DR-WARPENSTEIN is TerraForming Mars & Portal To The Stars
(Part 1 & Part 2)

(Includes Ideas Formulate)
by: Bennie M. Beaver

A large consortium of nations led by the United States of America, assemble an armada of space ships designed after Dr. Warpenstein's one captured BIG STAR SHIP. The lead ship named BIG STAR thrust forward as the fleet departs Earth for Mars. It's the last known residency of DR. WARPENSTEIN and his cohorts of intellectuals and androids.

The world's most powerful leaders were not inclined to suffer slings and arrows launched by those self-appointed guardians of the Earth.

Some years erstwhile Dr. Warpenstein's combine had created advanced technologies to rid the Earth of its primitive beginnings FOREVERMORE.

The doctor's plans were impeded by ordinary individuals and one of his large ships captured. The doctor and his companions escape into space with the better part of their ships and technologies awaiting a new presage for battle.

The doctor and his group had proclaimed themselves the guardians of the Earth. He swore to return to Earth should its leaders fail to establish everlasting peace, respecting the rights of all peoples.

The warlords of Earth were not disposed to relinquish their sole power and authority . . . and that includes the leaders of free nations. So they conjoin to resist the Dr. Warpenstein's domination. They would capture or kill the doctor and his self-appointed jurisdiction.

Their back-engineered ships, bestowing Dr. Warpenstein's Field Drives, surge forward toward Mars and a showdown.

As the large armada approaches Mars they're confronted by a most incredible sight. Strung across the blackness of space paraded a long pearly line of massive frozen water droplets extending off into space in the direction of a moon of Jupiter called Europa.

The doctor and his androids were TERRA-FORMING Mars.

They discover that the doctor has built a space elevator/water wheel of carbon nanotube strength many times stronger than steel or kevlar. It's being employed to elevate water from below the frozen surface of Europa. The water is propelled to Mars for terra-forming.

Above Mars are stationed huge shades, fusion magnetic contained space heaters (magnetic containment on reflectors side), general reflectors, and mirrors directing heat from the sun.

Dr. Warpenstein has plans to construct a complete barrier of carbon nanotube fabric in orbit around Mars. The fabric would be in sections so as not to collapse when affected by meteorites or solar winds (too thin to adversely affect people below, anyway) (not much solar winds out there, anyway). It would be near invisible except as reflective molecules are turned on edge, remotely. The sight would be stunning if not beautiful.

Large automated satellites were utilized to spew, weave, or such like, print the cover into giosynchronous orbit. Sections are placed in different orbits allowing the atmosphere to breathe (Mars atmosphere not totally contained by lower gravity) (debatable whether the fabric could contain the atmosphere). (Of course, a higher gravity on Earth or Venus would prevent the atmosphere from influencing a nanotube partition.

The doctor and his cohorts had long since built huge habitats of biospheres covering thousands of acreage - such as seen in the SF movie TOTAL RECALL. It was just not enough acreage for the doctor's plans. He would need factories producing large amounts of fluoromethane along with huge reflected fusion detonations in orbit and on the surface generating heat. It could be done. So Dr. Warpenstein began his TerraForming.

Yes, the massive fields of carbon dioxide ice already on mars would melt from the poles and added water would rise to the surface.

No, Mars could not retain its atmosphere forever, but it would erode slowly enough to last for centuries; and could be replenished on order.

The doctor was employing a myriad of technologies including seeding the newly forming clouds with tons of photosynthesis producing alga converting carbons to oxygen . . . just like on Earth. It was incredible and disquieting to their original plans to destroy DR. WARPENSTEIN . . .


Can you believe it? I believe that it can be done this way, or something close to it.

There are many more sources of water and other gases and chemicals useful to the TerraForming of Mars: There is ice and water on many of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. The space mission in late 2004, the CASSINI orbiter made several close encounters with Titan, and in January 2005, the HUYGENS probe landed on the surface of Titan to send back pictures. Titan is believed to be near half ice and water and is composed primarily of molecular nitrogen; there seems to be clouds of methane, ethane or other simple organic compounds. There are chemicals throughout the area that might aid the TerraForming of MARS!

