"As the infrastructure of civilization spreads all over the Earth, and WMD's become smaller and more powerful, we can't afford to wait for a nut to come along and blow it all up!" ~ Bennie Beaver

(What's being missed, or ignored, in the coming evolution of MAN? THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH WHEN SCIENCE CHANGES HUMAN NATURE...if at all.).
by: Bennie M. Beaver
(Truck Driver)

"There will be no end to the troubles of states or indeed of humanity until philosophers become kings in this world, or 'til those we now call kings and rulers really and truly become philosophers." ~Plato
"Many things, including biological, nuclear, global warming, and over population will heighten a threat to the survival of mankind if fundamentalism and general scientific ignorance prevail."~Beaver
"Advances in science and technology will result in a paradigm shift [if reasoned knowledge and science triumph] in environmental and societal outcomes from human nature."~Bennie Beaver
"If the naysayers prevail, and fundamentalism and ignorance rule, then science and technology will find it near impossible to solve rising environmental and social problems."~Bennie Beaver
Wasted wars and monies over religions, politics, and cultural differences may drive the human race to near extinction, or WORSE."~Bennie Beaver
Sometime soon, SCIENCE will create an artificial intelligence so incredibly logical that it will be termed the one "adumbrated". It will not permit those fundamentalist, and slipshod purveyors of instinctual truths, to reign so supreme.
The beginnings of such a possibility are already here: John Koza (and many others, including, quantum computing), Stanford adjunct professor inventor of the genetic algorithms and artificial intelligent invention machine. The end of machophiles is coming, and none too soon! (The following is a keynote address on the future of artificial intelligence presented by Ray Kurzweil at the singularity summit at Stanford University).
Before I continue my this discourse, let me say something moot about this video: Although I believe that this future is hopeful, and it's where science and life are headed, I have many questions regarding the outcome. On that Judgment-day, will only the rich and powerful, partake? Will some six-billion (plus) human beings on Earth all equally partake? What about the terrorist, serial murderers, tyrants, slave owners; at present, will some two-hundred million slaves partake? Will devious, dishonorable, loathsome, or just plain ignorant politicians, police, and military, partake (not all such individuals are dishonorable - too many are)? Will we consider simply remaking their brains so that they too can partake, or are some humans simply beyond redemption? I would consider saving any empathic poor, and one disenfranchised little 5-6 year old child that I saw on a PBS show about slave labor, and remove all her pain of the experience, improve her brain with the more perfect wiring of a genius, add omnipotence, and place her on the jury! Are the powers that we are creating so incredible and enormous that to remain primitive in our nature is simply unthinkable? I think so! I'm not formally religious, but do the words still ring true, "The meek, and pure at heart shall inherit the Earth"?

Yes, it's true that government agencies (like the NSA) are using social-network analysis and data-mining technologies (such as pattern-recognition algorithms) to snoop through a myriad of phone and Internet messages, but in time the advances in artificial intelligence and genetic engineering will control the machophiles, as well as, entering into the lives of every human on earth.
True, there are scientist who wonder whether artificial intelligence may supplant mankind on Earth; the risk to our future survival could come from surprising corners of evolution, but none seem more apparent than biological and nuclear.
At a recent meeting of Silicon Valley techies, Rodney Brooks, an MIT robotics professor said that because of advances in artificial intelligence, "We and our world won't be us anymore. Who is us and who is them is going to become a different sort of question."
When I look back on the history of the human race, I'm more afraid of returning to the past then a future that I can imagine, and hope for.


Read within these Web Pages, Dr. Warpenstein's glimpses on how a new evolution of an exponential acceleration of SCIENCE will change HUMAN NATURE and the MEEK WILL INHERIT THE EARTH for EVERMORE . . . Read the Web Site Objectives; Short Story (Part 1,2), and (Part 3) Epilogue titled DR. WARPENSTEIN'S VIRTUAL TIME MACHINE (Science, Science Fiction, Puesdo-Science, and Superstition).
Read my first unedited, and somewhat rustic book titled "Dr. Warpenstein" and all of these Web Pages that presage an end result; that a new evolution of the mind (science) will and must change HUMAN NATURE, or our world, which is becoming ever more advanced and complex, WILL NOT SURVIVE! (Read the short story titled "The Planet TAHTON and THE BIOMIND CORPORATION (Reverse Terrorism).
Inevitably, because mankind is creating this incredible modern world, and yet, biologically, still has one foot in the cave.
MACHOPHILES, in a world where technology is swiftly changing, where a single weapon in the hands of one individual could destroy life on Earth, are now the WEEK LINK that MUST become EXTINCT! They're no longer preferred. They're in their last hurrah in a FINAL-FINAL SOLUTION.

