by: Bennie Beaver
(Short Story)


Within an imposing boardroom of the Biomind Corporation sits chief executive officer Anothony Ferrin. He’s not only the CEO, but also serves concurrently, as chairman of the board.
Well, take it any way you like, Biomind products are the brain child of Anothony Ferrin . He, along with assistance from friends, created the android technologies that leapfrogged the industry; from a back room pipe dream, to the most agglomerate company on planet Tahton.
The corporation is so successful that this scheduled committee meeting is merely a formality: PRESENT: Tom Hendricks, strategist of issues of ownership; Marvin Hwang, financing officer; Amy Kessler, of mergers and acquisitions; Joel Roseberg, bioengineering and knowledge support; Sugihara Hiroshi, theoretical physics; Brock Lassalle, nuclear physics information specialist; Thomas Bell, electrical engineering and design; John Williams, mechanical engineering design and production.
Secretary Josceline Barrow is present and ready to take minutes:
Quorum present? Yes.
Meeting called to order at 18:00 hours by Chair, Anothony Ferrin.
Last meeting minutes are amended and approved.
Chief Executive recommends continuing all status quo strategies in research, development, and production. Short and sweet discussion ensues. Board agreed.
Discussion of research projects, engineering, design, and production will be curtailed until next board meeting. All agreed.
Finance report provided by Marvin Hwang: Hwang reviews highlights from the balance sheet income statement and cash flow. Payments on time. Discussion and motion to accept statements; seconded and passed.

Final assessment of the meeting: John Williams suggest that maybe they should seek the advice of a new products consultant to discover additional product lines, say, something for the military in the battle against TERRORISM.
Brock Lassalle retorts with a diatribe against the military and that they already had enough product lines for a life time of business, considering their new androids and genetic knowledge transducer.
Joel Roseberg conjoined Brock’s retort with one of his own, “John, that sounds like a thought out of left field. We’ve never dealt with the military or weapons, yet.” He continues, “I mean, we could probably help the military more if we built a weapon of mass destruction and delivered it to the enemy, ourselves . . . before they deliver one to us.”
Chief officer Anothony Ferrin interjects, “Gentlemen, if everybody is agreed, I think we’ve completed this meeting satisfactory. I motion that we adjourn and continue this conversation privately . . . after the meeting . . . for those still interested.”
Thomas Bell, “I seconded the motion.”
The meeting is Adjourned at 20:10 hours.
Chief officer and CEO Anothony resumes, “Secretary Barrow, your free to go. Thank you for your fine work and patience.
The young Barrow swells her beautiful figure to an upright pose, and to ogling male eyes, oscillates herself out the door. The confrontational discourse continues among the board members.
Marven jumps in on the harangue, immediately, “Brock, you don’t really think John was suggesting building our own WMD to fight terrorism . . . do you?
Tom intercedes, “Gentlemen, this whole discussion seems a little aside from our business, don’t you think?
Anothony throws in again, “Now, just wait a minute. Maybe John has an idea.”
Brock interposes, “Anothony, you can’t be serious, right?”
”Hear me out Brock . . . everyone,” continues Anothony. “None of us are angels. We’ve all participated in paint ball war games. I mean, Brock, I’ve heard you talking about terrorism. You got no love for them terrorist. None of us do! I mean, think about it. Maybe John has an IDEA. We’ve got the money. We’ve got the expertise. Maybe we could do somethin’ for our country before our inept half-witted politicians get us all killed . . . or at least, one of our cities destroyed. Hell! I mean, we got all the knowledge, right here, in this room. We could pull somethin’ off like Joel’s idea. I’m not sure just what John had in mind, but lets talk about it privately, secretly, between us few friends”.
Anothony continues, “If we could pull this thing off, well, we’d be the hit of the world. Lets talk. How do you really think we could do it? The terrorist aren’t likely to expect we'd sneak a WMD into their cities. Right? What’a ya say Brock? I mean, you know the nuclear physics. Could we build a bomb? Even if all we accomplish is dragging our country into a first strike on the enemy . . . Well, we could end this world terrorist stand off. The only way this battle over culture, religion, and terrorism will end is when we’ve eliminated enough of their bad boys. What’a ya say Brock?
