BLOG: It's about time that science engineer mass produced nanobots capable of coagulating methane, or even volcanic dust; thereby, in the event of a gargantuan natural disaster to quickly arrest proliferations that could threaten the survival of the human race....including nanobots to accumulate water from oceans and distribute from a cloud anywhere on earth. Maybe a good understanding of how hailstones the size of a solfballs are formed and could help with this developing technology (Of course, if a system termed "Harp" really can affect the weather, it would be another helpful solution). Otherwise, could be the designing of atomic or other counter vibrations and frequencies initiated by sensors following detecting something like a large explosive volcanoes or large calderas. Comprehensively, science might create nano-particles to drill into explosive volcanoes or calderas and diluting, releasing, or transporting explosive rhyolite elements....or some other unimagined solution such as massive yet unimagined ocean water spray to remove sulfur dust from atmosphere...or we can die!

BLOG: Someone should write a film story titled, "Thomas Jefferson, The Passion of A Revolutionary". It could compare to Mel Gibson's film, "The Passion of The Christ". It's why so many of the founding fathers were so passionately against an American theocracy; not against many of the moral and ethical values from religions. (Maybe I'll try when I get time).
BLOG: I plan to include on my Web Site, "Dr. Warpenstein's designs for a permanently orbiting interplanetary spaceship.
BLOG: "PORTABLE POWER and the last of the ENERGY CONGLOMERATES". Sooner or later, or within the next fifty years, above ground utility lines, poles, and towers will begin to disappear from the landscape along with an increasing end to a need for oil, gas, and coal, thereby, leading to a utopian redistribution of wealth. This welcome change could help solidify Western and world freedoms and democracies to the tune of tillions of redistributed investment dollars. Of course, portable power makes it vastly more difficult for terrorism to destroy Western economic infrastructures, or for natural disasters to destroy underground pipes and above ground wires.... So lets get on with the development of portable power. In the interim we may need to futher develop all sources including solar, wind, wave, electric, nuclear, fuel cells, table top fusion, engineer cleaner and greater energy efficiency, implement some of the dreams and inventions of creative genius, such like, the construction of enormous fission or fusion reactors in space to perform gargantuam tasks like the magnetic propelling of cargo or spaceships from the Moon, and basic energy production, elsewhere, or onboard huge spaceships, etc. (I understand that fission and fusion generated electrical energy require water and great shielding on Earth; however, space is a different place for some nuclear energy methodologies--such like smaller nuclear detonations behind spaceships for propulsion). Lets revisit some of the greatest dreams and accomplishments of the U.S. Department of the Interior; such like, maybe, the elevator idea used for elevating or winching radioactive materials into their natural environment--SPACE.
BLOG: Short story to come, "The ARK of a NEW AGE" Come join the doctor on the ark of a new age. Those who give up their weapons of war and violence are welcome. All those who remain will be destroyed and a new world and a new beginning will arise on earth FOREVERMORE. Mankind has a choice. Will he/she choose to live, or choose to die?
BLOG: Protect INTERNET NEUTRALITY from big governments and big business! Life is not created only in their image and best interest. It's created in my best interest, and in those individuals' behind the tree, and in all others' best interest.

BLOG: The alien, sitting beside Dr. Warpenstein on the Magic Carpet in my third part story titled "Dr. Warpenstein's Virtual Time Machine", is the mythical Aladdin reincarnated into a two-brane reality - - The Diamond In The Rough.
BLOG: If the human race suddenly decided, by way of artificial insemination (or otherwise) to exchange genetic progeny, it would change the world over night. The supposition that everyone on earth is genetically identical is not logical or scientifically supported. Mixing the genetic pool would merely smooth out the human differences, but marrying quality to quality is still highly important for creating great health, skills, and genius. (Of course, I believe that genetic engineering will accomplish both).
BLOG: America’s sudden over population of unassimilated and dissimilar races could become a disaster, not unlike the Middle East, or a nuclear war. There is a reasonable emigration policy called, “emigration with assimilation“. Ours and greedy company desires for cheap labor and cheap products could undermine our nations’ social stability. Our country has been successful because of our culture. Our parents and grandparents worked hard to build this country and we should not surrender it to non-sense. Reasonable emigration is good for our culture, but an invasion of uneducated and un-Americanized emigration, is not. No, the circumstances and conditions for emigration are not the same as they once were. And yes, America may survive our legistators' foully, not because they are right, but because we're a very large and powerful country--for NOW.
BLOG: Any point of reference is as good as any other is all of those separate entangled points that are identical and simultaneous. Those points are the points that we think of as “any point of reference is as good as any other”. The end to this understanding will be a creation of three-dimensional objects with no mass that can travel at the speed of light in one instance, and with a preplanned receiver, instantaneously. The objects will look three-dimensional, but will be passed through by a three-dimensional object…cool. Sure would solve our transportation and traffic jams. Ha! Ha! How do I know? I just hinted at the logic.