True, some of those moons of the outer planets may be TerraFormed themselves. The trade-offs are a decision to be made.

Of course, there are supposed water rich COMETS believed greatly reponsible for our own Earth's enormous oceans. Could they be used to TerraForm?

And considering a nanotube screen around a planet like Earth could be tested first around the Moon. Such a barrier enclosure might be constructed for less money than any other imagined solution to climate control. Of course, the screen may not need to be larger than necessary to shade important areas of the globe. There are several advantages to efforts to create a shade in the space above Earth: Improving space access for its resources; discovering protection from asteroids; protection from solar outburst; creating a solar shade for Earth; solar energy ad infinitum; spreading the human race beyond Earth provides greater survival; provides impetus for enemies to spend less on weapons of war and to follow us for fear of what we may discover, etc.

Some consideration may need to be given to the magnetic field around Earth and gravity anomalies in general as they affect an enclosure. Any concerns regarding atmospheric charge and discharge will be determined.
Of course, modern environmental concerns includes contributions of human activities to carbon diorxide in the atmosphere, etc. Even should fertilization of ocean areas with iron supplements aid the transfer of carbon to deep ocean floors, I believe that the first efforts for reducing carbon should begin at the source. Failure at the source could mean transferring manufacturing to space and other worlds. Transferring manufacturing to space or other worlds could become among the ultimate solutions to saving the EARTH.

It takes big dreams. But then, that is exactly what can improve the youthful image on life. Turn their eyes to the star, and they will go there! We will all benefit from it. Stay steps ahead of the enemy through adventures in research and discovery and the world will follow; and some for fear of the powers you may discover.

I believe that adventures of research and discovery will divert more money away from weapon systems into greater products for the benefit of mankind.


