Also, I guareentee that if heterosexuality allows feminism to continue delaying the progency of young women, then life will surprisingly discover that it has aided a conversion to a single sex. I'm merely stating this evidence because heterosexuals must understand the battle in order to restructure the rules for a more equal benefit for both; because the natural tendacies are stratagies in a war for power and dominance, and not just equality.
Additionally, I reiterate that gays are as natural to life as straights. It's simply that they've been dealt natures that are not presently preferred in life (heterosexuality is believe, by science, to provide a greater genetic deversity for survival.) That does not equate to, "that they will not be preferred in the future." I'm just watching for an immaculate conception. Individual humans have been born with both sexes. I know, you may scoff, but I say, "hid and watch." What ever is the process, it can occur--life finds a way!
In the future, we may desire less children, when we live longer. In the future science will make it possible to protect the diversity of genetic transference, and even in artificial wombs.
In the interim heterosexuality is not obliged to simply surrender its dominance in nature; Whereby, the rules are much about a war, as much as, about equal rights.
Now, you can see why no one desires to talk about this subject because of the animosity generated (the animosity is because of the competition.) Not talking about it will not change the facts. Each side will continue formlating its strategies in this battle for dominance.
I am not against gay rights, and let the chips fall where they may. I'm against heterosexuality simply giving away its dominance without a fight; and for a new kind of equity--in which it seems, is coming, one way or the other.
Having said all this, I believe that homosexuality should be given the same personal union rights of heterosexuals. I just don’t believe that it should be called marriage. That would be selling out heterosexuality for some of the reason just elucidated. Still, heterosexuality is not likely to sell its self into a metamorphosed state that easily.
Undeniably, life is changing, and who knows where it will end. Science is getting to where it can bring life into this world in an artificial wombs. What then? Life is getting to where we will live longer and longer. What then? What when more children could mean more over population? I say these things because, from the stand point of science, the future will be all new and liken to magic. You take it from there. I have barely touched the surface of our progeny!
More evidence for MACHOPHILIA: Why don’t Machophiles pass laws against divorce where children are involved? Feminist psychologist are perpetually announcing that all people can get along individual to individual, race to race, and nation to nation, but then, they provide excuses for women and men when getting an easy divorce. They pass no serious laws against pregnancies outside marriage, making the excuse, that it would be, just too difficult (Well, life is tough all over). Why do they pass other laws that are difficult to enforce? They won't pass these kinds of laws because it would constrain their own transgresses. That’s an easy one to figure out!
Anyone with a brain understands that sex is a kind of war/battle for dominance and control and survival. The questions is, “Do you want the government dictating their personal image and special interest on YOU?”
By not passing suitable laws, legislatures are supporting the Machophilia bullies that I see daily racing up and down the streets from one girl, or women, to the other. They’re supporting the chopper biker I saw racing down the Interstate with two young girls in a convertible, right behind, in hot pursuit - maybe, or maybe not, they’re racing to a sexual liaison.
You add up the evidence for unwanted pregnancies and disease your way. I know what I see every day; a world of bully legislators encouraging a world of bully babies. It all adds up to no obligation and responsibility to children - LEGALIZED POLYGAMY.
Knowing that there should be laws against pregnancy outside marriage and obligation and responsibility to children, I would require every individual having sex outside marriage and responsibility to children, obtain a medical check-up for sexually transmitted diseases prior to every single new sexual encounter. Included in that requirement, would be a computerized male and female digital Watch (or some such created personal devise used to plug into the other. My patent/copyright 2005) used to pass, by pin number, personal information from one individual to the other regarding actions of consent and responsible sex. Also, any married man or women should have automatic access to any actual case of disease (Yes, there is a day-after-pill. All methodologies are necessary for responsible sex.)
Having babies outside marriage, without some evidence of responsible sex, should justify prison (and not a retroactive law). That is the only way to control sex, and not by outlawing sex.
Of course, this is just a delineation. Nothing provides an absolute guarantee against coercion. Rules are set as a value boundary and requirements for responsibility. Apparent criminal activities should be charged under the law. A women should have this evidence should she get pregnant. Without it she, or he, should go to jail, and the baby to relatives, first, or adoption. Anyone under eighteen, without this responsible evidence, should go to severer community service. Anyone over eighteen to jail.
Also, I would make it much more difficult to get a divorce with children. That would be understood long before marriage.
Are the legislators serious about controlling pregnancies and disease outside marriage, or are they just playing an age old game with other peoples’ rights? You make the judgement! How much would you wager, that the Machophiles will conjure up with every excuse known to man, or women, because their sexual game is not about right or wrong, it’s about POWER!
Here’s a good example of governments and businesses out of control: I receive letters all the time from lending organizations for mortgages etc., that contain misleading/fraudulent information ads, representing themselves as government affiliates, presenting to me a great deal. I can see that the information is phoney, and the government does nothing about it.
You can imagine that the legislators have their hands in the pot. Their too busy wearying about who’s screwing who, while all the while, they’re out screwing their neighbors’ wife, and the rest of us all, out of our money.