BLOG: (Love is blind). In some ways religion is akin to being in love, or being in the world where things seem terrible, and you feel horrible and things aren’t going your way, and all of a sudden your in love with a perfect partner, a soul mate for life, and the world seems like an entirely different place, like perfect, wonderful; and’s the SAME OLD WORLD. There's a reason why we attempt to teach our children about the blindness of love, so that they don't walk off the cliff together. Reasoned knowledge is an attempt to experience those same old feelings of religion and love, without going blind, and walking off the cliff.

BLOG: The government does nothing while corporations buy up water rights because they understand there is a coming water shortage. We the people sit around with our heads in the sand with a fear of nuclear energy. I would place three large pebble nuclear energy plants along both the East and West oceans to pump water - not oil - across the land. Let farmer and the people pay for it. Yes, it would need to be desalinated. We could run the water down old river beds and fill old lakes, etc. Some similar idea or others will come to pass, or we'll control population growth.
BLOG: Government and law enforcement do little while large corporations produce, deceptively advertise, and sell deadly products; even some commonly used every day pain killers...that KILL (True, some are just misused.) When do we start executing dishonorable, and yet, legalized executives who victimize and murderer innocent citizens? Brokerages, credit cards, banks, insurance companies, food, health care and drug companies, oil and energy companies, transportation companies, mortgage companies, not to mention, realtor companies that sell out good communities to bad. The list of grievances against big/bad money and companies is long! It may be a cliche, but "follow the money".
BLOG: It's strange that people who claim to see ghost never talk about scientific experiments demonstrating that people can dream in an apparent waken state. Many of us can remember walking in our sleep. Part of the brain can remain asleep while the rest remains conscious. The dream part of the brain may see something that is not apparently there, and report the viewing to someone fully awake in there presents. These are facts of reality, and reasoned knowledge - SCIENCE. Do you really want to know and understand the universe we live in. There is likely plenty more strangeness to discovery about our world, but is this psychic phenomena one of them.
BLOG: If you want to get rich, just start a religion, or sell garbage on UFO's, pseudo-science, superstition, parapsychology. In fact, you can get rich operating a terrorist organization, if your powerful enough, and the world then negoiates with you to keep your money and power. Of course, you may need only create a large company or corporation with enough money to buy off law enforcement and governments.We could exert more pressures on terrorist ideologies by refusing to purchase those products that require little mental OIL. Of course, there are those who would say that other nations would continue purchasing those products, but I say, that is not so, if we develop better and environmentally advantaged products to give, or sell to them.
BLOG: Most of the greatest IQ's in the world - like those of science (preferably, 150 to 175 to 200 plus), may feel secure from the violent natures of men/women kind, and yes, they are generally less violently inclined, themselves, but they must realize that the violent natures of men/women may use those same weapons they create to distroy them. One way or the other high IQ's will need to "change human nature" for life on Earth to continue.(IQ's between 70 and 125 are among the most dangerous and destructive. They are also, otherwise, among the most productive).
BLOG: Had Albert Einstein been just a little off in his mathematical skills he would likely have never been known as anything more than some gentle, and somewhat, eccentric, if not strange, but intelligent individual. The point being that, he may have been, largely, just as intelligent.
BLOG: Is modern psychology the new religion in the world, with all its definitions, interpretations, and explanations? How far off is a colloquial remark stating that, "There are more psychologist in the world than ever before, and yet, more problems than ever in history"? Yes, there are benefits from modern psychology, and yet, there are dangers of terrible destructiveness coming from elite natures advocating their own best interest. For one thing, masculine feminist and their machophile partners in power, have vilified and demoralized and emasculated and confused large numbers of average males (and average females) resulting in poorer educations; less males in colleges, and more males in social difficultes and prisons. Still, the powers-to-be are ignoring a developing plight of males (and average females), whom more often, disagree with a new social order. Marriage, family life, and children are in greater disarray; all the while, the powers-to-be, and their families may be doing well. The divisions between the very rich and poor are widening. Once machophiles produce the most progenies--like in top down societies--the average violence in society will increase. It's as though society's control over moral and ethical change has foundered--anything goes in public entertainment and schools--and believe me, I'm no prude (Prudes, are those in governments and psychology who tell people what's natural or moral in their personal life; when what's their greater rights, is to exercise some limits over public morality, primarily. An elected, yet, ever changing committee, should have powers to direct a "slower change" in public morals. Otherwise, many personal and moral issues should be voted on by the general public, something like described, very succinctly, in my Web Site objectives titled, "Dr. Warpenstein's speaks - Web Site Objectives". In stead, what is happening, is that governments are sticking their noses into private matters, and anything-goes in public morals.) Conversely, the government and psychologist are sticking their noses into evey aspect of personal and private family life--as if they know better--and little is better. America's preeminence in science is declining. Children, drugs, disease, sex, and suicide are worse than in the old natural world before feminism and psychology (I'm not advocating a total return to the past; however, I am advocating some elemental returns to the past until genetic engineering can change human nature through science and reasoned knowledge--not explained in a BLOG). Power, more often than not, tends to use personal issues to gain order, control...and more power. To create my own little paraphrase of an old saying, "Give up too many personal and private rights for a little order, and you will loose both". Our society is not better, in many respects, than before modern psychology. Among other things, I advocate term limitations by voting out one partly, and then, the other in, until one gets the government one wants. I say this because, I believe that the general public is very dissatisfied with America's present day government...on a number of levels. (As you can see, I've only touched on the surface of an arguement brewing in the hearts of both average males and females in America).
