Brian Greene--the author of the book titled "The Elegant Universe"--suggested that finding a "principle of inevitability" for String Theory, that is something like the "equivalence principle" for relativity, is of the highest priority.
I believe that I suggested just such an "equivalence principle" in 1998 with my "Hypothesis Of Simultaneous Realities". Under the right conditions, a virtual reality can't be distinguished from a three-dimensional world; and an entangle world is simultaneous to its clone--clone meaning "totally identical--not differing spins, etc." in form and space and time. The definitions change the meaning of space and time (we may be able to exist in at least two places simultaneously).
The true state of the cosmos is "quintessence" a kind of balancing maintained from "black holes" [Black Holes" may be an avenue to multiuniverses, however, "quintessence" is my first guess in synthesis with a Lorentzian wormhole, wormholes connecting distant regions of our universe with each other...electrons, protrons, general matter, creating a balance of forces as well as an understanding of entanglement, etc]; and the electromagnetic, weak, and strong forces are simply different states of gravity, much like ice is a different state of water; therein, will be found the unity between gravity and quantum theory, and dark energy. Under these conditions dark energy is not described as 120 orders of magnitude too big. In the case of Dark Energy, gravity is in a different state, just as with the quantum state. In fact, at present, and with layman logic, and without empirical evidence, I believe that "Dark Energy" is the essence of matter without mass and gravity. Therefore, I believe that "Dark Energy" may be removed from matter leaving it massless and without gravity capable of traveling at the speed of light, and with a receiver, becoming omnipresent and in two places, simultaneously. (entangle nature of matter).
Of course, my simple layman perspective on all of this is my statement below that only the present is three-dimensional....How to unfold a three-dimensional object into a two-dimensional space (time is accomplishing this automatically as the present dissipates into the past)? To my layman conjecture this process suggest an entangled mechanism which possibly includes another of which I may mention later. However, considering, like the proverbial tree that falls in the forest and there's no one present to hear it, or me, "does it make a sound"? Who cares?
You say, that it might be just as well to make use of an imaginary monkey, sitting at a typewriter for an exponential number of years, typing away in hopes of creating every recorded text recorded in human history...and at the end to have created a Unity Theory to explain EVERYTHING. Stand by while I continue to add my musings to the empirical recordings of the monkey. (If true, it's an interesting scenario. Can you imagine an enormous ship in the sky looking three-dimensional, having no mass, harmlessly penetrable by normal matter, but capable of traveling at the speed of light. Next, what does it mean? Dark Matter may be ordinary and heavy neutrinos, WIMPS/AXIONS, non-baryonic matter, but "DARK ENERGY" is a chameleon matter.)
Here is a small video example by the famed physicist and author of the book and PBS series titled "The Elegant Universe". I had not known about Dr. Green's and others' ideas on String theory before I started writing my ideas on science. I only had heard that string theory was related to vibrating strings, something like a musical instrument. It all made sense to me. However, I have just recently read his book "The Elegant Universe". I'm only now reading his book titled "The Fabric Of The Cosmos". I'm a slow reader. I drive a truck nearly 2600 miles a week. I only wish that I had the intelligence of Brian Green, as well as his skills. Still, I believe that my ideas fall closely into line with String Theory.
I might add, that in my "Hypothesis Of Simultaneous Realities", I had concluded that perfectly cloned/paired matter would be linked at any distance. Later I came to know that there is a term for it called "entanglement".