I called the consumer protection agency and they pretend their helplessness to do anything. If you believe that one, well, I’ve got a pig farm I’ll sell you, and all the pigs speak pigs Latin, and they shop only in Piggly-Wiggly Stores. They should force these companies into court. Make them pay a fine. If they do it again, double the fine. If they do it again then hang them (One feels like saying “hang them!”)
The government could do something about it, but they don’t, too often, want to. They have both feet and hands in the money. What do you think? A kid could steal the Hub Caps off their Mercedes-Benz and they would throw him/her in jail for months. You add it up!
Their too busy passing laws fining vehicles on the Interstate hundreds of dollars for accidentally hitting a Deer, Moose, or Elk. I ask them how much is my fine for running over a Prairie Dog. That must be worth at least twenty-five dollars. Well, thousands of Prairie Dogs are hit by cars every year in Wyoming. That would make the legislature many thousands of Bucks. I told them that, “It all makes so much sense that, it must be worth ten-thousand dollars for me to be struck by lighting.”
The cost to the individual motorist, who got their car banged up, and may, or may not, have survived the accident, is enough. It would be more sensible to require a CELL PHONE while on the Interstate. As I understand it, one can possess a cell for uses of the 911 number at no extra cost.
I don’t mean to make light of accidentally striking an animal with a car, but there are such things called, acts of God. These are just a few examples of SOME idiots in the legislatures. Do we want these kind of individuals passing laws for society? I ask you. What makes sense to you? Shouldn’t the cost of cleaning up animals, accidentally struck on the Interstate, simply be a part of the general tax fund?
Another NOTE on MOCHAPHILES: I just watched part of a show on television's PBS investigative Journalism called "NOW." Yes, some people pronounce the show "NOW" a liberal media. But I have often watched shows by "NOW" that present a ring of truth. This show is one of those shows.
A well known reconstruction contractor (LDI), working for FEMA, the Federal Emergency Agency for the Federal government clean-up of New Orleans, after hurricane Katrina, was shown to be busing in illegal Mexicans, etc., to pocket the jobs of local Union works.
Even at that, the illegals were being housed in poorly kept trailers, and being shorted on their pay. The accusation were coming from the illegals, themselves. Watch this show for the details.
This is just one more example of MACHOPHILIA at work in the world--even right here in Riverside U.S.A. Wake up America! These legislators, and many of their contractor henchmen, are at their age old game of distracting you over who's screwing who, while all the while, they and their cohorts are out screwing us all. Wake up America!
Almost daily, I heard news reports of the "FLEECING OF AMERICA" by big business and criminals of all kinds, and often, believed fostered by government, if not, committed directly, and knowingly, by government.
Two of those cases are: 9-11 charities and aid funds, and New Orleans reconstruction, aid and charity funds; including many other various charities to save the children and other poor and disenfranchised of the world.
Those found guilty of Misusing, or out right, theft of these funds should be ferreted out and dealt severe justice. But I ask you, "What justice will be rendered at all?" They, correctly, believe that you will soon forget all about it, and they can go back to duping you with laws over FLAG BURNING; or personal rights over abortion and sex; or laws regarding TERRI SCHIAVO vegetative state; or INTELLIGENT DESIGN, which has been basicly, settle since the creation of our constitution, or if you prefer, since the advent of reasoned knowledge... SCIENCE.
For those individuals who believe that their religion is enough to get them by, then, I suggest that we find them a complete State to move to, and then, to remove all inventions of science from that State; then surround the State with a Jurasic like electrified fence, and see just how long they can survive with their religion ALONE.

Reasoned knowledge and the scientific methodology is the same for all scientific research and discovery, and that includes evolution. One can ignore the evidence, but it will not change it. Religious teachings and faith are particular to the moral and ethical side of our lives, and science to our ever day edification and physical survival, etc. The two may overlap in places, but not were reasoned knowledge is in direct conflict with BLIND FAITH.
To the credit of the Catholic faith Cardinal Paul Poupard, who heads the Pontifical Council for culture, made a comment at a Vatican news conference June 20, 2005, "that the faithful should listen to what secular modern science has to offer, and warning that religion risks turning into "fundamentalism" if it ignores scientific reason." I commend their efforts toward reconciliation with science. There values from both that must lead the future of life on Earth; that is so, even though differences may remain in interpretations. Fundamentalism will return us to a past that did not work then, and will not work now."
More importantly: Wake up SCIENCE for the overwhilming advances that will make it possible for you to remove all MACHOPHILES by (changing human nature) once and for all. Otherwise, the day may come when you face the edge of a knife . . . by a new age of witch hunters.
Life has continued these cycles since the beginning of time. SCIENCE must stop them once and for all, and until the end of time.
