Additional Note on Eastern and Western values: I've heard that much of the DONATIONS to the New Orleans hurricane tragedy are lost or stolen. A new report that half of 3.7 billion dollars sent through the RED CROSS is missing or stolen. I predicted this as it happened. Why didn't the congress have enough sense to see it? I give you one BIG GUESS!
Where is the great American OUTRAGE? Is it just American feelings of HELPLESSNESS in the face of big government, or just plain old APATHY!
Furthermore, we've spent enough money in Iraq to rebuild the entire U.S. interstate system and control our borders. The three-hundred billion (439 billion as of 05/05/06 and going up!) already spent in Iraq would be enough to build a wall a mile high and a mile wide around Iraq. I ask, "Where is the money going?"
I'm not totally against the war in Iraq, but shouldn't it have been carried out differently. Early on, we could have completely removed--to a desert area--the peoples from troublesome areas and checked and cleaned them out. We could have separated troublesome cities with wide no-man barriers until differences are solved. This alone could have saved lives and trauma . . . and much more that I can think of like: partitioning Iraq; moving our armies back towards the borders and Kuwait, establishing safe camp sites in the deserts for individuals seeking safety and security from a civil war (disarming anyone coming in); protect the borders from further insurgence from Iran, Syria, and others; let those opposing forces in Iraq fight it out; afterwards, move back in to settle what's left.
Of course, it's easy for me to say from my arm chair, but I do have opinions as an American voter. I do wish the best for the Iraq people and hope that theirs and our efforts pay off. However, I wonder if it's about time for our soldiers to come home and we spend more money on America and homeland security, and continue efforts helping other countries from here; say with smaller special forces and new technologies, etc.

"One of a more difficult unintended consequence for governments to understand, is that, in a democracy there are powers and order that you may have, or wish to have, but should not have; because it destroys freedom, incentives, and creativity." ~Beaver
"How close they still are: Truth and falsehood, right and wrong, love and hate, justice and injustice".
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