A Neanderthal Force On Earth

by Bennie M. S. Beaver

"Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself."~Mark Twain
"Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends [life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness] it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government..."~Thomas Jefferson
"The Victorians, Puritans, and Salem Witch Hunters are still with us! History is strewn with the body parts of people condemned by those machophile and matriphile demons; and...we can still smell the stench of people they burn as notional predators and witches; wherein, which more often is akin to the pot calling the kettle black."~Bennie Beaver.

BOSS HIPPO SYNDROME (Watch a PBS animal depiction)

It's not surprising that politicians have such a poor reputation. They can't stand the truth that would place them behind the gates of a FUNNY FARM until competent enough to drop in a ZOO--whilst setting everyone else FREE! There's enough time left in every day for a politician to pass another law. They need to pass laws to prevent themselves from passing another LAW; at least, another law like many they pass.
Lets be clear from the outset, that this argument doesn't proclaim that authorities are ALWAYS WRONG. They can be ninety percent right about many subjects (many of us would question that conclusion), and yet, wrong about some powerful and emotional issues at the fringe of sex, politics, religion, and science as they relate to REASONED KNOWLEDGE--especially SCIENCE.
It's those powerful personal issues that have most plagued and stymied the human progress and happiness since time immortal. They may encompass only about three to ten percent of all issues (because they do not include all issues over these subjects), yet, they hold sway over much of the human incentive and will to succeed. Those in power clearly understand this and often use the fact to dominate and control others for the sake of their own POWER and INHERITANCE.
What I'm saying, is that, if we allow politicians to continue on their historical trek--something they have not been able to do in the greater American frontier, until now, then we will, sadly, find America looking more like other despotic nations with little science and society, and much destructiveness and violence.
Of course, I'm a believer that science may save us from YET ANOTHER fall back into DARKNESS--if we're LUCKY! That would be something very new and welcomed in the history of the WORLD. It doesn't take a genius to read and understand the recorded history of those in power. It's not very likely that they'll ever understand their blindness and folly.
"We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate."~Thomas Jefferson.
"I say, incontrovertibly, that still, we in America have government by the greatest muscles and money, and not by the greatest brain--that will change with the continuing exponential acceleration of science."~Bennie Beaver.
Now, it's time to vilify the vilifiers. Those slithering, crawling reptilians that give modern experts and authority a bad name. Those purveyors of moral turpitude that would imagine themselves so good; so good that their good for nothing.
Among the greatest dangers to a free society are a class of predator individuals that I call, "Machophiles and Matriphiles." When their NUMBERS in power become TOO LARGE, human rights begin to disappear. Personal laws after laws are passed in an attempt toward absolute control. They are dangerous to any free society.
Machophiles and Matriphiles are the most prolific killers of men, women, and children, in all of human existence. Many of them remain in the upper echelons of governments since our time in the jungle. These Jane-Goodall-Alpha-Monkeys have long been needed to keep tabs on their own kind, and the price has been kings, and dictators, and fanatics, and horror, and terror throughout the eons of human history.
But don't get me wrong, Machophiles are often better at understanding terrorism and the other side of an Einsteinian pacifism.
Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers understood Machophiles clearly when they established our checks and balanced government with a civilian as Commander and Chief of the Arm Forces. There is likely only one way to remove Machophiles and their counterparts permanently from Earth, and that is by way of a SIMULTANEOUS action (genetic engineering) from SCIENCE.
Machophiles are those THUGS in power who fashion laws into their advantage. They imagine life rotates around their rear side only, and that all of life and the universe should look like them. Because their minds function byway of their LIZARD LOB to their FRONTAL LOB; their basic instincts rule too much of their common sense on much cognizance. In time they will be appropriatedly labelled like all witch hunters in history.
In America, for a few centuries, they have been unable to control populations so widely spread across the continent--until now. Now, because of improved transportation and communication, they are back at their old game of solidifying power. They will not occlude their oligarchic efforts until, or unless you, the people, stop them. Thomas Jefferson understood them, WELL. (Of course, I believe that it is SCIENCE that must, and will, eventual, stop them once and for all.)
Machophiles and Matriphiles represent the highest percentage of killers on earth, and they bamboozle the public, using FORCE and WORST CASE scenarios, arguing from the PARTICULAR to the GENERAL, attempting to VILIFY and prove that others - often nonviolent - are more violent than THEM. They may smile while they by fiat condemn totally non-violent (primarily men) to prisons to be assailed and murdered. They are pusillanimous souls unable to personally requisition wood for the legislature, or court house floor; then place a post in the middle to tie up totally non-violent human beings; then come down off their high throne and light a match, thereby, proving to the world who the real modern witch hunters are.
(I repeat a comparable and powerfully commiserating statement made by the eternal optimist Thomas Jefferson, in regard to Sedition Acts passed by the 1798 Federalist political party: “A little patience and we shall see the reign of witches pass over, their spells dissolved, and the people recovering their true sight, restoring their government to its true principles.”)
Murderers and killers and stalkers are the same in any class. But no group composes more killers than the MACHOPHILES and MATRIPHILES. It may be a daunting and simultaneous accomplishment, but science must removed them from the Earth within this century, or we may all become EXTINCT.
Machophiles have supported reasoned knowledge and science over the last few centuries, not because they have agreed with its conclusions regarding the workings of the universe, but because it provided them with powers over their enemies--and everyone else. Under this guise of support, science has accelerated its development to this very day. However, the same Machophiles and Matriphiles blessed by the cornucopia of science could still drag it back into a new age of SUPERSTITION AND DARKNESS.
Some Mochaphiles are akin to those individuals who would get into a cage and beat each other comatose. They should be blessed by someone who would place a padlock on the cage and have a helicopter drop it in the ZOO! Their real goal is to be a leader by force and intimidation.

