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Bennie M. S. Beaver
(7 yrs. retail & 20+ yrs. in mining & 12+ yrs.Truck Driving)
When I started this Web site, I did not know of any individuals in the videos on this Web Site, except for Carl Sagan and James Randi. I have created, found, and added all of the videos later.
I present this little imaginative YouTube video as a light hearted introduction to my objectives. As the author remarks, the future may be different from our best intellections. I agree with the characterization of present and future societies. Aside from this futuristic picture, I have long believed in a future as expressed in the new film by Ray Kurzweil (YouTube trailer video) "Transcendent Man". Some opposing religious and non-scientist's views are not so surprising. Those few opposing scientist's views, other then some scientist with a differing time line, doumbfound me to believe that real men of science could believe that what we do to make life better, is limited by some formal religion's God; or otherwise, will make things worse. If they really think like that, then maybe they should simply give up, stop their scientific research, and resign themselves to their fate (or religion) and die! Maybe we should give some of those naysayers a single state to live in all by themselves, without any science or technologies, then surround that state with a Jurassic like fence to protect the rest of us; then wait to see just how long it takes them to come out. I grew up in a family full of preachers in the 1960s, and when they said that transplanting hearts was playing God, and that going to the Moon was trying to go to heaven, and that computers would never be more than a machine, I dropped out of that community. A God-like being may exist in the universe to limit our scientific development, but I don't believe that that God would have much to do with any formal religious interpretation.(For my personal solutions to today traffic problems consult my "personal BLOGS").
All of the videos on this Web Site that include the title "Dr. Warpenstein" are novice productions produced by myself.

Web Site Objectives
"A lie can walk half way around the world while the truth is putting its shoes on"~Mark Twain

I plan to discuss my complaints from a personal philosophy on science and society as well as laws that I would fight for, or against, if I were a legislator or president. I plan to get right down and controversial on many subjects with personal ideas on science and society. Nonetheless, ultimately, I'm a believer that science -- likely genetic engineering -- is the only permanent solution.

I can sense a kind of enveloping stigma stymieing the free world rights to political dissent. Some of the biggest issues are terrorism, religion, sex, health care, ethnic and class wars - SCIENCE.

Just about all of us would be happy if we had a degree of certainty regarding our future health care and happiness; environment and shelter; food supply; energy and transportation; entertainment; over population; war and crime; mother natures uncertainties.

I will be advocating SCIENCE as the greatest hope for extracating ourselves from this real or imagined morasses. Yes, I may advocate the reclaiming of some of our moral and ethical values thrown out with a new age of radical change, extremism, and plain old equivocation, but not all. We may have lost too much of our educate and civility, just to mention two.

You may be surprised over some of the advocacies that I support and others that I do not. I'm a great believer that governments often do not understand where their rights begin and the peoples end. This is especially true in regard to personal rights. So watch your back Jack/jane!

So when you think that you understand me, you may discover that your wrong. I'm both librial in many ways and conservative in others. I do not champion a return to the past; by no means. However, in some basic moral and ethical values, you may fancy, it's so. But on the other hand, over others, you may grimace.
Yes, most assuredly, science has not discovered all of the forces and effects of nature and the mind, and this is good reason for keeping an open mind. But not facing the evidence at the moment is not justification for accepting what doesn't make critical sense.
This site may slip from subject to subject with some overlapping of material headings, so please bare with me. I may add notes here and there when I get time. However, when one is driving 500+ miles ever so many days, it can take time to add to or organize this web site. I wrote much of these Web Pages while self-learning to write and use a computer on my first LapTop Windows 95 while driving the 500+ miles mentioned above. I learned to build my own Web Pages using Web Easy. I'm now retired at 63 yrs. old in 2008 just before the great economic recession of 2008. I'm still learning how to spell and write correct grammar on my own....I believe that I've been a little dyslexic in some of my skill connections over the years; otherwise, I would love to be a scientist. I've always wanted to understand how the universe works rather than assume I know, like some people, without doing anything to know. However, I understand that dyslexia does not preclude a "like of intelligence"....Still, I've never been so diagnosed. Some people question whether Einstein had a degree of dyslexia. To date, I guess one of my luckiest attributes has been my love of words and my health. There where long living relatives on both sides of my family; many preachers; gamblers; bootleggers; musicians; farmers; business owners; county Secretary of Treasury; writers, etc.; and maybe a relationship to the fifteenth Presidents family. I feel lucky particularly in the healthy family regard.
I believe, like Carl Sagan, that some ninety percent of our modern world operates at the behest of science, and that some ninety-five percent of the public and authorities don’t understand its basic form and function (for Carl Sagan’s actual words, read his book titled “The Demon-Haunted world”).

