this traffic jam. I have some interesting surprises coming up in the story . . . And you do want to know more about the future of mankind and the VIRTURAL TIME MACHINE!
Of course, I know how to build a VIRTURAL TIME MACHINE. Ha! Ha! Doesn't everybody?

Well, the traffic is getting heavy. Guess I'd better take this Lap Top off my steering wheel and drive for a while. Have a nice day.

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