Now that I have written the preceding persuasion maybe I should reiterate my convictions relative to formal religions: I, like Thomas Jefferson, Einstein, Carl Sagan, and a long list I could provide, do not believe in any formal religious (or Buddhist) interpretation of reality, even though, I may agree with various individual points of view. (And like I’ve said many time before, when beliefs of Faith are in direct conflict with reasoned knowledge, I term those BLIND FAITH - and they’re dangerous for the future of both faith and science).
Before I continue I want to contend a false bit of information I continue to hear repeated by misdirected individuals calling in on talk radio shows: I was driving my truck along the road near Denver when I heard someone call in to a radio station (850 KOA Denver). The discussion was about efforts to include intelligent design along with evolution in school curriculums. The caller believed that Einstein believed in a formal religious interpretation of GOD - NOT SO. All that these people need to do is pick up a book written by Einstein titled “Out of My Later Years” or “The world as I See It” to know better. (I bring this up only because I’ve heard this false acclamation so many times).
Of course, other things were being say on the show that were simply ridiculous and evidence of how little a lot of people use critical thinking. I say this primarily because so few individuals with real knowledge of evolution call into these shows to make sense. To paraphrase something Carl Sagan once said, “If scientist don’t get involved in the debate they could lose it by default”.
I’ll continue on with some of my personal philosophy before I attempt to discount some of them and other pseudosciences:
It appears that knowledge and understanding, which can translate into power and energy and order, not disorder, will accelerate exponentially until it consumes the very universe we live in. It’s as if this knowledge and power may accelerate to a climaxing point at the alpha and omega - the primeval atom or BIG BANG! Rather than entropy measuring a steady degradation or disorganization of our universe, maybe we should picture intelligence’s ability to learn, understand, and order the forces and energies of our universe.
Based on the previous statement it gives me pause for believing that INTELLIGENCE is the prime force driving the universe. If this is true, then all intelligent beings’ minds could be termed a disassociated division of God working through REAL SCIENCE back into a whole. The imagined God we envision would be a genetic templet (path) to our ultimate destination - a innate imprint of our goal: Sense of perfection, all knowledge, all power, all security, eternal good and happiness, etc. We may experience many spits and starts along the way, but we can no more deny our purpose then breath air.
Now, religions may claim that there is a God already in that position; whereas, I say, that there is no such proof one way or the other; and even if so, one problem with religions is their differing theories and interpretations on ancient history. On the other hand, science is not in the business of proving or disproving the existence of a God. Science is in the business of following the evidence; and I repeat: When religious beliefs are in direct conflict with reasoned knowledge it is BLIND FAITH.
The last sentence above, "that there is no proof one way or the other", reminds me of one set of dialog in the movie "Contact" based on Carl Sagan's Book by that name. The dialog is whereby Jodie Foster says to Matthew McConaughey, "that she needed proof that a God Exist", and McConaughey retorts with a question, "Did Jodie love her father"? Jodie replies, "yes!" McConaughey, seeming to close the logic saying, "Prove it!"
Well, I'm surprised that Carl Sagan let that one by, because the preponderance of the evidence is, by far, greater that the object of Jodie's love EXIST (her father), than the object of anyone's love (God) EXIST. Science is much about the PREPONDERANCE of evidence (not eternal proof). However, I would not pass any final judgement on Carl Sagan who is deceased - One of my heroes
It was Carl Sagan who once said, "that if you ask a person, 'Where did God come from', and he/she replies, 'That God always existed", then what's the difference in believing that the universe has always existed as is . . . with all the rules and laws of the universe having always existed as is"?
To continue, the principal moral and ethical values of religions are not the greatest sticking points between religion and science - although the origin of such principals may be. In science, there are reasons for believing that moral and ethical values are simply an innate characteristic of the evolution of life and intelligence itself; and does not postulate a creator.