Please, let's be clear regarding who can be an expert on the basic form and function of science. Even Carl Sagan understood that being an authority is not always qualifications for understanding the overall form and function of science. Some individual scientist can be an authority in a field of study, and yet, be much liken to an autistic savant regarding an overall function. Of course, I believe that most true scientist understand much about the general function of science--engineers, doctors, etc., are generally practitioners of science, even though some are research scientist and more knowledgeable.

The scientist who most truly understand the overall form and function of science are the creators of our sciences--the THEORIST.
Nonetheless, PBS, Popular science, and great scientist believe that even the general public can develop an overall understand of the form and function of science. Many great scientist have developed television shows and books to this very end. Whether one obtains a degree or becomes an expert in a field of science he/she can still understand the overall form and function of science. Otherwise, legislatures should not be passing laws regarding scientific issues if they can't understand enough about it--And I do believe that we need more legislators with a degree in science.
In my opinion, too many politicians and other talking authorities do not grasp the importance of science in the news and everyday life. Otherwise, they would be eternally interlacing the parallelism of much of religion’s more rathional sense of moral order, and science’s sense of wonder and humility at the discovered order and immensity of our incredible universe. I'm not advocating a formal religious understanding of our universe. I am advocating for (some) of the more basic moral and ethical advocacies from religions....many of which have been violated by individuals in religions down through the ages.

The issue just mentioned is only one example of our legislators ineptness regarding scientific prescience.
America should have completed its colonization of Earth's near space and the Moon and Mars. Space is the place for nuclear waste and much of the free world's manufacturing and pollution. Space is a passageway to diversifying the locations of our free world economic infrastructure from terrorism. America and the free world should take the high ground. What happened to those olden days of claiming lands under one's country flag and laws? Yes, you need the power to enforce rule, but who should take the initiative to accomplish this? WE SHOULD!
Of course, we need reduced cost and improved access to space, and we can accomplish that only if we try. It will take an olden sense of adventure, innovation, and courage. We have the people ready and willing to do it. The incredible benefits to the spirit of all, and especially the young, would be enormous. If you don't think so, then give this opportunity to the young which was once available in the 1960's. You'll see a big change in young peoples' sense of pride and accomplishment; even for those who do not go.

I have many more perceptions to report regarding all these issues discussed on this web site, of which I plan for a book. Nevertheless, I believe that I can present enough information to spur the interest of those who would understand.
When I write notes into this web site I generally do it in a kind of quick impromptu fashion. So I don't always have time to complete arguments. Here is one more little repeated argument for space exploration that you may not have heard: People argued that money for Christopher Columbus's voyage of discovery would be better spent on the deplorable poverty and retched conditions of health in the then Spanish nation. But then, replied the retractors, "what then when the money simply disappears into a black hole . . . as usual"? What was accomplished by the voyage of Christorpher Columbus, did more for the people of Spain than would have ever been accomplish with the money in the then Spanish politics.