I'll BLOG in a few questions and statements here: Is it possible that any entangled particles, atoms, or masses do express no differing quantum jitters, in seeming violation of the Uncertainty Principal--making me and Einstein happy? If quantum jitters is the same between any entangled states, then would it be possible to create a confirming experiment--for String Theory--by sequentially backwards calculating from the three particle family types, to specific Calabi-Yu shapes? Is Dark Energy exerting any degree of repulsion inside galactic groups, such as, between the Andromeda galaxy and the Miky Way?
However, I still believe that there's a balanced Dark Energy throughout the Universe--there's an ultimate question of the steady state of Dark Energy at the furthest reaches of the universe.
Is it possible that Einstein's Lambda "Dark Energy" is merely the anti-gravity imagined by scientist and Science Fiction? Maybe at some distant time, Dark Energy will reverse properties and become attractive energy (normal gravity), and "progressively" all of the particles in the universe will begin to reverse polarity (charge, in this case - antimatter), making protons negative and electrons positive; at which time, the universe will finally begin to collapse backwards toward a new beginning. This, of course, begs the question, "would normal gravity become anti-gravity and everything in the universe, suddenly, or slowly fall apart [or simply normal gravity with reverse charge]?" Or would everthing in the universe progressively reach that distant point, at which matter reverses, before everything suddenly collapses? Than again, maybe Dark Energy will simply slowly become normal gravity to pull the universe back toward a primeval point before anti-gravity "Dark Energy" again blast it all back out into a new universe. On the other hand, is it possible that at the furthest reaches of the universe, matter is filling in the spaces betwixt galaxies--not wishing to believe that the Milky Way and our small group of galaxies will someday become alone in the blackness of space/time. Of course, this idea does not obviate a kind of Steady State Theory unfolding at the very edge of our expanding universe. The question being, "why only a Steady State at the very fringes of our universe? Logic suggest that, even as there is evidence for the BIG BANG, there is also, evidence that the universe is not likely to isolate all of its constituting parts FOREVER. I believe that relativities entanglement may hold an answer to a connection between the Big Bang and the ends of the universe. I'll address this question, soon. I have other scenarios to make as soon as I get the time to write them.
(Taken from my HYPOTHESIS OF SIMULTANEOUS REALITIES: We will discover anti-gravity existing as a compromising force at all true Black Holes [entanglement/holism], as to say, the center of the Milky Way; Black Holes do not increase in size ad infinitum. The large Black Hole at the center of our galaxy disappears, but reappears instantly, do to the enormous quantities of matter in that location, such that it is not detected [an engine]. Smaller Black Holes outside the center of our galaxy do disappear regularly, by way of an entangled massless phenomenon. The smaller Black Holes aid the removal and reprocessing of matter from elsewhere, and also, the central Black Hlole, back to Vacuum Energy and new mass, again coagulating undetected; thereby, providing regeneration of matter back to star formation; including, the balancing of forces. The universe expanses with this process...Also, continuing the rebirth at the center of our galaxy--must be detected indirectly. A small Black Hole would be discovered by a predicted effect resulting from its disappearance, etc. I understand that this information is a kind of imaginative assumption from my hypothesis and not necessarily an empirical conclusion....But, of course, it's all true. Ha! Ha! This idea does not disregard star cluster and super cluster formations. The process surmises a conjunction between gravity and the continuing symmetry giving order by way of the quantum universe).
Of course, I understand how philosophy, without a greater formal and mathematical education, can lead one off into several murky directions. I've alway felt that my mathematical skills have remained just there, there on the tip of my tongue. Nonetheless, If I had the money, I have some experimental ideas that I would try in my garage. Probably take out the whole neighborhood by accident, though.
It's somewhat misleading to think of "three dimensions" as "three dimensions" when it's an intellectual property that we call "three dimensions". Three dimensions is an "intellectual property" existing only in the present moment that exist much like a computer logic: if this is true than that is true, etc. Immediately, the past and the future are a "two" and a "one" dimensions. Three dimensions is a folded one and two dimensions. It's the only way to understand an answer to the above question, about "finites" and "infinites". It's why we ask questions like "if a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?" or "which came first, the chicken or egg?" or our sense of a universe of paradox, or a kind of dichotomy of conflicting realities. Furthermore, it's a preface to understanding my short story "Dr. Warpenstein's Virtual Time Machine". Also, it's a layman's road to experimental evidence. The scenarios abound!
To get further off an empirical chain of reasoning for a moment, I'm imagining that life replays itself over and over until learning the final question and answer at the end of time. When one dies in an infinite/finite universe, a trillion years may pass before ones individuality returns at the same last moment to continue the journey to the end of time (a repetitive evolutionary universe)--in a kind of replicating clone of a universe. Of course, this idea begs an anthropic principled idea of individual things' and persons' evolution to an end conclusion [identical, yet, separate from this world's end]. However, the term "anthropic" does not fit exactly in my definition of "finite/infinite" universe--a universe of paradox (dichotomy of conflicting realities and probability waves).