This SF story appears separately on this Web Site. Now, I’ll continue on with some SCIENCE FICTION based on my philosophy and imagined REAL SCIENCE:
Science Fiction Anaolgy

Dr. Warpenstein was not long returned from the alien portal to the stars. Maybe more importantly, not alien portal to the stars, but PARENTAL portal to the stars; because it turns out that the aliens were mankind's parents who had long since deceased from wars.
The doctor is back in his labyrinthine research and development center on Mars. He’s very busily laboring on a new machine; a new invention to rival any that he had previously fashioned. This machine was revealed to him from detailed schematics discovered from the alien worlds.
The idea was not entirely novel to the doctor for he had wondered about such a contrivance. His knowledge had not developed to a design stage. The alien solution was preternatural.
He is about to enter into a strange new reality. He was going to construct a VIRTUAL TIME MACHINE! The idea reflected on questions and beliefs that have passed down through recorded history: notions of phenomenon seeing bodies simultaneously in two different locations called “bilocation”; beliefs that an entity “double” of an individual’s physical body could separate itself from the individual and travel out-of-body experience “astral travel”; feelings that the universe and our influence on it exist simultaneous in spite of the Theory of Relativity and Lorentz contraction. The catalog of phenomenon is long.
The new Time Machine would meld many of those quasi-physical opinions of reality. The notions might be answered by REAL SCIENCE. What had long been speculation and pseudo-science could now be given a new life in reality: Is it possible to return to the past? Can we change the past? Will justice be administered to those who once lived and broke the rules? Is there such a thing as eternal life? Will man travel throughout the universe, and go where no man has gone before, or will he never depart his home Solar System? The answers were about to be rendered . . .
Since the beginning of civilized society man has wondered about, and in many ways, hoped for certainty and absolute powers over the unpredictable world. Well, is it possible? The doctor could finally imagine an answer so remarkable and unexpected, as to believe, that one will never die or pay taxes. The answers are all intertwined within notions of infinity and forever, and those eternal concepts of the endurance of matter and energy; or will the laws of nature be squelched in the end, and then, to be thrown asunder once more, back out into a new and much different universe
The doctor sit in his luxurious captains chair imagining the possibilities, all of which have been conjured up by mankind for ages: That one could die and a billion, billion, billion, billion years, and more, could pass within an infinite universe, and the odds would return one, to be reborn at the exact moment of ones death; there to complete the journey to the end of time.
Of course, this would only be true if the rules require an iterate return to the living at a precise moment of ones death; for why else would reality return one, with a modern brain, to a more primitive past. This repetition could be repeated until ones intelligence has finally earned the omnipotence necessary for meriting an eternal place at the end of time, and then, an eternity as a new order of a brand new evolving universe.
There's a reason why one is born at a particular moment in evolution. The doctor was born at exactly 1945, and not years, or centuries earlier. He would not likely return at any earlier period in the evolution of time and Earth. His development would continue each time he returned, until science and the human race realized a kind of immortality and omnipotence. At least, that was what the logic suggested.
Of course, the doctor realized that this explanation was very weak and convoluted. The argument begged the question, "Are ones parents (and others) already reborn somewhere in the world"? Still, one could always imagine an iterate birth to one of an infinity set of parallel realities. He had a much better approach and explanation, and his new VIRTUAL TIME MACHINE would prove it.
Yes, sometimes it’s true, things can be hidden in plain sight. Knowledge about time travel had been right there under mankind’s noises FOREVER, right there in his mind and memory.
Dr. Warpenstein strutted around the Virtual Time Machine like a child with a new toy. It stood some thirty feet across the middle of an immense room. Nothing could stop his experimenting this time, for all those intellectuals who were here on Mars, well, they were with him. His androids were all at his command, and Dr. Andersen was right there ready, and hoping for a successful tryout for the machine.