Those are the kind of people you wouldn’t want on the porch or in the house. They should be out with the dogs and living in the Dog House--and the Dog Run. Their closest ancestry is clearly traceable back to the Kennel Club. Often, the only difference between them and their counterparts in prison, is that they have a job, and just maybe, less tattoos.
The children of these Machaphiles are in schools bulling other students, or out tearing up cities after ball games, or having orgies with High School girls. This is true, even though there's not a single case in all of mammalian biology whereby an immature male is permitted to have sex with any fertile female. These new rules are a result of feminism uses of the Machophiles in our modern legislatures. In my day, boys and girls had a chaperone for good reason.
Likewise, Machophile mentality is represented at the checkout line at ones favorite grocery store where we find magazine after magazine covers revealing young girls unzipping, unfolding, spreading out in obvious sexual invitation to all comers; to children, women, and men, alike. Likewise, are Victoria Secret advertisements on public Internet News pages--UNANNOUNCED.
It should be a choice to go to an adult only site to view those pictures designed to tease and tantalize, primarily, males out of their minds and money. Those kinds of ads are of greater interest to males already in the saddle with similar looking women, or young boys who readily imagine that they will be . . . SOON!
You'll quickly discover that feminist and machophile males don't want this kind of materials removed because many of the men are already sleeping with similar women, or making money out of a different set of divisive if not fraudulent advertisements; not much different from those depraved and emotional usury advertisements. The benefit to feminist is in seeing males being used and beaten down - that gives feminist more POWER! (Now I don't believe that those ads are usury or depraved when accessible from adult only Sites. I like the beautiful women as much as do many men. However, it's only appropriate when one must make a choice to go see them; making them difficult for children or young males to view).
This statement, and the legislators who ignore it, remind me of an example of a thug or gangster who ask his girlfriend to dress really sexy so that he can walk down the street teasing other males, challenging them into submission, or drawing them out for destruction. This is the mentality of legislators who fail to pass laws placing those materials behind adult only doors. The magazine companies could still print the materials. The difference is that individuals make a moral judgement to buy the materials. At present, families and individuals, who may not want to be teased and tantalized, have no choice in the grocery checkout line (including other public entertainment venues). I ask, “Why isn’t this the right thing to do?”
The question will become, who decides which materials belong behind adult only doors?
I say that we make this decision all the time regarding other materials. What’s the difference in this instance? The committee must be an ever changing committee of members. Personally, I’m not against the production of this material. They have the constitutional right to produce this material. I just want individuals to make a personal moral decision to buy it, or show it to their families. The way things are, there’s no choice. And yes, out of sight is out of mind.
The present method is blasting visual males, and everyone else, with powerful sexual images driving many males and females daft. The only way that present laws can work is for legislators to free up all sexual restrictions, and we’ll all have a FREE-FOR-ALL.
However, I don’t believe that the Machophiles in our legislatures want to change these laws. Why? Because they can now drive many males daft, therefore, justifying their arrest, and locking them up. That way they can destroy more of the other men’s families leaving a world of bullies out there having bully babies. This is the way some nations have ended up with so many violent members. They have destroy so many of their gentler members who would create sciences and community.
This way of thinking is Neanderthal and primitive. Nonetheless, I believe that the only real change to this system will come with an enforcement through SCIENCE.
The Witch Hunters Of Utah - MACHOPHILE Polygamist vs Ordinary Polygamist
This article is equally concerning a secretive group of Machophile polygamist in America: non-polygamist Machophiles having babies all over the place, in addition to having, one marriage after the other. Where’s the obligation and responsibility to children. One simply needs to watch court shows on television to witness dozens of cases of Machophiles announcing their marriages to numerous women and having babies by the dozen. Yet, the judge just castigates the individual by saying, “Stop that! Stop that! you bad boy, or girl.” It’s as if in the next sentence the judge is about to ask the individual for a DATE. I would lock the defendant up behind bars for life (maybe not life - the first time). Where’s the outrage? Where’s the reflection of obligation and responsibility to children? Where are all those feminist and Machophile psychologist out to protect the children? (Feminist do not represent the average women. For a few decades, feminist and Machophile males have bamboozled the average real women, but that is slowly reversing).
These judges and legislatures so strongly and passionately condemn other individuals, while they, themselves, are out sleeping with their neighbors wife. That's why! And that's WHERE they are? It’s time we, the real majority males and females, give those legislatures a new job at the zoo scooping up their closest relatives excrement.
Yes, Utah polygamy is coming to an end. But Utah has for decades sanctioned it by ignoring it. Now they’re out destroying families and polygamy over night by acting much liken to the Federal government debacle over Waco, Texas. When do they ever learn. Give the polygamist so many years. Tell them it’s over. Yes, change must come. It’s enough for a single family to care for one family in this modern age.
And yes, intermarriages within a small group which continue can be destructive. However, studies have demonstrated that some close marriages are not destructive in the short term. Also, should one marry a close kin, or anyone, even unrelated, with a genetic aberration, there will likely result an immediate problem progeny. (Furthermore, I might add that claims are made that some polygamist groups are shunning an excess number of young males from their group . . . not a respectable occurrence).
The problem with this Machophile approach to polygamy, however, includes an absence of a cognitional coupling to feelings of empathy, or even, an understanding of anthropology on Earth - SCIENCE. Polygamy has likely existed in nature from the beginning of life. These people are not evil. They are stuck in a life style that is intricately interwoven from nature. For (particular) women and men to (argue to the general) claims that it’s all about sex, has LITTLE, to NO MEANING (I use the remark “little to no meaning” in other instances because it’s a truism. It’s something like arguing, which came first, the chicken or the egg).
In a modern world young girls will need a greater opportunity for choice. That is important in a today world of many opportunities.