Brock stammers, ”Look, even if we decided to do such a thing we’d need some highly enriched uranium 235, about 60 kilograms to create a chain reaction. That’s the simplest way. Build a simple gun-type detonating device like the “little boy” used in the Second Tahton War. Where you gonina get that? I mean, otherwise we got’ta create an expensive project to separate the isotope to concentrations at least 20 percent by weight. There’s no way we could separate it ourselves. We’d have to steal the concentrated product from somewhere.”
Brock continues, “Anothony, have you seen the pictures of nuclear carnage and destruction in Naban? I mean, it sickens me to think of the radiation and destructive. . .
Amy interposes into the sorrowful subject, “We were in a war for survival, Brock. Naban was in a war to destroy us. When it becomes a choice between more dead soldiers, what choice do you think the Nabanians would make? We didn't ask for this terrorist war. This war was forced on us. We must fight back! We’ve tried diplomacy. It hasn’t worked. The enemy determines the battle. We would make peace, firsthand, if it were promising. There’s simply no evidence it'd work. It’s like a cultural clash. If the terrorist would simply stay in their own lands, and live their chosen way, we wouldn’t attacking them. Yes, we want their oil, but if they refused to sell it to us, or to our enemies, we would just get busy and fined another source of energy. But as we all know, that’s not going to happen.”
Anothony notes that Sugihara, from Naban, has said nothing, “Sugihara, your a native of Naban. What do you say?”
Sugihara had been just sitting there listening, intensely. All of this talk about nuclear weapons and war was depressing and wearisome. He was from Naban and knew first hand about nuclear weapons. He sit there for an interminable period before responding. The whole group squiggled in their seats, uncomfortably. What would Sugihara Hiroshi say?
”Yes, we were in a war with the West, said Sugihara, warily. “We were both out to destroy each other. That’s what war is all about. My people, as well as the West, have battled and warred among ourselves and others, FOREVER. It’s REDICULOUS like a farcical if it weren’t for the pain and human suffering. When will we learn? I’m abhorred that once again it seems necessary. If only we could destroy the bad guys and protect the innocence. I can’t claim every member of my race would agree, but I believe it might save millions more lives in the future. Even now, the human race waste billions of dollars and resources on endless conflicts with no end in sight. These drawn out conflicts risk slowly draining the human spirit, and slithering us back into another dark age. Ending this long conflict might produce a lasting peace and greater success for science and the human race. The terrorist give us little choice. Western governments seem bogged down in diplomacy and inaction . . . I'M IN!
”Ok!” Says Thomas, “If we can imagine justifying this action, how do we get the bomb materials, or even an actual bomb? Not to mention, how do we accomplish it secretly and deliver it successfully? Really, how could we build a nuclear bomb, Sugihara?”
”Well, like Brock said,” apprises Sugihara, “We need about 60 Kilograms of highly enriched uranium 235 to make the simplest bomb; then separate the total 60 kilogram critical mass into two separate sub-critical masses. Place the two uranium masses at opposite ends of a large gun barrel; place a high propellant behind one of the two masses, and using the propellant fire one mass toward the other; when the two masses mesh you have a chain reaction . . . an explosion. It sounds easier than it's likely to be. Your dealing with radioactive materials. Still, they can be handled. The terrorist wouldn't be concerned if someone died to assemble a weapon. But then, it’s their insane approach that dictates what we must do to defeat them.”
The discussion turns back to John, “Amoria and the old Sovy Union produced something like 1,900 tons of highly enriched uranium (HEU). Where is the stuff, Brock?”
”Well, I know where it is, replied Brock. “It’s in military and civilian facilities and used as fuel for research nuclear reactors. The rest is produced for weapons. Some 9 metric tons of the stuff, as you call it, resided in various non-threatening nations around the world . . . enough to produce a few hundred gun initiated explosive devices.
Anothony speaks up, “Well, if we could find enough of this HEU, then we got the money to buy, steal, or borrow. I need Sugihara, Brock, Thomas, and John to sketch up some engineering blue prints to make use of the HEU. Simultaneously, I want all of us to find any military bomb depots storing nuclear weapons. Once people understand our intent is to strike back at the enemy; well, I don’t think we’ll have much trouble. Tom, Marvin, Amy, and Joel can do the preliminary research for military nuclear arsenals. Amy, how about finding the names of pilots flying nuclear weapons delivery systems . . . planes and stationary launch systems. Maybe we can bribe or coax one of them pilots, or security providers onto our side. Many of them would help us deliver a weapon into a terrorist nation. If we’re all agreed, let get busy.
