A mere two-hundred thousand miles away glows a world so familiar to the doctor. Time and eternity could never erase its immense beauty - EARTH. It beckoned like no other world . . . Certainly, not Mars. The doctor stares hypnotically at EARTH.
Dr. Warpenstein has TWOOY park the SOLARA in geosynchronous orbit above Earth. Even though it’s a huge ship it would remain invisible to any Earth detection. The doctor’s technologies are advanced to anything presently developed on Earth.
Of course, the doctor had first developed his technologies on Earth at the clandestine site known as AREA 51. Even though Earth had managed to steal, or capture, his one BIG STAR ship, they had not yet succeeded in back engineering all his technologies.
Shuttle craft SEEKER-1 is readied to depart the SOLARA for Earth’s North Pole. It was time to test the doctor’s hunch for a portal to the stars. Sure, the doctor’s ideas included more than just a hunch. Nonetheless, the proof would be in the discovery.
There was a particular plan for discovering the portal should it exist. He would make use of his teleportation system to render the star gate visible. His teleporter could transport three-dimensional objects, such as himself, back to any place whereby one had previously placed a receiver. In other words, he could be teleported back to Mars instantly only because he had already been to Mars and placed a entangled receiver there. Still, he by far, enjoyed traveling in his space ship to any instant teleportation.
However, there was a quandary between the usual operations of his teleporter and how to discovery an alien portal - had imagined the doctor. It would require him to risk his life by stalling the transported signal, of himself, inside his teleporter transmitter . . . The signal would not go ANYWHERE. He would remain in a one-brane dimension. In that state he could oscillate the signal through billions of calabi-yau shapes in hopes of generating the only one that could open the gate. Moreover, this required the correct calabi-yau shape reside inside the gate at a precise moment. At that moment the shape would unfold into a two-brane membrane like a two dimensional image. Once it opened while he’s inside, he would become a part of it, and could exist there liken to reality in three-dimensions.
It would be a risky and tricky adventure. TWOOY must inch the SEEKER-1 shuttle above every foot of area at the North Pole whereby the gate might be located. They could only hope to cross the path of the portal at the precise moment.
The doctor was incredibly dependent on his trusty android to maneuver the shuttle back and forth across the frozen tundra. A signal would be transmitted to the android at the instant of success, and the shuttle would stop, to await the doctors return. If that was NEVER, then the android would wait FOREVER.
The adventure begins: The doctor is in his teleporter machine. TWOOY strikes the panel buttons and the doctor begins to disappear. The android checks the oscillating calabi-yau signal. He initiates the shuttle into a cross pattern motion. Back and forth it floats just a few feet above the frozen trundra. Suddenly, there’s a flitter of warning lights. The shuttle stops, ABRUPTLY!
BINGO! There it was. Dr. Warpenstein is inside a immense control room. Humanoid like beings sit and stand in suspended states. It's as though everything had stopped at some time in the past. All that he can discern is a humming; maybe, of a power source.
The room is an inviting and colorful sight. Every view looks clean and almost alive. The doctor expects the humanoids to move at any moment, but they do not.
Dr. Warpenstein begins to walk tensely toward a large control center. As he passes, what may be, a demarcation tip-off, the place magically comes alive. All of the humanoids are suddenly busy at some purpose; and a distinguished looking one approaches the doctor.
”Welcome Dr. Warpenstein”, invites the humanoid.
The being looks humanoid, but somehow, so imposing and invincible. He’s taller than the doctor with silken smooth skin. But that’s not to say that he looks pale, because he doesn't. There appears to be an almost tan to his complexion. He walks with a rhythmic air of perfection - PERSONALITY. That personality is very likable.
“We’ve been waiting for you. I am responsible for revealing truths to you, doctor, because you are the first. Please, come this way”.
The humanoid leads the doctor into a crystalline enclosure. "Stand here, at this podium of controls, and you will witness a story book of life on Earth, and other worlds you never knew existed", portends the humanoid in a God like mannerism.
The humanoid withdraws from the enclosure as the crystalline surround begins humming in a most soothing manner. The crystalline structure fades leaving him standing in mid air above the SEEKER and arctic tundra. The doctor begins to trek slowly upwards much liken to his earlier imaginings. He's not teleported instantly like in his teleporter system, but at first, is moving out into space at any velocity of his choosing.
His direction seems fixed toward some unknown point in space, but still, he can survey a panorama of sights. The Earth is now below him in all its' splendor. He's accelerating outwards. He passes the Moon looming brightly to one side. Suddenly, out of his control, his velocity increases exponentially. Once again, at a billion to one trillion kilometers the Solar System is barely discernible.
His acceleration increases infinity, and suddenly, he is there, still standing at the podium in the crystalline enclosure.
A window on space appears and the doctor looks out onto a debris strung field of rocks and boulders orbiting two suns. The window rotates revealing just one burned out planet still orbiting a sun. Magically he's transported to that one planet and descends to its surface to witness the remnants of once magnificent cities, all burnt and broken to eternal ruin. What could possibly have befallen such an imposing world?
The crystalline enclosure begins to speak. "All that you see was once the home of many of our people. We learned much that was possible from science and technology, but failed one attainment. How to end wars between our worlds".
Those different races you see on Earth once existed separately on our worlds. We learned that it was too difficult to change our primitive HUMAN NATURES before expiring from WARS"!
"Before the end, members of an Enterworld Peace Council assembled to discuss this impasse. They conclude that the only solution would be to gather a quorum of the most qualified members from each world and transport them to another world - EARTH! There they could evolve together; and maybe, this time, learn how to get along. And that is how Earth includes so many different races--including indigenous peoples.
But that is not all that we did. We improved the genetics of all the indigenous humanoids present on Earth, so then, all of the intelligent beings on Earth have somewhat equal intelligences".
"Return to Earth doctor, and draw upon genetics to make greater improvements to HUMAN NATURE before wars destroy your world. Make use of our books of knowledge and the androids we left behind. They were left to protect Earth until this very juncture.
Earth's people have reported UFOs for many centuries by now. Use them to change your world into a peaceful home FOREVER; for the road betwixt certainty and the uncertainty principal may be weaved, whereby, suffering ones dreams to be happy for a minute, an hour, a day, a century, or for EVERMORE...until the end of time".
"We are your PARENTS! You are our CHILDREN! We loved you so much that we gave our immortal life; so that you could breathe free, and live in peace and happiness FOREVER".
Copyright 2005
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