(Ordinarily, when I'm speaking of my personal views on God and religion and their importance in society and science, I'm talk about a kind of Einsteinian definition. When I was younger, I wondered who might agree with my views on religion and God. I believe that it turns out to be individuals like Einstein, Carl Sagan, Thomas Jefferson, Mark Twain (Book "Letters From Earth"), etc. True, Mine and these individual's interpretations may vary in degree relative to a body of experience and knowledge at the time, but they all largely agree. Their assured agreement is in regard to prayer (DEISM).
Nevertheless, there is no time in history that religious leaders have to any grand degree, encouraged much of the controversial thinking that led to the great discovers of today science. Yet, it is religions that helped provided a moral and social structure that helped lead to the reasoned knowledge of today....That is so, even though its leaders had more often rejected their own member’s efforts toward reasoned knowledge, and through BLIND FAITH, blasted their revolutionary efforts as blasphemy.

No other major belief system, including science, has attracted more fanaticism and violence--even from it’s most enter circles--then religions. Mark Twain said it succinctly, “More people have been killed over religious differences then all the political wars of history.” It took the Roman Catholic church three-hundred years to apologize for mistreating Galileo Galilei for his ideas demonstrating that the earth is not the center of the universe--much less our own Solar System (apology 1992). Even when you ask someone, "What belief system are you reminded of when someone says the words: fanatic, dogmatic, bigot, etc?" They most often reply with the word “RELIGION”.

Religions need a more comprehensive reformation before truth and reasoned knowledge can continue without fear of hostility from superstition and blind faith.
Let me give you just one example of what I mean by blinded beliefs . . . . So many blinded beliefs that they can't be counted on all of your fingers and toes, and all of them ready to kill you to prove that they alone are right:
The religious believer may get up in the morning and travel to the United Nations to fight for peace all day, and then, go home to church where his preacher tells him/her that there will never be a peace (wars and rumors of wars), but then, he will go home to watch his favorite television show COMBAT; then he will get ready for bed and kneel beside his bed and pray for an ever-lasting peace, and never imagine the conflicted point of view. Can we truly trust that such an individual will fight for peace?
This same conflicted belief is reflected in statements regarding the "taking dominion over the Earth." Does that also include the universe?
I believe that many new thinkers in religion do believe that it is man's responsibility to take dominion over the Earth and universe, and if we've done our part to take care of ourselves, then maybe we will receive, more often, indecipherable help from elsewhere--serendipity or GOD. What do you think?
The path of science and reasoned knowledge in the pursuit of the understanding of our incredible universe--that sense of wonder and beauty and order that can be understood--is not significantly different from those greatest of principals of religions. It is only a difference in how and when we get there.
Conversely, science is one of the most cohesive and tolerant systems of beliefs in the world. Its very commandments demand willingness to question and change based on rational evidence provided by experiments that are repeatable by anyone. Even where the evidence is not clear to all, the process goes on in a search for convincing evidence. Something, I might add, that would have ended centuries ago had it been up to religions. If for the leadership of religions, we would still be living around a camp fire with a camel, or mule--depending on your geographical history at the time.

Peoples who have not advanced in science, you will note, have been, and are, killing off gentle or thinking individuals who might question long held beliefs--generally attached to the remnants of mankind’s jungle genetics, or a religion. When the only individuals having babies are bullies, then you will end up with a society full of strong arm tactics and violence, and little creativity and science (including, at times, most nations in history; today, still, in many places including the Middle East.)

Throughout history the primitive nature of TERRORISM and WARS have existed in every society. The Middle East is not the only land of terrorist. Even now, I believe that the nature of terrorism exist in every society on earth, and that includes America. It just so happens that it's presently most prevalent in specific nations of the world. Even in America it could happen again, like in olden times. Science has a opportunity to end this repeated evil once and for all. I'm an optimist. I'm hopeful that it can.
What I am saying has been said in multifarious ways by other writers and great philosophers and scientist for many centuries. Nevertheless, I repeat, in my own words, my personal observations of their ideas integration into our everyday life. The failure to integrate science’s reasoned knowledge with religion’s greatest values--without religions superstition and blind faith--is still a gargantuan failure of today leadership. Einstein said it grandly, “science without religion is lam, and religion without science is blind”. (Einstein had a very personal definition for RELIGION. Not a formal one).