Don't continue to think of the universe as three-dimensions, but "one" and "two" folded into three! It's akin to creating a Unity Theory from the view point of Quantum Theory to Relativity Theory and not the other way around. String Theory seems to be on trek. In this scenario, as each moment of time recedes into a two dimensional past, it must reappear in the next evolutionary three-dimensional slot, and there, to continue to the end of time [one dimension].
Of course, all this titillates our human desires for well as our sense of the endurance of matter and energy. Why not a continuance of an evolution of events [there is a strangeness to this idea to be explained later. The scenarios become much more enigmatic]? The universe is stranger than we think, and maybe, as someone once said, stranger than we can imagine [have imagined]. (Coming soon, how life itself may be entangled across the universe just as paired particles are entangled across the universe (within the bounds of a probability wave). How to explain the genius of a five year old Beethoven...and others)! Read my short story "Dr. Warpenstein's Virtual Time Machine". This story WAS to continue including some of the afore mentioned ideas!
The lessons you haven't learnt, you or science, will have to learn (you, being good or bad ready for reward or retribution, or an accelerated evolution and salvation coming from science and discovery. The same is true today as we hope for religion, or science and genetic engineering to save us all, including, the weak and disenfranchised and sane and insane). Who you are can not return at any other time in this universe. You will not fit any other time period. You will not be aware that time has passed. You will one day reappear and slowly become conscious of your existence, and history (reappear in a parallel universe). Just like now, you will feel that you have always existed and will never die. You will repeat this cycle until you and/or science discover immortality to the end of time in this universe...and the final question and answer.
Intelligence is a prime force in this universe. Convince me that intelligence is not a prime force. I'm not invoking an intelligent design so much as a design that is intelligible. This idea is not so much against an intelligent design as it is against a formal, personal, and fundamentalist religious interpretation of intelligent design. I believe that idea is dangerous to the continued progression of scientific inquiry.
Should String Theorist begin the search for anti-gravity; thereby, resulting in a theory capable of discovering the exact Calabi-Yu shapes for the three families of particles? Maybe Omega is neither one, less than one, or more than one; Therefore, through time it's a paradoxical all three! What is it at this time in the universe?
Well, now that I've speculate enough, I'll soon get back to following a more direct progression of reasoning from my hypothesis.
I'm not in the best state of mind to explain this idea right here, right now. I'll need to wait and explain later. The general idea was also presented in my rustic screen play/book titled "Dr. Warpenstein"--I have just drove my truck over 500 hundred miles today. I'm tired.
Not desiring to be untowardly self deprecating, I can imagine that someone like Brian Green could better describe this idea--should he catch my meaning--than me; not only verbally, but mathematically. Nonetheless, while driving, I have imagined some pretty good explanations. I'll just have to dredge them all up again. Otherwise, some notions of my layman ideas are planted throughout my hypothesis and various stories and articles on this Web Site).
Read my book titled, DR. WARPENSTEIN for information on my "Truck Driver's Case For A Unified Field Theory."