It was only a few weeks latterly that the doctor had discovered the schematics for the time machine. Apparently, the machine had been design, but never actually tried out. The doctor quizzed long over the correctness of the design. Had our forefathers made a mistake? Would the machine really work? The doctor researched and tested the myriad of possibilities before arriving at this final stage . . . the real thing, an actual tryout of the VIRTUAL TIME MACHINE.
Locked within every individual and his/her relatives (also, all of mankind) is an exact memory video record of the past. Our conscious memory is largely spares and confined within the calabi-yau shapes and strings associated with the atomic particles of memory - Nothing is ever forgotten from history. Science’s anthropic principle held true.
It was true that all histories are possible, but we live exclusively within our personal history, and within our personal history nothing is ever created or destroyed (also, matter and energy remains close to its origination throughout history - we may be breathing some of the same oxygen atoms breathed by our ancestors); it just changes logical form; it can be replayed.
That was not the whole of it, one would return to a two-brane (two-dimensional) reality all ones own. There was an infinite number of these recorded histories and only one could be visited by any one individual at a time; however, an infinite number of them could be recreated and remade by an individual. In other words, one could return to his past and remake it into a two-brane reality, and there, marry that High School girl/guy you once failed to WOO. But really, what did all this mean in a real (Three-D) world?
None of this time travel could adversely influence ones three-dimensional past. Unlike speculations that, should one return to the past and shoot ones parent, one might simply disappear from reality; it's not the way of the universe. The history from (Three-D) time would be recreated within the Virtual Time Machine as a Virtual world existing only within a specific Time period. It could be remade an infinite numbers of times, and the futures of each possibility could be different . . . INCREDIBLE!
There is much more to the Time Machine. You there in your own personal past Virtual History would be completely safe from harm. You could live and experience that world while being snatched from the grasp of death by a bodement in the Time Machine.
Into the bargain, the virtual world would not permit savage treatment of virtual beings beyond a reasonable threat. Savage human beings will have no place within the Virtual Time Machine; and those already within the Virtual world will meet their justice from YOU. Furthermore, by the time that the doctor informs mankind of the Time Machine he will have changed (human nature).
How does the Virtual Time Machine Work?
When the doctor finally unraveled the schematic codes it was hardly a cliche’. It was hardly an epiphany. It was something grander than mere words could describe. It was a Magic Carpet ride, Aladdin’s Lamp, an eternal vision right out of the Arabian Nights and antiquity.
“Come along with me on a Magic Carped ride”, said the alien (our parent).
This time, it was a more poignant piece of evidence; that the aliens really were our parents. But then, Dr. Warpenstein was pretty convinced of that fact already. But then, how wondrous is the incontrovertible and VIRTUALLY tangible proof?
The Virtual Time Machine postulated an exact ingress into unerring mind memory. Inside the machine ones memory could be transposed from a three-brane dimension into a two-brane and infallible history of ones past . . . of anyone and anything as seen through ONES EYES. A world based on ones (only eyes) was exactly why the recreated past would be personalized within each revisited history. You will have returned to a past all your own. You, alone, would become its master in virtual two-brane reality.
The doctor marveled at the ingenuity. Our three-dimensional existence and memory was ephemeral because it inescapably deteriorates back toward two-brane reality; there it remains for most of time and space as determined by a quantum inseparability; its properties divided into exact Planck’s constants for aeons . . . Maybe not aeons, but a much longer period of time before reducing back into separate single Planck branes, or about ten billion billion times smaller than a proton. The intellection was startling.
Considering that our three-dimensional world is a folded two-brane reality, the machine, using memory markers, simply unfolds our three-dimensions back into TWO; there they become a perfect record of the past selected.. Ones past, as seen from ones personal perspective, is unveiled . . . and can be relived, or remade. Simply, incredible!
Dr. Warpenstein couldn’t imagine any reason for further ruminating over the exact process. It is enough that it actually works. A three-dimensional being can remain safely in a two-brane dimension for ages before the Universe exhaust its order and once again collapses back into a primeval nugget the size of a Planck mass.