BLOG: One of the greatest advantages which could come from modern psychology is for them to create children like instuction bookets for daycares and preschools, teaching sociability skills that may discover weaknesses in individuals traceable back to the family or genetic faults; not for the purpose of destroying a family, but for helping it improve, or possibly, dissolve. Many later social faults could be discover at this early stage. Governments are too quick to destroy family units when problems could be solved in a three step approach. I'm saying that present day approaches are not comprehensive, and often, overbearing and too complex. (These issues have been argued and hashed, and re-hashed, all of my life. Of course, I still believe that the ultimate solution will come, only through, likely, genetic engineering).
BLOG: Is there a rush to the lowest common denominator in American culture, not just in the white race, but among all American races? I do believe that the nineteen-sixties--in which I grew up--did help to break down old social and mental obstacles to a coming scientific and technological age. But did it go to far in some respects? I won't belabor the issue in a BLOG. You either see it, or not. You either believe that there've been cycles in history from good to bad, to good, or mayby you believe that we're in a revolutionary cycle for good. I believe that science is at a deferential point in a revolutionary cycle for good. Will it come to pass, or will bad or evil forces appropriate it. We have a choice to repeat the past or imagine a future, likely, beyond most peoples imaginations. What choice will we make?
BLOG: It's dishearting to listen to political pundits totally missunderstanding or missrepresenting the American peoples' reasons for ousting republicans at the end of 2006. One lady believed that it was because Americans rejected cowboy diplomacy as a failed President George Bush stratagy to fight a war in Iraq against terrorism. I'll speak to this one issue.
BLOG: I too, voted to oust the republicans, not because of their policies to remove Saddam Hussein, but because of a failure to win the peace in a timely and finanically astute manner. It's rare to find modern Western military efforts definitively successful. It's difficult to fight a Western style war against an enemy using 7th century barbarian methodologies. In spite of this, the George Bush stratagies has disrupted much of the terrorist network and killed thousands of their leaders and supporters. You may lament, as does many Western pundits, that thousands of innocent civilians have been killed, but I would retort that, fewer have been killed than in any such war in history, largly because of Western efforts to reduce our soldiers deaths, and the deaths of enemy civilians in war. Furthermore, in the face of a remark by Ben Ladden stating that, Americans don't have the staying power to defeat them, America has demonstrated a courage, skill, and tenacity unexpected by terrorist. They now understand that the west is not a push-over. This understanding will give them pause in future conflicts. Not withstanding, that they now know, that should they successed in distroying one of our large cities with a WMD we would likely change are methods, and kill millions of them--they can't win. Also, we have learned an invaluable lesson on how to conduct such conflicts in the future.
BLOG: On the radio, a terrorist strategist said, that they plan to out last us and destroy our economy and weaken our resolve until we finally negoiate with them and acquiesce to their Muslim beliefs and Sharia Law. Of course, their interpretation of their beliefs will be just like with all theocracies in history, based on a single, or very few, leaders interpretation of those different from other theocracies and dictatorships in history. those theocracies in history are precisely why our founding fathers extablished America's checks and balanced political republic...because theocracies were famous for abusing their powers. It was only after theocracies were finally rained in that science and reason knowledge took hold and begin improving the human condition. Of course, you may choose to go back and live like man once did in the seventh century.
BLOG: War is hell, and we should do eveything in our power to end them. It may be good to remember that there is more than one way to skin a cat - as they used to say in the old South - and all out war is just one of them. Either way, it's very important to confront terrorist minded individuals and their teachers, anywhere in the world!