When the warring lords of Earth last confronted Dr. Warpenstein at Mars they withdrew in chagrined amazement. Their inconsequential armada paled in similitude to the doctor’s splendorous technologies. Besides, the doctor was no immediate threat. Maybe, just a chimera.
Having witnessed the doctor’s own armada of androids they entertained second thoughts. If they lost another battle with the doctor they could be rendered emasculate. They withdrew back to Earth.
Dr. Warpenstein stood placidly, there in his own command ship, staring out at a huge video screen watching the Earth fleet vacate the showdown, and hightail it back toward Earth.
The doctor was dumbfounded. What possible actions had he taken to frighten the dogs. True, his own armada was impressive. That must have been it. The warlords of Earth had second thoughts. That had to be it. Well, anyway, he was glad that he wouldn’t have to route his home world on this Martian day . . . So be it.
Some days later Dr Warpenstein sit at his Mars base staring back toward home - Earth. It seemed like, no matter how far distant one was from his home of birth, he longed to return. It was no different for the doctor. It’s true that he could return at any time with his stealthy ships. No one would even know that he was there. Maybe he would do just that soon. But for now he must complete pressing work around Mars.
Yes, that’s what he would do. He would return home to see whether things had improved since his last visit. If the leaders of Earth failed to shun their warring ways, he would return again with an armada. The doctor turned his attention toward other thoughts
The Earth was so far distant - millions of miles away. It appeared like a speck in the blackness of space. It shone brighter than the other planets in the direction of the sun; but still, it floated like an island pearl in the void. Of course, from Mars, it merely gleamed like another star in the heavens. He knew otherwise, because he had been born there.
Thinking about the Earth, so far away, amused the doctor. The Earth had been covered with life for billions of years. Even from Mars he could imagine life way back home. From Mars, Earth’s life would appear like grains of sand in the universe . . . even the whole planet seemed small. He and all of life in the Solar System were as grains of sand in the vastness of the universe. No other living beings even knew that Earth and man exist; way out here, some twenty-six thousand light years from the center of the Milky-Way. At least, we’ve never communicated with other life forms. But then, maybe they’re out there watching our precarious evolution. How enormous the universe is.
The doctor’s mind clairvoyantly sojourned far out into the galaxy as his imagination soared up and out into the furthest reaches. From 100 billion to one trillion kilometers the Solar System hardly existed at all. All he could perceive was a star. But the planets circling it would take some reasoned knowledge to conceive. Otherwise, it was just one more star among some two-hundred billion plus just in our galaxy alone - the Milky Way. The thought was incredible and humbling.
How could man be so proud and pretentious while imagining the forlornly place of his island world in this vast universe? Our galaxy alone, some hundred thousand light years across, was only one among billions throughout the known universe. It was an immense and abasing thought.
Suddenly, the doctor was wrangled from his stupor by alarms and warning bells. It seemed that a tropical depression was forming in nearby Martian clouds. His White-Screen repair androids were hard at work repairing a ripped nanotube partition directly above the developing storm. Isobar measurements, generated from a newly formed Martian sea, were announcing lower pressures and a brewing tropical storm. If the nanotube screen was not repaired soon, he could witness one of Mar’s first hurricanes. That was not good, because it might destroy many of his biospheres.
Stridently, the doctor conveyed his orders to the androids far above Mars, “Get those damn screens repaired, NOW! We could face a disaster down here.”
The nanoscreens were used to disrupt the developing circling winds, breaking them up into a mere scurrying tropical storm. Tremendous heating and cooling in the right places, along with, in flowing trade winds, would scuttle the impending storm.
Hastily, as it had begun, the screens were repaired and operational. The huge storm was alleviating. The damage would be tolerable.
The doctor would create more redundancy. This risk would never be repeated, even if he had to build one screen above the other, all the way to the Sun.
The next day, Dr. Warpenstein arose from a good night sleep. Having closely averted disaster the day before, the doctor could now continue plans for Mars, and nearby space. Now, what were those plans? Yes, he must return to Earth before the dogs recovered their confidence and conjured up an, imaginary victory. But then, there were so many pressing interest in his plans. He should, again, visualize his grand design.
There were considerations coming from his “Hypothesis of Simultaneous Realities.” You know, those considerations for an ancient alien portal on the Solar System and Earth. Should he spend valuable time looking for it? The famed writer “Arthor C. Clarke” had imagined one. What, really, was the likelihood for its existence?
A few days had passed before the doctor sits again ruminating in his biosphere on Mars.
Dr. Warpenstein is jostled back to his surrounding by FLAT SCREEN TWOOY . . . the doctor’s newly created, especially intelligent Blue Screen android. TWOOY was built to replace the doctor’s first created FLAT SCREEN android that defected to Earth with the capture of the doctor’s original BIG STAR ship. No-never-mind the details. It was all explain in the doctor’s first novel about his technologies. It was enough to know that TWOOY is very intelligent; and he assisted the doctor’s every command.
”The spaceship SOLARA is ready for departure doctor", said TWOOY as he rapped away at control panel buttons. TWOOY is very quick and inerrant
"Thank you, TWOOY", replied the doctor. "Prepare all paraphernalia for a visit to Earth. I think that I’ve discovered a calabi- yau two-brane doorway to the stars . . . Maybe there’ll be someone out there we know"?
Dr. Warpenstein stands looking excited for a trip to Earth. Only a few days previous had he astoundingly imagined an answer to the question, “Is there a secret wormhole from Earth to the stars”? The doctor believed that he had an amazing answer to that question; one that may have existed for eons right under the noses of humans . . . Right out there on Earth.
Now aboard the spaceship SOLARA, Dr. Warpenstein prepares to depart his Mars space port for Earth. The doctor gives orders to TWOOY to proceed, “If all departments are locked and loaded TWOOY, then depart full tilt for Earth”.
”SOLARA is ready for departure doctor, replies TWOOY. “TWOOY will get you into space fast. TWOOY is best Space Pilot on Mars”.
”TWOOY is about the only Space Pilot on Mars”, retorts the doctor. “Except for me”.
Dr. Warpenstein’s huge spaceship lumbers slowly as it strikes off from Mars base steadily rising into newly forming Martian clouds. Within moments it has swept into orbit and exited toward Earth, some hundred and forty million Earth miles away.
The doctor is pleased that all has gone so well. He’s secretly surprised that, from its very inception, little has gone wrong with his newly designed Warpenstein Field Drive. He knows that the drive is nothing compared to what he plans for a new ship. Nonetheless, the SOLARA is capable of near one million miles per hour. He would be on Earth within about six days.
Warpenstein has not communicated his new revelation, about a possible wormhole on Earth, to an intellectual associate, Dr. Andersen. First, he wanted to prove that the portal even exist. If it did, it would likely be at the North or South pole. Those areas would remain the most stable over many centuries; as the Earth’s tilt is shepherd very closely by the Moon.
He knew that the Moon, over millions of years, would drift ever further away from the Earth. At some future juncture Earth’s tilt would vary so much that life on Earth, as we know it, would be impossible. Of course, the doctor figured that man could engineer the Moon back into closer orbit. Well, for now, that wasn’t a problem.
The real consideration is that, any alien would understand that the poles would change very little before evolution, and man, could discover their portal to the stars. At least this was what the doctor was counting on.
To find such a wormhole could revolutionize the doctors, already advanced technologies, in ways unimaginable--not to mention Earth’s. The portal surely exist, because gaps in evolutionary history had portended a genetic spur to intelligent life. Still, of course, the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence (Carl Sagan’s words).
On the morning of the second day, Dr. Warpenstein is abruptly awakened by TWOOY. TWOOY is as excited as an android can be. “Doctor! Doctor!” Raves TWOOY. “A massive asteroid outside window. Wake up, doctor”.
Twooy had been ordered to keep an eye out for one special rock as they traversed an area of stray asteroids between Earth and Mars. The asteroid must be huge; large enough to harbor a new fortress. It would secure the doctor’s prerogative on Mars.
The doctor, cranky, “TWOOY! You better not have disturbed my sleep for nothing. Continuing, “This rock is how big”?
”Rock very big, doctor”, persists TWOOY. “Come see at window”.
The doctor struggles to his feet, as he haltingly, swings a silken robe around his shoulders. The nearest window is some thirty-five feet from is bed. The doctor’s cabin is spacious to say the least.
There in the window posed an asteroid as far distant as the doctor could behold. The SOLARA was inching past it at a fractional speed. The doctor croaked, “Well, how big is it TWOOY”?
”Asteroid is twenty-five mile by twelve mile; 40.233599999 kilometers by 19.312128 kilometers, doctor”, declaims TWOOY as he swaggers in delight. “I find the rock! See doctor. TWOOY very good hunter”.

