DR. WARPENSTEIN'S - THE VIRTUAL TIME MACHINE - EPILOGUE (Part 3) PREFACE: Science, Science Fiction, Philosophy, Pseudo-Science, and Superstition.
by: Bennie M. Beaver

"Skeptical scrutiny is the means, in both science and religion, by which deep insights can be winnowed from deep nonsense."~Carl Sagan
"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."~Carl Sagan.

My main objective is to discourage PSEUDOSCIENCE and SUPERSTITION. However, Iíll approach the subject by way of some philosophy and Science Fiction along the way--edge of PSEUDOSCIENCE. I say ďedge of PSEUDOSCIENCEĒ because of a mythical kind of philosophy and Science Fiction based on speculation in deference to an empirical conclusion based on REAL SCIENCE--Re: Albert Einstein's remark that, "God don't play dice with the universe". (Einstein has his own understanding of a God. Many of Einstein's "God" remarks have little to do with a formal religious interpretation. Futhermore attested to in a letter, he states "The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honourable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish. No interpretation no matter how subtle can (for me) change this." His interpretation is much like mine).
I could proceed like other sites and produce long list of Pseudoscience like: Bermuda Triangle, ESP, perpetual motion, Astrology, telekinesis, Bigfoot, abduction by extraterrestrials, Loch Ness monster, free energy, UFOs, Roswell . . . Well, you get the idea?
Iíve traveled many times through Roswell, NM.--to mention just one pseudoscience--and have ask the people there whether they believe in the stories of aliens at Roswell. They said, "that the stories are a joke started by old FARMERS in the area, and now, are subjects for MAKING MONEY".
Here is a popular UFO advocate (Dr. Steven Greer). He sounds real and sincere. but where is the actual evidence? Where are the objects and aliens? He has got to go further and provide the solid evidence. No one has a desire to deny the existence of UFO's if they can present more than just talk. We already know about the human capacity for deception, but what about any aliens? This search for UFO's goes on year after year, but nothing comes of it....But people are making money out of it for sure. How could human beings steal such highly advanced technologies from incredibly advanced aliens--without consequences. Why would those incredibly advanced aliens be wearied about us--merely human beings--militarizing the mean space around our little planet. Give us solid evidence and anyone would believe it. I suspect that the questions and doubts will go on for years to come. I'm waiting for the solid proof! If America, or the world has a shadow government, than it is important to know. There could be reasons, but if such a power exist, what is it up to? One would imagine that such a power would have been revealed by now. I'm listening, watching, and waiting! I'm not convinced. It's not impossible, and it occurs more often than you may think, for experts to be misled. I believe that Black Projects exist in our governments, but I want more proof before believing that they are related to "alien technologies". Like the saying goes, "All the talk in the world ain't worth a spit in a river". Lets see the solid proof.

On the other hand, if one can believe much of the expert witnesses of UFOs, then it's important to investigate the possibility for visitations from elsewhere in our own Solar System, or far outerspace. Otherwise, our government has developed technologies unknown to the general public and educators. Many of the witnesses are hard to discount. Furthermore, If such UFOs are simply AI or automatrons sent out into the universe to find life, then maybe they would not desire to contact one individual over another....for that matter any such advanced intelligence might not desire to contact any human on earth, or otherwise, any one human over another. If they are automatrons then we might want to be weary of a day when the real aliens get here! Scientist and technologist could create, and station, special cameras and sensors to observe and identify these craft.
For a vying view, read the following Internet caricature of Dr. Steven Green titled "Greer over the edge" by: Sheppard Gordon:

In the following posts you'll find an extremely bizarre assertion by Dr. Steven Greer, posted on the Internet on February 23, 1998 (it also appeared on Greer's website) before being quickly "pulled" at the urging of his associates.
In it, Greer claimed that, through telepathic communication, he learned from aliens that US Special Forces were at that moment unsuccessfully attmpting to storm an alien base under Colorado's Blanca Mountain using deadly sarin gas -- and that it backfired on them.
Soon after this nonsense was retracted, a man named Steve Moreno contacted everyone he could find who had read it in an effort to HOLD the story as he was afraid that it would reflect poorly on Dr. Greer. Greer, a longtime UFO fantasist, rules a UFO group called CSETI, which goes out at night and essentially prays to aliens, hoping that their mental thoughts will reach the aliens and cause the aliens to fly overhead and perhaps land. Even worse, Greer claims to be IN COMMUNICATION with the aliens telepathically. (This video is long, and the witnesses, although interesting, are reporting the same affirmative. The program begins with an ACTOR. It's not surprising that he sounds honorable, whether he believes what he is saying, or not. The presentation is interesting, whether the individuals are who they claim to be, or not. If they are not who they claim to be, then the program is pathological potpourri of the human capacity for deception. I'll believe in UFO'S when I see one land and/or the aliens reveal themselves. So, you may wish to visit the following Web Site afterwards: For more refutations go to James Randi's Web Site at links above and type "Dr. Steven Greer" into search...press GO!).