(A quote from my Web Site Objectives)
A more peaceful world has a quandary in fighting a long and drawn out battle against a seventh century enemy's methodology. Otherwise, we either obliterate the enemy quickly and violently, discover technologies for easily finding the enemies' weapons and explosives, or possibly find ourselves in a long and drawn out battle of attrition.
It's true, we may discover a kind of neutron detector, such as a table top fusion detector, or other technology that can easily find weapons and explosive, no matter how far underground, in a vehicle, or on an individual, but then, what if our government becomes the enemy?
Still, changing human nature seems the more long term solution to mankind's insatiable desires for power.


I encourage the truly intellectual philosophers, in science and life, to prepare for those overwhelming advances which will deliver the presage prescribed on this Web Site, or we can find ourselves in a historically cyclic return to another DARKENED AGE before the next opportunity arises. Otherwise, life on Earth will continue itís age old fluctuations, ENDLESSLY. First, we have calm and peace and freedom, and then, suddenly, we have tyrants in control. Life has repeated this cycle since the beginning of time. Itís time to end that cycle once and for all - SCIENCE, wake up! Be prepared for the overwhelming (genetic) advances. Itís time for the meek to inherit the Earth; certainly, something new with hopes for a BETTER world.
Don't be fooled by MACHOPHILES who can be ninety-percent right on issues, but still, wrong over those same old issues that have plagued the human race since the beginning of time. I suggest that those difficult issues encompass only about three to five-percent, and no more than ten-percent of all issues relating to human society (because they only include a few issues within the targeted subjects). Contrariwise, those three to ten-percent of issues could be said to represent cause for some ninety-percent of all other decisions made.
Often I listen to MACHOPHILES on talk-radio. They can present marvelously logical prose until tarrying into these powerful and emotional issues at the fringe of sex, politics, religion as they relate to REASONED KNOWLEDGE . . . especially SCIENCE. All of these issues relate to a kind of war for POWER and HAPPINESS.
One great misunderstanding of these issues, frothing from differing arguments, is that some good ideas in society are not yet possible before their time--meaning on my Web Site--by way of SCIENCE and REASONED KNOWLEDGE. (For example: Changing human nature; a kind of socialist/democratic society; how much force verses how much reasoning and diplomacy must be engaged to defeat terrorism, etc.)
Will it be possible to simply use reasoning and diplomacy to win a protracted and emotionally draining war with a culture whose avowed religious beliefs are your utter destruction; whose avowed beliefs are to use your beliefs against you; to marry your women and join your religion like a Trojan Horse; to murder you and your children in the most terrible ways?
(NOTE) News report in June 2006: Two American soldiers are captured by Iraqi terrorist. The terrorist cut the soldier's genitals off and stuffed them in the soldier's mouths; cut the soldier's eyes out; cut their hearts out, then cut their heads off to lay on their remaining chests as if the soldier's could still see what they had wrought.
Can you feel the outrage, AMERICA! Don't you get it! These demons could drag us down with them as our anger reaches a crescendo, and we then, deem it necessary to kill millions of them in order to eradicate them. America should stop dancing with the devil before we become one of them (check out this Web Site: www.investigativeproject.org)
We should either quickly squash these terrorist or proceed to withdraw to the borders of Iraq and Kuwait, and there, to protect the borders from more insurgents; then create safe zones for those innocence seeking shelter from a civil war. Simultaneously, we should negotiate with our friends and enemies in the Middle East, informing them of our decision to back away. Only with our assistance, we will allow them to solve the problem of settling the Iraqi state. Our concern will remain the safety and security of America and the West. The Middle East and Iraqi people must purge their own demons much like America did in its own civil war, then we can deal with what remains. This would be to the benefit of America, Iraq, and all of the Middle East.
What would we do if an alien were to land on earth and act this way? Similarly, in the movie titled "Independence Day" the president queries the alien saying, "I know there is much we can learn from each other if we can negotiate a truce, we can find a way to co-exist. Can there be a peace between us?" The alien replies, "Peace. No Peace!" The president again retorts, "What is it you want us to do?" The alien's monition, "Die! Die!" The president quickly realizes the futility of diplomacy and says, "nuke them!"

