BLOG: Saddam Hussein is dead. The Iraqi dictator was hanged in Bagdad on (USA TIME) 12/29/06. Like all dictators in governments and theocracies, who by their very single powers, end up squelching opposing points of view; thereby, resulting in a death of reasoned knowledge and progess in science and society. Americans should keep this in mind when their government pass laws, that at first sight, may seem moral and righteous, but are truly, by design or not, created to squelch those differing points of view. In the past kings and thoecracies and witch hunters and others, thought that they alone had the ultimate point of view, but they, more often, only had more POWER. The real interest and sadness of the execution of Saddam Hussein is based on a wasted opportunity for improving the justice and health and happiness of his people...reflecting on the human races' hopes for a better world.
BLOG: (01/10/2007 7:00 P.M. MST) President George Bush just gave a television report on his new plan to quell the sectarian violence in Iraq. The problem with the presidents failures in Iraq are among the following: 1. A failure to manage the peace in Iraq (failure to stop the insurgency, failure to find or stop the inflow of weapons and explosives, failure to end violence--including sectarian violence.); 2. A failure to tie America's success in Iraq only to removing Saddam Hussein and not to winning a sectarian peace; Otherwise, I agree with the president's plan as one last effort to end the sectarian and terrorist violence--with just one reservation. Like senator John McCain of Arizona, I question whether twenty-one thousand new soldiers is enough. Also, I believe that the millitary may have lost the initiative by not sending overwhelming force earlier on...Will they, or can they, do it this time. I have said before, in other articles on this web site, that America needs to squash the violence in Iraq, or withdraw to the borders and Kwait, and there, to establish safe camps for innocent Iraqis escaping a civil war. Otherwise, redeploy to Afgahinstan and home. I'll give the president this opportunity to help the new Iraqi government win a degree of peace. Without this success, America will have an even greater battle ending world terrorism and its supporters like, Iran and Syria, among others. We will, of course, still win, however, at what cost to innocent life? President Bush was elected by the American people. Lets give him another chance to successed while our soldiers are still there ready and willing to make the effort. Adult terrorist are not likely to change and must be destroyed. And the instructors of such violence must be destroyed. None of this is to suggest that there are no other ways to destroy terrorism, but this is the one at hand. Lets not negotiate and equivocate ourselves into an abysmal quagmire.
In fact, I say that it's more likely that a Middle East civil war would improve a likelyhood for peace in the Middle East...once thousands--if not millions--of violent and terrorist minded individuals have been eliminated. Those large numbers of violent individuals have been bred into existence by governments ruling and controlling their societies from the top down--even controlling who reproduces the most. The results have been the creation of millions of violent individuals. Only once those numbers have been reduced will there be a reformation in Islam and peace in the Middle East.
As sad as it was, it took an American civil war to destroy much of the incredible violence penned up in the early American's over power, control, and moral and ethical divisions. We would likely, still be in a greater struggle today, had it not been for our American civil war. I believe that the likes of a terrorist mind still exist in every government on Earth--even in America. However, the genius of our founding fathers, and a country so long isolated on the North American continent, has kept us free to this day; however, that could change with increased transportation and communications. Keep an eye out for those same old minds that have created despotic governments throughout history. I believe that they are back in force even here in our own American government. They gain power by slashing away at personal rights.
Here’s What Jefferson Said About Governments:

. . . in every government on earth is some trace of human weakness, some germ of corruption and degeneracy, which cunning will discover and wickedness insensibly open, cultivate and improve. Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves therefore are its only safe depositories . . .

. . . From the conclusion of this [Revolution] war we shall be going DOWNHILL. It will not then be necessary to resort every moment to the people for support. They will be forgotten, therefore, and their RIGHTS DISREGARDED. They will forget themselves but in the sole faculty of making money, and will NEVER THINK OF UNITING to effect a due RESPECT FOR THEIR RIGHTS. The shackles, therefore, which shall not be knocked off at the conclusion of this war will remain on us long, will be made heavier and heavier, ‘TIL OUR RIGHTS SHALL REVIVE OR EXPIRE IN A CONVULSION’ . . .