I would like to add this note: Science has created technologies and inventions so miraculous and incredible that had they appeared in any other period in human history they would be called MIRACLES.

Having said all this, I believe that many improvements in the human condition will come only once science can (change human nature); likely, with genetic engineering.
Among the greatest dangers to a free society are a class of predator individuals that I call, "Machophiles and Matriphiles." When their numbers in power become too large, human rights begin to disappear. Personal laws after laws are passed in an attempt toward absolute control. They are dangerous to any free society.
Machophiles and matriphiles are the most prolific killers of men, women, and children, in all of human existence. Many of them remain in the upper echelons of government since our time in the jungle. These Jane-Goodall-Alpha-Monkeys have long been needed to keep tabs on their own kind, and the price has been kings, and dictators, and fanatics, and horror, and terror throughout the eons of human existence.
Machophiles are the THUGS in power who have long fashioned laws into their advantage. In America they have been unable to control populations so widely spread across the continent, until now. Now, because of improved transportation and communication they are back at their old game of solidifying power. They will not stop their efforts until, or unless you, the people, stop them. Thomas Jefferson understood them, WELL. (Of course, I believe that it is SCIENCE that must, and will, eventually stop them once and for all.)

Machophiles and matriphiles represent the highest percentage of killers on earth, and they bamboozle the public, using force and worst case scenarios, arguing from the particular to the general, attempting to vilify and prove that others--often nonviolent--are more violent than THEM.
Murderers and killers and stalkers are the same in any class. But no group composes more killers than the MACHOPHILES and MATRIPHILES. It may be a daunting and simultaneous accomplishment, but science must removed them from the earth within this century, or we may all become EXTINCT.

Machophiles have supported reasoned knowledge and science over the last few centuries, not because they have agreed with its conclusions regarding the workings of the universe, but because it provided them with powers over their enemies, and everyone else. Under this guise of support, science has accelerated its development to this very day. However, the same machophiles and matriphiles who have been blessed by the cornucopia of science could still drag it back into a new age of SUPERSTITION AND DARKNESS.
. . . Bennie M. Beaver

(Dr. Warpenstein - http://www.xlibris.com/Dr.Warpenstein.html)
Here is an added note: You may have heard of the Commander of Allied Forces in the SECOND WORLD WAR by the name of General Dwhite D. Eisenhower, also known as a President of The United States of America. But little known, or repeated by today powers to be, is a warning by the General and President that goes like this: KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE MILITARY COMPLEX BECAUSE YOU CAN NEVER GIVE THEM ENOUGH MONEY OR ENOUGH WEAPONS TO BUILD!
. . . Albert Einstein
Yes, Einstein's remark was in regards to the creation of the atomic bomb. But knowing Einstein's general philosophy as I do, he would at least have lended it to many individuals in the human race.
There are at least two great competing forces in a today world that demand a reasoned evolution like genetic engineering . . . One is terrorism, which is sadly, too often attached to the great values expressed in religions, and conversely, revolutionary advances coming from the great minds of science that may catapult society into an new age of miracles and change. We already know what the past holds.

Consider this: At present it may take only one man/woman, or a few men/women, to carry a weapon of mass destruction into a modern city and destroy it. Conversely, it may take only one great man/woman of science, or a few, to suddenly discover a new revolution that saves the world from certain destruction. What side are you on?
It will be argued and debated, but then, it will be done . . . In as much as because, and if for no other reason, then that a single individual could commit atrocious acts to destroy civilized society. Sooner or later, or within the next hundred years, science will improve all human cognitive wiring to genius levels, while reducing aggression levels, and mankind's primitive days will end, FOREVER.
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