I might add, that females are having one fraction of the social difficulties of males, and are now, attending colleges in greater numbers than males. Furthermore, Women (feminist, not always representing the majority of women - as we've learnt in resent years) are entering into psychology to the rate of 65% while a petite number are entering into REAL SCIENCE. They clearly understand where the pathway to power resides (psychology and machophilia males in politics). We need a reformation of the relationship between males and females . . . for the benefit of both.
Having said all this, don't be surprised should Utah machophiles have a change of heart, and attempt to legalize polygamy. In the back of their minds is a Mormon desire to justify their religion's original beliefs over polygamy; and furthermore, a machophile desire to justify its own philandering; and thirdly, the cost of controlling polygamy is adversely affecting their money purse. However, you'll note that I'm not against sex outside marriage, just pregnancy outside marriage (explained elsewhere in these Web Pages). We don't want a historical world controlled by a few men procreating an aggressophile society resulting from top down sex...something we witness today in some regressive societies.
Some people ignore reality when talking about right and wrong (and sexuality) without revealing “WHO-THEY-ARE.” Do they have a strong sex drive, or do they have a sex drive at all (asexual)? Are they bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual, or somewhere in between? WHO ARE THEY? (I can tell you that I’m totally heterosexual from my very earliest memories, PERIOD!)
Sexuality is a kind of war for survival. Individuals are playing up their personal interest in a powerful game for dominance and control. Sex is a serious battle and we must be careful about delegating power to politicians.
One reason that I give for this reality, is my definitions of Machophiles who have weaseled their ways into power throughout history. They like to concentrate power unto themselves.
Science is the only thing that can bring their reigns to an end, FOREVERMORE. I believe that it will likely occur within this century (read my Web Page Objectives & novice book/story titled “Dr. Warpenstein”).
Many psychologist and their henchmen legislators are brought up so good that they're GOOD FOR NOTHING! They see the world as a place needing changing just so that they can live in it. So many new principals of modern psychology are simply rehashed old principals fromulated as strategies in a new war for dominance and social power....Keep your eyes open wide, LIBERTY! Benjamin Franklin once said, "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." "Liberty...is the great parent of science and of virtue; and...a nation will be great in both always in proportion as it is free."~Thomas Jefferson.
There is another important scientific issue regarding sexuality that is forever ignored by spokesmen and spokeswomen. They never talk about the scientific significancy of ONE and TWO sexes in nature. Science understands that life can TRANSMUTE from TWO sexes to ONE, and vice versa (parthenogenesis). Of course, you may believe that this ability is only present and will remain in today reptiles species, but I say hide and watch. The spokesmen/spokeswomen can ignore this fact, but it will not change the facts.
If there was ever a reason for labeling homosexuality different from heterosexuality, it’s because sex is a kind of war, and not because of equal rights. We call different acts by different names, all the time. But if anyone imagines that each sexual nature isn't hoping to sexualize as many partners to its side of the rivalry, then they are sadly bamboozled. That is much about what the tug-of-war is about!
I listen to the radio all the time while crossing the country, and gays are working hard to become half of the population . . . and they say so, OPENLY. (wishing to be half of the population is only until they get there, of course).

