The Magic Carpet flies further back in time to witness the source of the Gilgamesh story of a great flood.
Just as suddenly, the Magic Carpet is floating high above the straits of Bosporus at the present day Turkey. The story begins nearly 12,000 years ago toward the end of the last Ice Age. As earth’s climate begins to warm, the immense ice sheets burying the Bosporus straits at Istanbul, begin grinding as the deposition of gargantuan layers of glaciers retreat Northward. The Mediterranean Sea rises to ever greater heights. Most assuredly, the rising sea flows ever further Northwards until it eroded away the narrow Straits of Bosporus to flood the Black Sea. The doctor and alien witness the entire episode in the VIRTUAL TIME MACHINE.
It was now some 7,000 years ago as the surging torrents of Mediterranean Sea water gush forth with a force some 200 times that of Niagara Falls . . . down, down, into the great basin of the Black Sea! A great wall of water plummeting, and then again, rising to a thousand foot height as it rolls across a freshwater lake and bordering farmlands. Those ancients lucky enough to have survived were traumatized and their stories still live on to this very day.
The doctor and alien cringe with utter incredulity, and then, amazement and sorrow for the poor ancient peoples. Communities and individual lives are strewn asunder. It would take centuries for the stories to fade even a little. Thus, the recorded legends of Gilgamesh and Noah and his ark . . . which live on.
Still riding on the Magic Carpet, the alien and the doctor return to the time of Gilgamesh and Hammurabi. To their absolute astonishment the indigenous peoples of earth had gained the upper hand over their rulers - The Gods. The ALIENS.
Yes, as afore mentioned, the aliens had been considerably short sighted not authorizing the guardian androids to protect their colony.
The indigenous peoples, having been genetically improved by the parental aliens, somehow, manage to con and cozen the alien colony out of their miraculous weapons and technologies. They then proceeded to kill them all before extracting full knowledge on how to use the technologies. Many of the incredible technologies remained hidden deep inside underground vaults and caves. Over the centuries they become subjects for legends, folk tails, myths, and fables. One of those best beloved tails was one of Aladdin’s Enchanted Lamp and the Magic Carpet.
But first the doctor and alien, still riding upon the Magic Carpet, visit an exalted prince of Babylon by the name of Hammurabi. They lay witness to the Sublime King of Anunaki, and Bel, the lord of Heaven and earth, when they called Hammurabi to bring about the rule of the righteous in the land, and enlighten the earth, to further the well-being of mankind. Thus did Hammurabi's code become inscribed upon a great stone tablet nearly eight feet tall marking the beginnings of the rule of righteousness upon the world.
This was enough for the alien and doctor, and so, they push their Magic Carpet into over-drive in search of magic and other miraculous creations of the Gods . . . that is, ALIENS. They went in search of Aladdin “the diamond in the rough”. It would be a final venture before returning to Mars and the business of purging the earth before evanescing into a two-brane eternal life.
Aladdin, “the diamond in the rough”.
TO BE CONTINUED............
I plan to continue this story in the future. I'm a truck driver with little time or money to write these stories. I'll continue my diatribes and opinions on issues of the day.
I'll just complete the story in time . . . Maybe after I get out of this traffic jam. I have some interesting surprises coming up in the story . . . And you do want to know more about the future of mankind and the VIRTURAL TIME MACHINE!
Of course, I know how to build a VIRTURAL TIME MACHINE. Ha! Ha! Doesn't everybody?

Well, the traffic is getting heavy. Guess I'd better take this Lap Top off my steering wheel and drive for a while. Have a nice day.

Check out Dr. Warpenstein's HOME PAGE at LINKS for more interesting information on REAL SCIENCE and PSEUDO-SCIENCE. For ideas on where this story may lead, read the subtitle "SCIENCE" within the HIGHLIGHT titled "Dr. Warpenstein Speaks - Web Site Objectives". Otherwise, consider this:

In an infinite universe, every period in the history of the Earth is entangled with another identical period in the history of an identical Earth presently in existence somewhere in the universe! We can communicate with this other past or future of the Earth without adversely affecting our world (the future, inclusively?)...

This is merely a notation on parallel worlds or universes. A twist in this story is a notation on this idea! A voyage to the past is more simple, yet complex, than ever imagined.

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