. . . Thomas Jefferson

As disdainful as individuals like Thomas Jefferson (and I) had for war, he still understood, that sometimes it's unavoidable and necessary to create an even greater peace. The American people did not support the Second World War in its beginnings! The question is always alive as to whether those people were right--about not fighting the Second World War. Would you want to go back into history, and not fight the Second World War, and find out? I support the president in this one last effort, not because it's absolutely and positively guaranteed to work, but because it's the next best step to my view. We'll have some time for other methods that may work better, or not! As desirable as ending all wars may be, I believe that mankind is, still, not at that point in science amd evolution. As you may have already read on this Web Site, I'm very hopeful that that time will come soon! Personally, I'm a pacifist by desire, but a realist by nature. Somehow, I believe that life is in a kind of fulcrum between reasoned knowledge, desire, choice, power, and fate. Reasoned knowledge is gaining ground over fate every day. Our fate is becoming more determinant until a day when ours--as well as all intellect in the universe--become the order of a new universe--one with our imagined God, you say. For what else is the end to an exponential acceleration of knowledge--real or imagined immortality, or oblivion? At least it speaks well for the hopes of religions. It's just a difference on how we get there; one is the high road and the other is the low road. They both hold elements of the journey. There must be a moral and ethical journey to get there by reasoned knowledge, and the high and low roads must be cerebrated together. The basic principals of religions' moral and ethical values, and reasoned knowledges' relativity are a kind of truism expected to last throughout eternity; that is true even though philosophers and various religions argue over differences, and science may discover a Unified Field Theory.
BLOG: I'm aware of pacifist individuals who believe that mankind can create a kind of utopian world without changing human nature through science; even though, there is little to no evidence from history to support such a contention within any reasonable time span, or even, within the next several centuries. The old physical evolution is just to slow! Human nature is at present, just to dismal, and selfishly competitive, even unto death. Human nature needs to gravitate toward a kind of timidity that always agonizes over harm to others, and a kind of intelligence that can understand, and always participate and share in success. Until our human intelligence can change human nature through reasoned knowledge, it will continue to fight in a kind of instinctual jungle, to survive. And the human race will be very lucky to survive the incredible technologies and weapons, now existing, or soon to arrive.
BLOG: I grew up with fundamentalist, and I believe that I understand them, well. Now that there are so many Islamic fundamentalist willing to give up their lives for their faith, all fundamentalist around the world will come out of the woodwork--even in America--to prove that their faith is strongest; by "whatever means" that they shall deem necessary. You haven't seen anything, yet! Only reasoned knowledge can stop them.
BLOG: Violence in our schools will continue, and get worse, until we bring discipline back into our schools. That will only be possible once we have stopped the inflow of large numbers of illegal, uneducated, non-English speaking, and unassimilated emigration. Legal emigration is good for America! Illegal emigration, in tandum with a lacks discipline in a too liberal school system and society, is ratcheting up the gang activities and violence in schools. Law suits by bratty parents who demand that their children should be able to do whatever they darn well please, must be rained in. There is plenty of time for individuality at home, and elsewhere; not in the school setting. Get tougher on gang activities; put an end to them! Otherwise, get the hell out of their personal business except in the case of pragnancy, transfer of disease, and apparent and overtly forceful relationships. In this case--outside of marriage--babies should go to adoption (one good reason for adoption, or abortion) with relatives first; under eighteen to severe community service; those over eighteen to jail. Otherwise, only science and genetic engineering will truly improve the situation in education. (For more information on the subject, go to this Web Site Page "DR. WARPENSTEIN'S MACHOPHILIA - A Neanderthal Force On EARTH")
BLOG: Lisa Nowak, a NASA astronaut who flew aboard Discovery last July (2006), was charged with attempted murder after confronting a women she believed was a rival for the affections of another astronaut William "Billy-O" Oefelein, a space shuttle pilot. Nowak is a married mother of three who seems to have slipped her surly bonds of sanity, and I believe, should be relieved of her good status with NASA.
I agree with one ex-astronaut, Jerry Linenger, that the space agency needs to re-examine its psychological screening process. True, there may never be total certainty regarding the present or future mental state of astronauts; but once one has broken that trust, then one should loose ones status in the space program. Maybe, she can be placed elsewhere in the program until she regains some element of trust; unless she goes to prison.
Oefelein, the Navy commander whom she was grueling over, would be in jail for having kids outside marriage, in a world that I would establish--so would she, if she got pregnant by him outside her marriage, and obligation and responsibility to children. (Not a retroactive law because no such law has, yet, been passed; and I too, have a child outside marriage (read article on this Web Site titled, "DR. WARPENSTEIN - MACHOPHILIA - A Neanderthal Force On EARTH").
I, indefatigably, disagree with a former NASA psychiatrist from Ann Arbor, Mich., Dr. Patricia Santy, that the affair is, (paraphrase) "just another love triangle like occur in offices you and I may work in all the time." It sounds like maybe she, too, is involved in a tawdry affair. What she said is just more excuse making. My guess, is that NASA may do nothing because many of them, also, are involve in chintzy affairs. If it were a man, being charged, he would be hanged before noon the next morning!
We don't need this kind of emotional failing in our space program. There are plenty of good character and emotionally stable women to choose from. They would be exhilarated for an opportunity to break the surly bonds of Earth and reach out and touch the hand of Einstein's pantheistic God.