Like a lot of individuals, I might not even have this Web Page, except for my impressions of the rulers in power. I have witnessed their ignorance and arrogant expressions in laws more often attune to a by-gone age of theocracies, autocracies, and witchcraft. These fools could drive our modern world back into a new darken age for a time. Their brain operates by-way of their lizard lob through their sexual instincts to their frontal lob. They are dangerous to a modern society. They will use science’s weapons to dominate it, or even return us to a darkened age for a time (Order my novice story at "" - BOOKSTORE).
Here, I'll interject a little anecdote that I just thought up: Is it true? What I heard reported in the news. Is it true? America has outlawed the teaching of evolution in our schools as well as stem cell and other genetic research in all science labs. Is it true? Great scientist are leaving America in droves for Europe and the Far East.

I thought that I'd heard the news man report something interesting and ominous. Is it true? A group of multinational scientist in Korea being lead by a great biologist from that country, announcing an incredible scientific breakthrough in genetic engineering. They have discovered the technical ability to change human nature, and the world, with little physical or mental risk to mankind. Furthermore, they can remove bad memories and scared experiences. They can implant knowledge directly into the human brain.

The news is awesome, but then, this time America is not in the forefront of those scientific advances. Worse than that, fanatics around the world condemn the reports and charge the scientist with playing God. They threaten to arrest and jail the scientist should they leave South Korea--You say that it can't happen (de ja vu), then I say, READ HISTORY.


NOTE: The religious extremist of the Intelligent Design proponents often argue that evolution is just-a-theory. Well, gravity is just-a-theory. Relativity is just-a-theory. You might say that all of science is just-a-theory. But then, oh what of all the creations and inventions that have arisen from this JUST-A-THEORY.

One could argue that all of the various religions are DIFFERENT just-a-theories on ancient history. Notions, hypothesis, theories, laws are all just different degrees of accumulated evidence for something. Gravity may seem so certain that we call it a law, however, it's still just a theory--in science there may be more to gravity than just-a-LAW. Nonetheless, these are all just differing degrees of accumulated evident for something. In fact, a theory is merely a stronger proof of a hypothesis. In this universe, the next evidence may prove it to have been no more than just a hypothesis.

Making a statement that evolution is JUST-A-THEORY has little to no meaning.

If you think that you can disprove it, then argue your case, and the evidence, point by point. Even though not all the pieces are in there place, the evidence for EVOLUTION is OVERWHELMING. Oppositely, even though many in science don't agree with the various interpretations of religions, they are not generally in the business of proving, or disproving, the existence of a GOD.

I, for one, believe that there's an intelligible form to the Universe that we think of as God. This intelligible form is a part of all intelligence and is why we think in terms of perfection, absolutes, all power and security. This intelligible force gives direction to the universe. We all are following its rules and forces to that final question and answer, maybe, at the end of time. That we are a part of it is why we can understand it at all. We possess all the characteristics of lesser Gods, being good and evil to all degrees, but without the omnipotence and power of an all encompassing single GOD.

My hope and supposition is that good is a little more constructive and will govern wholly supreme by the end of time. We would become one with our imagined God that already exist by earning it the old fashion way, because as in deism, there is no evidence that God is doing it for us. This, of course, does not prove that a God can not tweak the entire Universe - unbeknownst to any of us; helping someone, or the process. If it should happen, we have not been able to see it through reasoned knowledge. It can only be believed by faith, and when that faith is in direct conflict with reasoned knowledge, it is BLIND FAITH.


NO! I'm not referring to every legislator or law passed by law-makers. There are good individuals among them, or we would already have found ourselves in a dictatorship. But I'm a believer that their numbers are all the while increasing. And they are growing in too many ways!

One of the ways that they have historically gain power is by wheedling away at personal rights--so watch your back Jane/Jack. This area of law-making is the most dangerous to freedom. They are always attempting to create absolute power and control in terms of an image of themselves and their own best interest. The more of these laws they pass the more need they have for absolute power to enforce them. They believe that they can create their own kind of UTOPIA, and what we end up with, is their own kind of DICTATORSHIP.
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