My purpose is not to prove that all paranormal claims are faults. But to paraphrase Carl Sagan and James Randy, "exhibit that most are just not very likely to be true--preponderance of the evidence"; there's a much simpler answer. Still, I'll attempt to accomplish this by standing on both sides of the applause. Mankind and science are not yet ALMIGHTY. (Click on links above and check out the JAMES RANDI Web Site, and there, to try and prove your claims to the paranormal in a challenge for ONE MILLION DOLLARS. For a real time wake-up to the sham ministries of PETER POPOFF as presented by televisions INSIDER EDITION'S investigative journalist Matt Meagher and James Randi watch the video below:).

Although I don't believe in formal, fundamentalist interpretations of religion and biblical and ancient history, I do believe (so far as I can tell) that individuals like the Dalai Lama, Billy graham, Pope John Paul II, and other isolated leaders in Islam and Jewish faiths (others faiths not mentioned) are more sincere and honorable men. I don't always agree with their religious interpretations of real science and its direction, but it is important to discuss and debate the moral and ethical directions of scientific discovery. Having said this, we have severe differences in understanding the world and universe that we live in. (For more on challenges to other ministries and psychics like JOHN EDWARDS chick on the James Randi Web Site on LINKS above). I believe that research by such individuals as Bruce buenode Mesquita of the New York University and others of science will one day discover the truth obout psychic phenomenon and predictions "ya or na".
Not wishing to spend an inordinate amount of time on this issue, I would like to add that Peter Popoff is not the only sham in this world (duh). Our own government and big business and phony products and ads for about every kind of issuance one could imagine proliferate in our everyday life. Almost daily I receive missleading advertisments in the mail; realtors selling out good neighborhoods to bad; mortgage companies and car dealers adding on cost at the closing; insurance companies failing to pay just claims; drug companies over charging; the Pentagon pays eight-hundred dollars, of your tax money, for a hammer, and to show that nothing has changed, lately they were scam by twin sisters for $20m, etc. What do you think? Nothing has changed with our government because too many of them are stealing your money, AMERICA! The list is much longer. Locally, I've ask the local government consumer protection agencies what to do, but they simply lament their like of jurisdiction under the law.
How much would you bet that legislators are a big part of the problem, and some have their own hands in the cooky jar?
Rather than sending $27.00 to Peter Popoff (I'm a truck driver at CONTACT above), send me any amount. Unlike a politician, I won't make promises. I'll simply say that it's in my nature to help others. I have a special interest in many things including up and coming androids and robotics to take care of the elderly at home and outside of abusive nursing homes.
Well, here I go with a little convolutes of personal PHILOSOPHY and SCIENCE FICTION. Of course, I believe that there is a little science behind this idea; but then, Iím a long time interested, but non-professional in science:

I'm a TRUCK DRIVER who reaches beyond the DOTTED LINE to describe a universe from the perspective of a layman. If you miss a single word or meaning you could miss the EXIT to an ultimate hurrah (truth). Ha! Right!
I plan to approach this subject by my own ROUTE - maybe around about and unusual. Many other knowledgeable individuals have already belabored the subject by grand or ordinary logic. So, here I go, off into an ordinary laymanís logic. Well, I hope not too ordinary!
Here I go, reaching for the stars. Reaching for hopes and dreams and imaginings. Venturing from a virtual string daulity/symmetry to a VIRTUAL TIME MACHINE. Going off the edge. Seeking ultimate answers. Isnít that what weíre all doing? Seeking something beyond the horizon. Where are we all headed? Why are we here? Whatís the best route? What's religion? Whatís truth, fantasy and falsehood? Whatís pseudo-science? Whatís superstition? Whatís real science?
Are the answers simply a choreographed dance and weíre all dancing to a different choreographer? Wherever we agree, itís a marriage, and wherever we donít, itís a stalemate, or war. Or is the knowledge we seek found along avenues in some (non)perturbative, sequential, comparative, reductional order, or just simultaneously discovered in one grand Unity Theory . . . or HOLY GRAIL?
Is life comparable to a rhythmically or (any song)? Many people still believe that the music of life is already choreographed and unchanging. Science believes that, yes, the music of nature is written down, but can be choreographed anew into songs to benefit all of mankind. Others still believe that MAN MADE is intrinsically imperfect, and that MAN MADE is futility in an effort to play God. Science believes that if by religious definition: (1) GOD MADE is perfect. (2) Manís mind and intelligence is GOD MADE. (3) Therefore, manís mind and intelligence can be PERFECT (This is my syllogism).
Iíll begin my arguments for SCIENCE with the following personal biography; and then, a religious and PHILOSOPHICAL delineation:

I'll admit to having grown up in a family full of fundamentalist preachers from the Southern Ozarks of Missouri, U.S.A. My grandfather, uncle, and brother are preachers in the Pentecostal, Baptist, or similar believes. About half of my family have not followed or remained in those beliefs. Like many Southerners, my father, his brothers, and one of my brothers held many of those religious beliefs, but failed, most of their life, to live by them. They played country Honky-Tonks, gambled, drink and pretty much lived as they pleased . . . until they got old.
Before I continue, I'll relate just one story from where my ideas on REAL SCIENCE and PSEUDOSCIENCE come from: When I was about eight years old and sitting in that old Pentecostal church, there in the old Southern U.S.A., I witnessed a visiting minister preach at our church. He had a reputation for being a conduit for healing ailments. I watched this preacher as he cleverly selected a mentally retarded man approximately thirty-five years old from our congregtion. The poor man was a little deaf and dumb. Still living with his parents.
The visiting preach took hold of this poor man, and then, placed his hands on his head and begin to pray.
Even at eight years old I was very suspicious. I watched the spectacle with great interest. I truly wondered whether something miraculous would unfold; maybe lightening or a hand down from the sky. Nothing more dramatic than the preacher's mysterious and strange voice ensued.
The preacher had the retarded man stand on the other side of the front of our church. He spoke in an ever louder whisper until the poor retarded man finally responded to the words.
I couldn't see anything very miraculous in the whole charade, but the congregation seemed totally in awe of the deception.
I faithfully eyed and scrutinized this retarded man for weeks after the spectacle, and nothing miraculous was different about the poor retarded man. He was still just as DEAF and DUMB!
The congregation simply accepted the DECEPTION as fact. That was just one of my first lessons in superstition and pseudo-science; and I understand that religious people will simply retort that, "The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."~Carl Sagan. (One can't disprove a negative).
My following idea includes some Science Fiction:
One argument of religions is that a world without a God would be selfish and out for its self; even though, with a shortage of wants and needs, that is generally the way life is anyway.
Another argument is that monsterously evil people like alleged terrorist Usama Bin Laden, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, and a similar roll call of societal criminals may live their entire life without any apparent just punishment. Therefore, we must believe in a God and here-after to render judgement. (I might add my belief, that there is a difference between common criminals, terrorist, and just cause for resistance (reasons and methods are debatable within the boundaries of a humane and civilized society (Geneva Accords).
Buddhist and religions might argue that those individuals are tortured souls and never happy regardless of the power they gain or imagine. Along a converse ideate but similar persuasion are religious or historical admonishments that, "for a rich man to enter heaven would be as likely as threading a needle with a camel".
I tend to agree with the latter plaudit with at least one different heavenly analogy from science and Science Fiction: That all of history and time is recorded and may one day be replayed (Virtual Time Machine). I'll explain this in a later anecdotal epilog.
Furthermore, I argue that from the very inception of conscious awareness, intelligent life naturally spawned a need for moral and ethical values, and from that, a belief in a God naturally arises; because man has not the knowledge to protect him/herself from others and natures unpredictabilities. All intelligences have attributes of good and evil without the omnipotence we associate with an imagined God.
One could better argue that the existence of an imaginary God is a kind of proof for a God; a kind of God that we may one day evolve to become one with; at which point the imagined God would become a realized God. This argument demands that we continue our scientific, moral, and ethical progression side by side to the end of time; at which time, both could become joined eternally.
You will note that this is not a belief in a usual formal religion, but a belief in an eternal principal of life. Life does not, and can not, exist without a natural and commensurate order and rules of judgement; that is why we have judges - although, not perfect or omnipotent. We have created an imagined perfect judge (GOD) because our earthly judges do not always save or protect us; but we can imagine a God who would.
There is ample evidence that NO GOD is doing it for us (deism). By the afore said logic, there is evidence that we must evolve to become one with our IMAGINED omnipotent God; for which we know, exist in all his/her glory and magnificence (in our MINDS EYE); only then, would our imagined GOD become real (God ordinarily being a VIRTUAL GOD and a innate principal of our intelligence)!(In science there are such things as virtual particles and a virtual God may also exist? In any case, Iím getting a little ahead of myself. Iíll deal with virtual worlds later on).
This belief does not disavow prayer, or even, Buddhist teachings, "that suffering is inherent in life and that one can be liberated from it by mental and moral self-purification".
So, if you feel the need, PRAY to HIGH HEAVEN, and just maybe, you'll intersect some INTERNET FORCE that connects HEAVEN and EARTH . . . and all intelligent minds. But don't be surprised if there's no answer. That single interconnecting force (the INTERNET) is still evolving (being developed). Better still, mail me a hundred dollars, and I'll say a prayer for you...or you can mail the money to that other fellow, and see what happens.
Nonetheless, don't be surprise to discover that, seemingly, decreed or higher intelligent individuals are more able to communicate with higher powers. Man is capable of becoming more God like. Science has been doing a pretty good job for some time now. It seems that in time there may, in deed, become a meeting of minds and feelings (REASONED KNOWLEDGE and what FEELS GOOD). (True, man is capable of being more devil like, also).
I believe that there is a natural need in intelligent existence for meditation and reverence for eternal values and forces directing us toward an end purpose - probably including an end nirvana. For why else would we be wanting to go there?
But donít get me wrong, because the process is far more complex than those remarks. We are all mere homo sapiens not long out of the jungle. Our lives are still ruled by many ancient and primitive instincts. Those forces are sometimes overwhelming in the light of our limited understanding - but we are evolving.
Yes, like love, or being human at a grave site - chatting up ones deceased relative (words of Carl Sagan) - we can garner human feeling that we don't fully understand; but don't confuse the pseudo-science ingredient with REAL SCIENCE . . . Because, I believe that the two will one day become immix.