You may ask, HOW? Well, I can tell you one method in a today world that is called SPERM BANKS. Now, you may retort, “How does that increase their numbers?” It’s another scientific piece of evidence ignored by educated illiterates, that there’s a very slightest advantage in favor of the birth of a gay or bisexual in such deliveries. Additionally, females have an edge over males in a modern world whereby they can enlist a SPERM BANK to have children; while males can not have children without the help of females . . . to date. Even if males could have children without a female, the macho stigma is so strong that it's still less likely. But I guarantee the educate (especially, feminist and lesbians) won’t likely admit to this, even if they understood it, because that wouldn’t be to their advantage.
I was just watching the TODAY SHOW on NBC television with Matt Lauer talking with several women who had fourteen children from a SPERM BANK by one man. Matt never thought to said/ask, "well, men can't do that. Is that fair? Is that right? What is going on? Can't these women find a man? Are these women just looking for a better genetic parent? When will men be able to do the same--without a surrogate (maybe an artificial womb)? There are many question totally ignored by men who play the macho game.
Feminist are suckering men up one side and down the other! Even women psychologist, like was on the same NBC TODAY SHOW, may be masters of deception when talking about women's attraction to BAD BOYS; especially, when they were the same when they were young. The sexual game continues on!
Some of these sexual games and arguments are among the reasons why men seek out younger females for love and lasting relationships, because they automatically understand that females are more subject to seduction, brainwashing, programing, Stockholm syndrome; what ever you wish to call it, which makes them more likely to remain a life time partner. Fewer men seem to be (equally) subject to the same forces; by nature, or, just maybe, females have been subjugated by males for aeons by nature(good question to ask).
However, macho men who have had about all the women they want, work their way into legislatures and become the BOSS HIPPOS of the world, just like the feminist understand that they will, to destroy as many of those other men's families to keep them and their feminist partners in power. While the BOSS HIPPOS are increasing their inheritance for themselves and their children.
The feminist are suckering all men out of power. (Check the record for male and female social difficulties in our American society. In spite of the fact that our modern society has more psychologist (women) than ever in history, particularly, males are having more problems than ever in history. Why is this? (I can answer that one, but not right here, right now)!
Another way for life to convert to a single sex is by way of the youthful sexualization of bisexuals and other degrees of sexuality all the way to asexual. The game of nature has always been about sexualizing those individuals to one side, or the other.
I once knew a women known as THE QUEEN of the LESBIANS who had several children, and she agreed that she would likely (never had children) had she not been sexualized by a male at a young age--She was not attracted to males. Nonetheless, she was, presently, happy to have her family, although aways, completely homosexual.
I bemoan that those resent gay/straight clubs in High Schools are but one of those transformation processes.
The development of gay/straight clubs in High Schools may seem innocent at first sight; but I make the presage that it's just one more avenue leading to an leveling out of homosexuality and herosexuality. It's relatively easy for homosexuals to convince young High School students that their arguement is all about equal rights. It's not just about equal rights. It's also about power. For those who don't believe this, I can only say, "hide and watch."



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