BLOG: Where did all that money go sent to Iraq "Paul Bremer" American pro consul in Baghdad until June 2006? It's enough to discourage any Westerner over these long and drawn out wars in third world countries. We don't want excuses. We want answers from our American GOVERNMENT!
BLOG: (Today date March 12, 2007) Regarding the race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for President of The United States 2008: To date, Barrack Obama has vetted himself well with regard to the campaign, but will his like of history and references stymie his progress in the stretch? That will be one great question in my mind. Hillary Rodham Clinton is a known quantity. She has a long public record of her own, as well as with her husband--our past President William J. Clinton. You may like President Clinton, or not, but he has a well known history--not a perfect record. If you find a candidate for president who seems perfect, but largely unknown, then I say that you must wait and see. I'll give Barrack Obama a chance by waiting to see. If he can successfully stand the campaign, then I too may vote for him. I like change, but will we get the change that we want simply by rhetoric in a campaign for President of The United States--a position of power and enormous responsibility. should we trust our future to hope, or to a solid past record--although, never perfect. Really, I would like to see a women win the presidency of the United States. Really, I would like to see a Black/White African American win the presidency of the United States. Really, I would like to see another ethnic personage win the presidency of the United States. However, of course, he/she must be voted in by a just vote from the American people; not simply to see a different ethnic individual as President of The United States. I'll cast my vote when the time comes. Maybe it will be for someone else! Extremist in both parties [sometimes] weary me. I consider myself an INDEPENDENT.
"If the naysayers prevail, and fundamentalism and ignorance rule, then science and technology will find it near impossible to solve rising environmental and social problems." Bennie Beaver
"Wasted wars and monies over religions, politics, and cultural differences may drive the human race to near extinction, or WORSE."~ Bennie Beaver
(Re: "Police DNA Collection Sparks Questions" by Carolyn Thompson, Associated Press Writer March 17, 2007 Internet) Am I living in another world, or is there a good reason why, personally, I've never read an article questioning the possibilities for authorities and police planting DNA evidence to frame an individual. To me, that seems like a legitimate question. If there's a reason why it can't be done, I would like to know what it is. In my experience, if it can be done, then likely, someone will do it! what do you think? (My book "Dr. Warpenstein" also, plays with this scenario).
BLOG: If America had spent on space exploration, even a percentage of the monies wasted on a poorly managed war in Iraq, we would be light years ahead in the real war to improve the human condition. Staying steps ahead of an opposing enemy in the scientific discovery and research of our world and solar system, will keep the free world ahead in a race for humanity, putting monetary and mental pressures on those with lessor intentions, to keep up. For the six-hundred-plus billions of dollars spent in Iraq, we could have funded home security, and still, placed a colony on Mars manufacturing products and making scientific discoveries for the benefit of all humanity; including having an enormous space ship permanently placed in orbit to travel from planet to planet.
Yes, there are many important uses for six or seven hundred billion dollars: Quantum computers and continuing technological improvements; stem cell and general medical research for America's and the world's health; a complete revamping of America's energy infrastructure over environmental and global warming, transportation, and communications concerns; home security. I've not attempted to be perfect in this list. The list is long.
China spends about 1.2 billion on space projects; South Korea plans, with Russian help, to place a small satellite in orbit; Japan has increased its spending on space exploration; America spends only about 16 billion on space exploration. America should spend the money, now, to place a colony on Mars for research and development. Force the rest of the world to spend more on basic research in order to keep up--less directly on weapons of war. Stay far ahead of an enemy in scientific research and development, and they will follow, or we can waste billions of dollars trying to force a change on cultures that must decide how to change for themselves.
BLOG: Dr. Kevorkian was, and is, correct in beliving that the terminally ill have an inalienable right to euthanasia. The problem is in creating a systems that is free from misuse.
BLOG: (Sep. 2007) For the reasons I mentioned above, the war in Irag has been poorly managed. Furthermore, for the reasons mentioned above, I support the democratic party for president. I would add, that many extremist in both parties are misdirected or just plainly disingenuous to the facts in this war against terrorism. Terrorist minded individuals and the peoples who support them or don't strongely repudiate them, must be confronted head on, or the ultimate cost will be more redoubtable. History is littered with societies that become fat and weak in the face of a more violent and aggressive enemy. Still, there is more than one way to win the war. I believe that it would have been nice had we been at this point in Iraq some two years ago. Having said this we should give President Bush one last chance to succeed in Irag, I believe that General Petraeus has succeeded admirably, enough to justify staying with the generals plan, until next July. We should see equal, or greater successes by then, and/or begin backing away from the conflict. If we remain there liken to South Korea, then it should be in some agreement with our friends in the Middle East; otherwise, we should maintain a larger force in Afghanistan.
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