Lets hope that the saturation bombings on Germany, and the nuclear devastation on Japan in the seconded world War, is not deemed necessary--NEVER AGAIN! But where are the absolute guarantees against ARMAGEDDON?
If we can assume, like some have suggested, that out of one-billion two-hundred million Muslims, some one-third agree with the afore mentioned version of their beliefs, than we're talking about nearly three to four-hundred million people. Without a serious reformation in their beliefs, we may be left with a hard choice; a decision no Westerner wishes to think about--because we think like Westerners. (Before reformations, most religions on Earth have committed atrocious acts in defense of their beliefs--a reason why America's founding fathers fought so feverishly to separate religion and politics in our new constitution). Few in our country really and truly believed that something like 9/11 could take place--especially, in America. We were wrong!
In the religion I grew up in they believe that Armageddon is inevitable. My hope is that before any such ARMAGEDDON can take place, science will CHANGE HUMAN NATURE. And that is--I BELIEVE--possible and inevitable if we are to survive EXTINCTION!
The fundamentalist Christens that I grew up with believe that EXTINCTION is not possible before a God will save us from ourselves, but then, they read little science or the history of mankind, like the EXTINCTIONS on Easter Island due to over population, and long list of other EXTINCTIONS recorded at the hands of mankind and nature (just listen and watch World News).
Just read the history of all religions on this earth and you will understand why our founding fathers (especially Thomas Jefferson) labored so clearly to separate religion and politics within our American republic (not from all moral and ethical values from religions).
Our battle for freedom in Iraq is clear evidence of the difficulties between war and diplomacy. Evidence like found in a 2003 Discovery Magazine article titled "The Surprises of Suicide Terrorism" with Anthropologist Scott Atran provides more quandary: "His findings show that although one-third of Palestinians live in poverty, only 13 percent of Palestinian suicide bombers do; 57 percent of bombers have education beyond high school versus 15 percent of the population of comparable age." Study of Gauantanamo Bay Cuba prisoners "found that "the Saudis, their leaders especially, are from high-status families. A surprising number have graduate degrees."
At first thought, I'm not willing to condemn all Muslims or peoples of the Middle East. What effects come from their overall culture on their education? And all life itself still seems to favor more BRONZE over BRAINS. Otherwise, why do intellectuals have fewer marriages and children--a well known fact. I believe that one reason is that intelligence has so much power to completely dominate life that it's not permitted to do so before possessing overwhelming force capable of a benevolent domination (generally, very high intellectuals (175 to 200 plus IQs) are less likely to prefer a violent domination of life). At that point life will prefer BRAINS over BRONZE, or a combination of both always in favor of BRAINS. We're quickly coming to that point in EVOLUTION.
The most dangerous IQs are those between 70 and 125; whereby, experience, and emotions are more likely to be separated within intelligence, than in very higher intelligent individuals. Whether difficulties with lower IQs is a result from faulty wiring, [repeat] lower metabolic conductivity, serotonin levels, or malfunctions of centers like the amygdala, I believe that very higher IQs are less susceptible. I believe that some other individuals, who may seem less intelligent from IQ test, in fact, may be just as intelligent; but may have a dyslexicly reduced conduit to a conscious expression. The more benevolent IQs are those between 150 to 175 to 200 plus. Nonetheless, we find a capacity for empathy among all IQs.
In the process of making genetic intelligence improvements, it's very important that we take in to consideration our brain's center for EMPATHY [right insula]. I'm concerned about new targeted drugs, such as memory drugs, that improve just one aspect of the brain. Giving this added power to thugs may make them worse thugs? In my view, an example of those thugs with some of these added, isolated powers, are many individuals in power--past and present.
Yes, it's possible that if we could teach our enemies another more peaceful coexistence, then their next generation may see relationships differently, but not if their educators continue teaching hate. Teaching their children the same old animus will only result in the same old outcome.
In a battle like this it is easy to lose sight of reason and hope, but still, I believe that SCIENCE holds the ultimate key to the survival of mankind; that is, unless we wish to continue living the ways we have for aeons . . . An endless cycle, first peace for a while and then war.
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