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by: Bennie Beaver
(Web Site AUTHOR)
Who Am I?
"When I die and after MANKIND has dragged itself back into a new HELL HOLE of a DARK AGE. I'll be the one in the STARSHIP . . . floating by. Bye! Bye! SWISHHHH. PUFFFFF! Zephyr . . ." ~Beaver
I was born on a farm in the Missouri Ozarks at the end of the Second World War. It was on the very day that the war ended with Germany. I was born on the same birthday as President Truman, from the same State, and in the same year he was president of the United States.

I was once told that my family may be related to the fifteenth president's family (President James Buchanun had no children, personally).

I have no formal education beyond High School and technical school, and I worked seven years in my brother's stores, and then, twenty-years in a mine, and twelve-years now in trucking. So maybe you will give me a break when it comes to formal education, English, and writing skills. I'm teaching myself

I have a screenplay formatted SF story I call "Dr. Warpenstein". To paraphrase what Carl Sagan once said, "Science is a kind of love of mine and closely relates to my views on the world". Here is a short synopsis of the story:


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Based on the Phoenix UFO. No! It was not an alien from outer space, or the American military. It was Dr. Warpenstein "The Invisible Foe".

Changing the world through Science, Technology, and Obsession! New Sci-Fi Book Tells unique story of UFO Research and Tampering of Human Origin.

West Valley City, UT--(Release Date TBD) - For decades, UFO theories have circulated and repeated themselves in the minds of millions of people around the globe. No matter what the believers and the skeptics do, these mysterious tales involving both alien and human life continue to move on with the public spotlight. We have heard of conspiracy theories about human governments and soldiers collaborating with their alien counterparts over top secret missions as well as stories about Earth's scientists developing new and advanced technology derived from alien technology. But none of those stories compare to what author Bennie M. Beaver tells us with his fascinating new science fiction novel titled DR. WARPENSTEIN: The Invisible Foe. (For one of my ideas on a real UFO report in the news go to CONTENTS above and subject title in red "Dr. Warpenstein Plays with Delta G Experiments" VIDEO).

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Dr. Warpenstein is a screenplay that by way of a search for justice, adventurous curiosity, romances and comedy, ordinary individuals and the world come face to face with revelations that change their lives and the world FOREVER.

A planned FIRST STRIKE scenario using advanced technologies to rid the world of its primitive beginnings for EVERMORE . . . beau ideal GENETIC ENGINEERING.

However, in this story, Dr. Warpenstein attempts to accomplish this goal by OTHER MEANS. In the end, maybe some combination of methods will become necessitous.

The story is written in a somewhat rustic, playful and silly mode along side a more serious note. It has only a tentative connection to my hypothesis, or imagined genetic solution. In the story the doctor accomplishes a capture of the enemies by a technical OTHER MEANS.

I admit that the description to the story is written in a more serious frame than is the story. Maybe I should have mirrored the description more closely to the story. I merely wanted to express some more serious ideas, but then, I preceded to present the story in a more silly and playful mode that I'd imagined would be more salable.

True, there are flaws in the story just as in many movies. For example, the supposed test of the doctor's teleportation system in the Great Hall precedes a seemingly common use of the system. This could be changed to a demonstration that failed in this instance, etc.

The story is innately difficult in places. And I wrote it this way, again, imagining that I could later explain in a production process. As for the reader of this story, one must be interested, and imagine your way through passages. The rest is a difference in reading a screenplay.

In any case, a Screen Guild Reader said that it was twice the length of a regular script. Of course, the length of the play is the reason that I've opted to publish it in this long formulate; for a day when long scripts may be produced economically as computer generated products.

Please, read it to the end as my first efforts to create a story before making judgement--typed in a long haul truck while driving hundreds of miles a day.


(1st. Synopsis)
A low ranking ex-pilot flying missions for the super secret NSA (National Security Agency or popular misnomer NO SUCH AGENCY) is now a truck driver with hitchhiker girl friend and her son caught up in the malign plans of a government black projects scientist named "Dr. Warpenstein" and his intellectual cohorts plotting to secure the worlds freedoms by exploiting advanced technologies to conduct an unauthorized FIRST STRIKE on it's enemies. By way of a fluke of events the characters are drawn into the stealthy web of Dr. Warpenstein.

James Walker, his girl friend, and a belated friend from a UFO society become entangled with the doctor in a quest for revenge and enlightenment. What they discover are the sinister plans of the doctor and his group of scientist to change the world into some numen for peace EVER MORE--so they believe.

One of the doctor's own intelligent android creations named FLAT SCREEN, designed to function within perimeters never to harm human beings, becomes a kind of Archemedies Heel to Dr. Warpenstein's plan.