Ergo, you can see how being human can create an ambiguous connection between pseudo-science and real science. Maybe, having a sense, or FEELINGS of right and wrong (opposed to those who THINK they know) can aid a moral and ethical progression in science so long as there is not a DIRECT CONFLICT between (FAITH)and (REASONED KNOWLEDGE). In that case, I believe that REAL SCIENCE trumps what FEELS GOOD.
As you can see, I have ended this dissertation in an ambiguous loggerhead. That is where being human and pseudo-science often end. A balancing act between a highly intelligent REAL SCIENCE, and a deeply humanizing benevolence (moral and ethic progression), is mankind's best effort toward illuminating this resolute standoff.
This can mean spending near simultaneous amounts of the (money) sciences and technologies to help the weak and disenfranchised along the pathway to greater empirical knowledge (another balancing act).
Also, people might say to scientist, "become a little more down to Earth and human" - Maybe, more like Carl sagan, etc. Communicate a little better with the LITTLE PEOPLE. We all want to understand (I commend Brian Greene's PBS SHOW and book "The Elegant Universe," and Stephen Hawking for his lucid rendering of a complex subject "A Brief History of Time").
For more of my ideas on religion and science read other articles on this Web Site titled: "Scientist Thrreatening to Leaving AMERICA"? and "SCIENCE AND SOCEITY - Religion in the NEWS".
Iím one of those individuals who believes that very high IQs will be more benevolent (ASSUMING NO EXPERIENTIAL SCARRING) - IQs over 150, or 175 to 200 plus. If there is a ďMeek to Inherit the EarthĒ it will be among those with the highest IQs. It will not be the fanatics or fundamentalist, but it may include those ordained whose REASONED KNOWLEDGE is not occluded by BLIND FAITH

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