”Excellent, TWOOY. EXCELLENT! I couldn’t have done better myself”, rejoins the doctor, as he bestows praise upon his personal android. TWOOY simply prances more in the triumph of the moment.
Yes. Dr. Warpenstein had a locus for an envisioned fortress so magnificent as to rival the mightiest on Earth, or its chronicle.
”TWOOY, Place markers and a transponder on the asteroid”, orders the doctor. “We need a way to find it when we return; then, be on our way to Earth”.
Yes master, TWOOY heading east of the Sun and West of the Moon--to EARTH.
Again, the doctor is amazed at how much TWOOY is learning. He must have mistakenly read that the castle in an old Scandinavian fairy tale was really about Earth being east of the Sun and West of the Moon. The doctor said nothing in reply.
It is a few days later that the SOLARA space ship passes close to the MOON”.
”I’m gonna be like you. Dad. You know I’m gonna be like you”. TWOOY is singing a song in the SOLARA command center as he manages control panels. "And the cats in the cradle and the silver spoon. Little boy blue and the MAN in the Moon”.
”Master. Is there a MAN in the MOON? Can a COW jump over the MOON? The MOON looks a little like CHEEZE”. Suddenly, TWOOY is bombarding Dr. Warpenstein with questions”.
”Your singing songs from my youth by Cats Stevens, TWOOY. There just song lyrics”, explains the doctor. “Just song lyrics and poems . . . just imaginings . . . not really true”.
Keep your eyes open while we bypass our old MOON BASE”, admonishes the doctor. “Our old adversaries now occupy the base. Keep the invisibility and stealth screens up”!
Dr. Warpenstein reminds TWOOY, “Keep our course steady and on our mission to Earth’s North POLE! We’ve got a portal to discover; and maybe, a gateway to the stars”.
"Thank you for singing those old songs. They take me back to a more innocent time, TWOOY", reframes the doctor. "I haven't heard those songs in years".

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