BLOG: I have many other differences with the republican partly including: An attempt to impeach President Clinton (At least 14 past presidents are known to have been involved in sultry affairs while president of the United States of America; some of which are believed to have been good presidents. The issue belongs in the ballot box...except for pregnancy outside marriage, obligation, and responsibility to children. But legislators are not about to pass strong laws against pregnancy outside marriage, obligation, and responsibility to children, because they, and feminist psychologist, are among the philanders. Meaning, It's child abuse, and a good reason for adoptions and years in prison and castration the third time; not a retroactive law because the laws have been different in the past. Court television demonstrates a justification for these kind of laws, whereby, many defendants brag about having as many as ten children by ten different women/men, and then, smile with a smirk on their face. The judge will say, "bad oh boy, or girl. It's as if, in the next sentence, the judge is about to ask the individual for a date; abortion (It's a personal moral decision, and a part of natural law throughout the history of life on Earth, and not an edictal power of fundamentalist interpretations of a Gods will. A stem cell or fetus is not condemned by the choice of its parent, and/or a moral choice, and vengeance, is the lords. Machophiles and feminist psychologist are among the same kind of mentality as witch hunters right out of history. They would execute scientist for stem cell research, and execute women for having an abortion. They are the kind of individuals, whom you will note, will continue creating laws advocating the execution of citizens over personal rights, until they possess absolute control. The primary reasons are that, once one passes some of those personal laws, one will need to continue passing laws until one has absolute control. Watch how they pass one law after the other, to only one end, absolute power. Observe how those new laws, effectively, end debate in a society of many opposing points of view! As a founding father once said, "When you surrender a little freedom for a little order, you may end up lossing both" (paraphrase)); flag burning (I'm 61 yrs. old and have never seen anyone burn an American flag except on T.V., primarily, in the Vietnam war era, or in recent yrs. on T.V. out of the Middle East. And they can't burn my flag, or your flag, or the flag down at the court house. They can only burn their flag) ; Terri Schiavo affair (How many times had it already gone through the (legal) courts of THAT State?); evolution vs. intelligent design (The rudiments, of which have long been determined by reasoned knowledge (science), of which there is, more appropriately, a design that's INTELLIGIBLE.); stem cell research (There is no loss of a consciously aware life that is evident from reasoned knowledge (science); only a loss of some fundamentalist (religious) persons' interpretation of a Gods will); alternative energy (Save our environment while removing the oil money from nations who never discovered the oil in the first place, or therefore, earned the money by reasoned knowledge in the second place; then maybe, those same nations will begin learning and earning their place in a civilized world, of which, they are entirely capable....We are all related. Their johadist views are from a historical period when all religions terrorized, that time, seeming to be justified. Not anymore. It's time for a reformation. Many of those people know it, and deserve support.); global warming (The majority of scientist believe that man is, at the least, accelerating global warming. The arguments are over how much money, and how fast to fight back. I believe that it's time to spend more time and money than is spent at present. We should get on with the development and uses of alternative fuels, etc.); national health insurance and secure retirement benefits (Automation, artificial intelligence, and the power over it, will put the average man in the poor house and in the grave. A new age, like non-other in history, is coming and it's time for the debate.); DEGREE AND TYPE of out sourcing and free trade to non-democratic governments (Partly about securing decent wages and benefits, including, floating the value of money on world markets, etc.); border security from both parties (An invasion of uneducated and unassimilated peoples, from anywhere in the world, is dangerous. it's ratcheting up the violence level in our schools and on our streets. Even more crime and gangs are proliferating. Stop the non-sense illegal immigration. Stop rationalizing that we just can't help it because we need all those masses of illegal and uneducated and unassimilated workers...NONSENSE! Keep emigration legal and orderly.); exact types and methodologies of home security (Be sure to protect our private lives in the process.); free educations to poor children with excellent grades (Those children will help insure our freedoms.); more tax relief to the middle class. (Whom would purchase with all the money, resulting in increased production by the wealthy. By this, more money is filtered through the middle classes...Not the other way around.); Unions! At least with unions, we have a crook on both sides; legalize most illegal drugs. (Put the moral decisions back into the hands of individuals, even if millions died as a result of THEIR POOR MORAL decisions...still, as is true now, one is able to restrict some work while on drug; fine those who drive while on drugs; hang those who sell drugs to children. Sell the drugs only through State controlled stores, to reduce all out access, to get the price down and the crime out; reduce the number of stores until one has control, much like at the end of the nineteenth century, when heroin was being over used, the individuals, finally, on their own, decided to stop using it. If the plan is carried out properly, it would take about five to ten years to end most abuse of drugs. The public responsibility would be to use State sales to build the world's best drug treatment centers on earth for those whom choose to avail themselves of them, or otherwise are placed in them. Of course, the final plan should be hammered out through a political process, etc.


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