I once knew an older man working in a mine, where I worked, who would often say, “There is something similar about garbage dumps and money. Where you fined either you’ll fined rats.” Along the same lines are cases whereby the legislatures and prosecutors seem to ignore fraud in the advertisement of credit cards and questionable medical products by the hundreds, etc. Products on the Radio and Television by the hundreds. The people are aware of these frauds, but feel helpless to do anything about them. People feel helpless to elect a government that would do anything about them. The sham goes on and on until something really terrible gives. I say that science is the only thing on Earth that can change this reality, once and for all . . . if it changes at all.
Science must remove all Machophiles from Earth by improving human cognitive wiring and reducing aggression levels from mankinds’ Lizard Lob. That is the only new modern possibility for a sustainable improvement in Human Nature. Otherwise, life on Earth will continue it’s age old fluctuations, endlessly.
First, we have calm and peace and freedom, and then, suddenly, we have tyrants in control. Life has repeated this cycle since the beginning of time. It’s time to end that cycle once and for all - SCIENCE, wake up! Be prepared for the overwhelming (genetic) advances. It’s time for the meek to inherit the Earth - certainly, something new with hopes for a BETTER world.
Of course, the issues are more complex than just making this presage. The prophecy presumes that basic personality differences will remain . . . First: We're merely insuring that the wiring of the brain works most perfectly. Secondly: The process of reducing aggression may include the removal of scaring from bad experiences along with the mitigation of our primitive brain, of which, some have termed, the Lizard Lob.
I’ve often entertained a hunch that IQs up to 125, or so, are responsible for many of the greatest advances in modern society, while all the while, being responsible for some of the most horrendous atrocities in history. I’ve, likewise, imagined that only those IQs beyond 150, or 175 to 200 plus, are most decidedly humane and empathic to others (ASSUMING NO EXPERIENTIAL SCARRING). I'm a believer, that at very high IQs the intellectual and emotional natures most wontedly intertwine into an integral and wholesome web. I've listened to smart people verbalize a definition of empathy, and yet, apparently, revealing an absents of empathy. Lets elevate human intelligence to its highest levels!
I must reiterate, in no uncertain terms, that these Modern day Machophiles are, through intimidation, fear, and modern day witch hunting, creating barriers and stigmatizations to the disputation of truth. These are the same individuals who in earlieer centuries would have executed, or thrown a man or woman into prison for the slightest violation of religous doctrine or law.
In writing our new American laws, Thomas Jefferson banned the death penalty except for "treason or murder or military offenses." Thomas Jefferson led a legislative attack on Tyrannical spiritual laws. Laws that stipulated capital punishment for hereasy against the doctrines of the Church of England, and still, provided imprisonment for denial of the Trinity or the divine authority of the Scriptures. Thomas Jefferson eliminated from America's new constitution, old English civil and criminl laws, that could hang a man until almost dead, then cut him down to be disemboweled; then hang him again until dead; then quarter him, all for a frivolous crime.
The nature of human beings who could plan those kind of laws, exist right here today, in the MACHOPHILES! In Jefferson's day, as many or more women suffered the pangs of a medieval justice; while today, maybe more men are in prisons for frivolous crimes, while thugs and gangs parade up and down our streets . . . not to mention some of the thugs in big business who just get fined and return to their mansions for which they stole the money in the first place to purchase . . . and pay the fine. Wake up AMERICA! Wake up S-C-I-E-N-C-E, or you could be next!
I was once attacked by a gang of six thugs at a travel plaza. I pulled them closer to the plaza lights where they were photographed by cameras. I'll bet that they're out of jail already. Wake up AMERICA!
Just the other day I walked into a Kinkos printing business to discover that two thug gang members were intimidating people - They left. No one in the business would even call the police because they would do nothing but anger the gang, and they would be back. The legistatures do nothing of consequence in laws to help; that's even though a two year old could come up with a gang TASK-FORCE to set up these gangs for a fall.
When someone calls the police, the TASK FORCE could appear acting like a gang or ordinary citizens, themselves, setting up the gang members to act like a gang, and arrest them. There are several ways and methods to do this, and people involved would provide a combination of referenced witnesses. Get them off the street. Individuals who even act like gangs serve no redeemable value in a community. They will eventually harm somebody... CERTAINLY.
The Federal government could create a gang TASK FORCE to travel from city to city. The possibilities are many. They do too little.
So, you may see, that had I used even more potently correct words and truths, so poignant as to befittingly describe those Machophiles, it would have ignited and destroyed my computer, but more hopefully, SOME of those slithering, crawling reptilians in power - MACHOPHILIAS! Those MACHOPHILES whom we should place behind the gates of a FUNNY FARM until competent enough to drop in a ZOO!
Sometime soon, SCIENCE will create an artificial intelligence so incredibly logical, that it will be termed the one "adumbrated". It will not permit those, slipshod purveyors of instinctual truths, to reign so supreme.
The beginnings of such a possibility are already here: John Koza (and others), Stanford adjunct professor inventor of the genetic algorithms and artificial intelligent invention machine. The end of machophiles is coming, and none too soon!
If your lacking in a general understanding of science and the scientific methodology, then your absent an in-depth understanding of society. We all warrant continuing enlightenment.
Copyright 2005
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