It's a counterpoint between classical Rachmaninoff and classical rock, romances and comedy, diabolic and malign. Enormous ships called the BIG STAR and LITTLE STAR powered by a Warpenstein Field Drive that goes WARPA, WARPA, maybe with a silent "A". The large ships and intelligent androids covered with NANO and FLAT SCREEN technologies that disappear before your eyes. Hidden PANELS much like those over the headlights on a fancy car transform the superstructure from guardrails and windows, etc., to a smooth VIDEO SCREEN surface. Warrior Red Screen Androids riding Harley-Davidson Classic Sky Bikes. A super intelligent Blue Screen Android named FLAT SCREEN. Special effects like no other.

Like the OVERTURE in "Gone With The Wind" and using the classical piece by Rachmaninoff, I envision presenting a fantasia introducing the feature. This way the concert in the play becomes subjugated to symbiotic music composed for the film. The fantasia is a fitting tribute to Rachmaninoff who, when no one else would, footed the first bill for Igor Ivanovitch Sikorshy's dream to build a helicopter.

Now, I'll present one other of my efforts to create a first story titled, "The Sugar River." This story is not included in the book or on this Web Site.

I wrote this personal 128 page Screenplay formatted story called "The Sugar River" about HOW I GREW UP in the Ozark hills.

The story was originally written as an autobiography for my daughters and son, so it contains too much biography at the beginning for an actual screenplay. However, it provides information about WHERE I CAME FROM.

Here is a short synopsis from the "The Sugar River":

I present this story and other information as a kind of reference as to WHO I AM.


A uniquely AMERICAN LOVE STORY from an Ozarkian era, done gone by with the wind.

SEMI-AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL. Ninety percent true. The facts have been tweaked to fit one of the most incredible, intriguing, and dramatic AMERICAN LOVE STORIES.

Tragedy besets when a young farm boy's internalized family conflicts and pains result in a lost love of a life time, and when his lost love of a life time, internalizing her own unfulfilled love, leads her into the arms of a local philander, and DEATH!

An old fashion honky-tonk music, gambling, carpenter, farm dad caught up between one son brought up wild and his desires that his younger son be brought up disciplined. Dad ends up destroying his son's High School girl friend relationship that begins and ends on THE SUGAR RIVER.


  (Love Slipped Away: RETURNS)

Some day accompanying a warm breeze and bright morning sun, you may feel a kiss on your beautiful cheeks, and hands pressing and caressing your lovely skin. Donít be concerned. Itís only me loving you in my mind.

If you should die before me, I may find your grave and place flowers on it, and when I get ready to go, I may travel to your grave and lie downÖand then, Iíll die.

The clouds above will stream by like a video, ever faster and faster, until a day comes when the sunís radiation burns the Earth and all living things. The Moon will have wandered far away by then, leaving the Earth unsteady. Not long after that the Sun will fuse out its final measure of fuel, up the elements chart to iron, and then, it will swell out as a giant red star to engulf the Earth, and out past Mars. Soon it will shrink back to a massive White Dwarf, not much larger than the Earth. A square inch of its surface will weigh a billion tons.

By and by itíll all be swallowed up by an immense Black hole and squeezed back into a new primeval atom to be thrown asunder once more, out into a new universe, and a new beginning. An illimitable universe will spawn countless proto worlds.

Youíll find me searching among the developing planets for a new Earth, and there Iíll be born again in a new America by the Sugar River, and grow up to travel to the Rocky Frankfort High school. Iíll race into the school and up those stairs to face a new Donna Cameron coming down the hallway, and then, and there, our eyes will meet and our hearts will melt together.

We'll travel down, down, down into new dreams of sugar treats on the Sugar creek, and there weíll sing and dance and play and love FOREVER!

Truck driver/miner Web Page SF title http://www.drwarpenstein.com ©2005 by Bennie Beaver

 (Read within these Web Pages, Dr. Warpenstein's glimpses on how the new evolution of an exponential acceleration of SCIENCE will change HUMAN NATURE and the MEEK WILL INHERIT THE EARTH for EVERMORE--Read the Web Site Objectives; Short Story (Part 1,2), and (Part 3) at the end titled DR. WARPENSTEIN'S VIRTUAL TIME MACHINE (Science, Science Fiction, Psuedo-Science, and Superstition).
Read my first, and somewhat rustic book titled "Dr. Warpenstein" and all of these Web Pages on this Web Site which presage the end result; that the new evolution of the mind (science) will and must change HUMAN NATURE, or our world, which is becoming ever more advanced and complex, will not survive!
Inevitably, because mankind is creating this incredible modern world, and yet, biologically, still has one foot in the cave.)

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