For the moment, it was as close to Occam’s Razor as the doctor would tarry. True, the present explanation was a somewhat spacious and ethereal kind of substance or conclusion compared to usual quantifiable data. For the time being, the doctor would not illuminate further.
So one is left with taking all of the “ifs” and “for sures” in a mere spacious delineation, one might still end up with a lot of “MAYBEs”. The exegesis was inherently complex. The doctor would elucidate soon. The concept was innately enigmatic within a unfamiliar actuality. Besides, the doctor wishes to provoke a magnificent surmise.
The doctor had but one remaining revelation from the VIRTUAL TIME MACHINE: Because of the extrapolation of the laws of the universe (laws true here on earth are also true throughout the universe) man may never "go where no man has gone before" as imagined in the movie STAR TREK. He can create any scenario that may exist within the VIRTUAL TIME MACHINE and "go where no man has gone before" without ever leaving his place of birth.
Dr. Warpenstein’s entire crew was there watching and ready for the first test of the VIRTUAL TIME MACHINE: Dr. Andersen was there; General Baumnsted was there. Well, just about everybody on Mars was there . . . TWOOY was there.
”TWOOY”, informs the doctor. “Place the rabbit in the machine”.
With a large retinues at stark attention, TWOOY places the rabbit directly in the middle of a prominent launching platform of the VIRTUAL TIME MACHINE. He withdraws hastily from the machine to the forefront of the large throng of witnesses. Dr. Warpenstein is standing ready at a large promenade of controls as his fingers flit lightly, cascading over an impressive chorus of buttons and knobs. Abruptly, he stalls with but one finger positioned ominously above the initiating button. Looking first to the entourage, and then, to the rabbit, he hesitantly presses downwards.

The Time Machine strums to life as it enfolds to embrace the rabbit; sealing itself off from three-dimensional reality; it disappears from view. In its place appears an enormous three-dimensional life like image of a rabbit being born to perceive a verging world for the first time. The image is not clear, but then, neither was the rabbit’s vision.
All of a sudden, the image is replaced by that of a lordly swaggering alien. His eyes piercing any veil, or any doubting his preeminence. He is standing there as though directly in their presents. He begins to speak!
”Doctor! Have you no FAITH? You send a rabbit in your your very first test subject”, rebukes the alien. “I must commend you, though. You have recreated our Time Machine perfectly. As a result, I’m here to show you earth’s parents from the stars, and how and when we brought your ancestry to this world many a millennium ago”.
”I stand here as a living being . . . just as real as you”, discloses the alien. “We had programmed the machine for our eternal resurrection at the very moment that you turned it on. Those of us who believed in the possibilities for the Virtual Time Machine are back to walk among you throughout time and eternity.
Just like the nonbelievers in your world, the nonbelievers in our world, will only exist within our memory inside the Virtual Time Machine. We will be their judge and jury and creator. Let me explain the final purpose for the Virtual Time Machine”:
”The Virtual Time Machine can be used to transpose your three-dimensional world into a peaceful place forever. You will become the judge whom decides who remains behind to rule over ones own personal virtual worlds, and whom will vanish from earth forever, to then, exist only in a Virtual world ruled by you and the favored worthy. You and the worthy will all possess a virtual world to rule from personal memories until the end of time.
The alien continues "Before you vanquish the undeserving, take a magic carpet ride with me, back to the beginning of all modern Homo sapiens on earth. Come sit with me on this magic carpet and travel back to earth’s most ancient history; a place were epic tales and legends arose. Those tales and myths have helped to spawn civilization on your world.
For the first time the doctor becomes aware of an enormous rug beneath the alien’s feet. He haltingly walks, as though drawn, toward the inviting prestige. The alien sits down on the carpet as he beckons to the doctor to do the same. The doctor, yet unsteadily, forces his legs to bend as his body sags ever so unsurely downwards. Finally, he is seated.
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