BLOG: I drive the American Interstate system hundreds of miles weekly and the traffic is becoming horrifically congested. I wonder whether the Department of Transportation and U.S. Congress are asleep at the wheel. If they think that they can ever build enough added lanes to handle the traffic, then I believe that they are wrong headed. Not only will it just create more congestion, but it will completely blight the American landscape. I can give you one great solution for this developing traffic jam, but will the DOT and U.S. government have the vision and will to respond. Helping to pay for the following idea is some estimated 78.2 billion dollars wasted by American drivers just sitting in traffic each year: Begin by removing all large tractor trailers - starting with the large vans - from our cross country Interstate highways and place them on I-90, I-80, I-70, I-40, I-10 east and west on electromagnetic suspension (EMS) in below ground air evacuated tunnels designed for 300 miles/per/hr. speeds, but maybe operated at 200 miles/per/hr at first (Sections of the tunnels may be half, full, or not below ground in order to maintain a smooth and straight conveyance. It's important to provide easy crossing for animals and traffic....Also, aesthetics. True, we're talking about heavy trailers which could require additional technologies). Start with at least a 50 mile test tunnel with long computer merged on and off-ramps. Begin construction on I-80 with long off-ramps to huge yards at smaller towns, planning to deliver north and south when necessary, creating numerous shuttle jobs. Here are the advantages: (1) Large trucks create most of the congestion and damage to Interstate Highways including searching for places to park alone the highway. (2) You reduce exhaust emissions; wear on equipment cost; snow, and weather, and wreaks with cars and animals,etc.; reduced cost of insurance and risk to drivers; will remove more of the human factor from roadways; create more local jobs along the Interstates to deliver loads north and south and added support for thousands of trucker families to stay close to home; much less repair expenses to Interstate highways; much needed higher speeds of delivery and the system would maintain a more constant speed (three to five times present delivery speeds +); of course, less oil and diesel usage and cleaner scenery and atmosphere. Later, we could do the same for cars and leave the Interstates for vacationers and sight seeing, along with some local, or as needed, traffic. The only next technological advance is likely to be teleportation, and that may take a while. Of course, with the coming artificial intelligence and automation age, we will be able to return to a more local production except for raw materials. Someday, even that problem will be solved by the conversion of energy to matter. But for now, lets just see whether today legislators have a vision of the future, as did our fathers, who created the Interstates in the first place - and the massive growth of our American industry. Then again, maybe they'll just wait until someone else does it "this time", and we play "catch-up"! Otherwise, we could end up with a traffic jam from "sea to shinning sea" - we're getting close to that right now. WAKE-UP America! New trailers can be designed, and including systems that help detect explosives and/or terrorist activities, etc. Later systems may include passenger travel. Count the dollars and sense saved to Americas atmoshere and scenery, etc. Do you want to build more freeways? Our cities are already beginning to look like an Amusement Park, with all of those up and down over-passes and under-passes. True, our children don't need to pay at the amusement parks when they can simply drive our American city freeways and over-passes. Wake-up America! Not only will it save billions of dollars, it'll speed up the system, and reduce congestion and further blight to the scenery and environment. Simply because our legislators can't think out of the box, they'll put the rest of us in a box...six feet under. Make sure they come along for the ride...if you get my drift! They should get out of their chauffeur driven limousines where they must be twiddling their thumbs, while wearying about the war in Iraq, as America foster road rage and congestion; medical cost sky rocket; jobs are out sourced to slave labor; the spread between the wealthiest, middle class, and poor widens, etc. Wake up AMERICA!
BLOG: (Oct. 28, 2007) We will be foolish if we allow another country in this world to own WMD'S!

BLOG: The UFO video below, if it is real, is to me more likely to be a craft constructed by some secret black project of the U. S. A. government (or some Earthly government). My idea as to how it may work is the following: (

I had this same idea when I seen a picture of this object on the Internet "Todays News"... A Plasma-propelled flying saucer. I knew nothing about the University of Florida Professor Row idea at that time. I alway look first to science to explain UFO reports. If the object appeared to disappear it may merely be a refraction of light technology (bending light). Look for the object to reappear somewhere else in the sky and then to try and calculate the time it took to reappear. That may be the actual velocity of the object. Although, almost anything may be possible, it is hard to believe that merely humans could steal highly advanced technologies from an alien super race...maybe. However, if you take a lot of "if's" and "for sures" what you end up with is a bunch of "maybe's". (Read a more detailed description at contents title "Dr. Warpenstein Plays With Delta G Experiments" bottom of page).

BLOG: (Dec. 2008)
Alternative energy NOW!

More new developments in research and science: U.S. government licenses a new miniature nuclear power plant to HYPERION smaller than a home shed able to power 20,000 homes for about 10 cents a watt within five years.

Renaseiaer Polytechnic Institute creates 'near perfect' absorption of sunlight, from all angles. This can increase the sunlight captured by solar panels from 67.4 to 96 percent.

What in the world are American politicians waiting for? Make use of these new technologies now including wind. Leave some sequestered carbon from oil/coal for heavy equipment and the military for now. Insist that all vehicles under one-half ton pick-up use the new alternative fuels like hybrids, all electrics, fuel cells, etc. We could start saving billions in a short time while putting people to work creating these new technologies, and save the environment in the mix.....

The politicians must be riding around in those chauffeur driven limousines twiddling their thumbs thinking about little to nothing...or the Iraqi war. What in the world are they waiting for???

BLOG: Too often American legislators have been in a systematic collusion with corporate power pushing the profitability of obsolescence designed to maintain the status quo for the shear benefit of profit. Too often this power makes it much too difficult for new and more effective and inexpensive products to reach the markets. Sometimes even a capitalistic system needs impetus from government for a propitious change.

The facts are that America's infrastructure including health system, energy usage, and transportation systems are dangerously outdated in a world where new technologies are already significantly advanced. The truth is that our system has not always encouraged change when grand profits are being made from the status quo (like over the counter drugs). Can you imagine how much it could cost drug companies if a real cure was developed for common ailments like the common cold?

If you really don't think we need change, then think about it the next time you're stuck in a traffic jam now estimated to cost Americans 80 billions hours of wasted time. Your family is waiting for you at home....if you ever make it home.

We must fix America's total infrastructure including transportation, global warming and energy independence, and health care system, NOW! Time is running out. China gets it, and is building new technologies into it infrastructure from the beginning. Soon China's economy will be moving people and products at lighting speeds. America must keep up!

For example, we have been debating health care improvements since I was young in the 50s and 60s. It's time to support a health care plan. Nothing says that we can't make changes if they're needed in the future.

Demand that congress pass a new health care plan this year. A delay will only kill our chances for change. We don't want to wait until we're facing a catastrophic rush to the hospital.

If I were President: second page bottom.

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