A short discussion and rumblings and the meeting is adjourned at 2:00 hours the next morning.

More than a year has passed since the group last met. They are again in the Biomind corporate board room. It’s an incredibly beautiful day in June of 2008. The sun warms the board room in spite of an air conditioner. It’s bright rays riffle over the skin like a heavenly masseuse. Nothing portends the consequences of the meeting. Worlds are in the balance; yet, like a massive and unknown doomsday asteroid headed for the world, no one is apprehensive, no one else is even aware.
The small group, in the Biomind corporate board room, are in their second and final meeting before smuggling nuclear weapons into the enemy terrorist cities. It would be too difficult to obtain HEU materials for a home made gun-device. Besides, it turns out not to be necessary. They had no trouble finding Amorian pilots and military arsenal security ready and willing to help. They, just like most Amorians, were weary of the endless conflicts. They too wanted it to end.
The group had not only procured several nuclear bombs, they also, received all codes and handling instructions. That's not all, the weapons were top grade mega-ton neutron bombs. These bombs kill people and leave cities intact. . . how glorious. Radiation from the bombs would be so horrendous. Yes, near ground-zero, there would be thermal stresses causing some fires and later collapse of some buildings.
This is a reason to avoid wars, but we’re talking about the higher animal - MANKIND.
The group decides to make use of their leviathan cruise SHIP . . . I mean YACHT. It’s half the size of a cruise ship! They construct a bomb framework beneath the bottom of the yacht. The mechanical and electrical engineers John Williams and Thomas Bell design a specially functional underwater autonomous programmed sled to transport the bombs from an Amorian sea shore far out to sea The bombs would simply be carried to the shore and slipped into the ocean to automatically travel far out in the under ocean waters to await a pick-up days later.
The same procedure could be employed at the sea shore of the targeted nation. Maybe, on shore the group establishes a bogus archaeological study party to recover the weapons at the shore and deliver them to there targeted cities.
(I’m the TRUCK DRIVER who wrote this little short story. I don’t have all the time in the world to write these stories. Its original purpose was to represent a possibility. I haven’t the space on this Web Site to write a book, so I’ll simply narrate the remainder. It’s designed to demonstrate the possibilities should we continue dragging out these terrorist and cultural conflicts FOREVER. The possible effects on the East and West can only be imagined, as the weary human emotions begin to fight back, and the world turns back upon itself, and once more, into another darkened and warring HELL HOLE!)
I understand that there are many possibilities for accomplishing this; however, this is the one that I set in this story idea. The greatest problem is obtaining the weapons in the first place. But if we say that it can’t be done, then I say, read the history of MANKIND!
The autonomous sleds could travel all by themselves for many miles if needed. It would simply be a matter of locating them at any selected sea shore. The sled might remain well off shore until called for a pick-up . . . or change locations. (These bombs are meant to detonate at altitude).
There would be all the time in the world to accomplish the plan.
Let's hope that the world doesn't come to this scenario, or any like it. Yet, to believe that it could never happen is foolhardy. The west will not lose a war with terrorism even if it means using ultimate weapons. The determining factors will include not only the risk to lands, but the emotional drain on a civil society, which could strangle a continuing social and scientific progress. Nevertheless, like some terrorist believe, "The west is weak and will surrender in the face of enough violence". I would add that, "Civil societies of the west could not exist in a battle with today terrorist, without our sciences and technologies; short of employing the same methodologies of war as did King Richard in the crusades, or today terrorist". Still, let's hope that science discovers less volatile means.
Let's be clear about the terrorist and the Middle East, "There are citizens of those countries who seek a more civil and peaceful society. We should lend as much support as possible". For Example, I have read that Iranian censors are shutting down Internet Web Sites challenging government theocracy. The battle between blind faith and reasoned knowledge goes on. There is still some hope in the world. All of us citizens of the world are related. And yes, the west has been separated from the east for centuries and may have bred a new kind of human; but nevertheless, the east is fully capable of catching up once they support a reformation in thinking. They have always had the genius to do so once they encourage it.
To me, just writing a story like this, invokes the Indian scripture, first made famous by the lead physicist creating the atomic bomb "Robert Oppenheimer - Quote "I am become death - The destroyer of the worlds" ~Bhagarad-Gita).
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