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Who will live and who will die?
Out of billions of people on Earth will only the rich and powerful survive?
"What's being missed, or ignored, in the coming evolution of MAN. How science will change HUMAN NATURE!"~ Beaver
"In a world where only one or a few individuals could walk into a large city and destroy it, it's time to change HUMAN NATURE!" ~ Beaver
"Religion, muscle, and money have dominated life from the beginning. Now it's time for a significant contribution from the high intelligence of reasoned knowledge." ~ Beaver
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SF name "Dr. Warpenstein" is New Einstein "stein" "war' in "warp" speed ships to change human nature and the world for EVERMORE!

"HDAI (Human Directed Artificial Intelligence) I predict that human brain directed artificial intelligence (wirelessly, through the eyes of an android, or maybe, someday transferred) will become the next imposing advance in artificial intelligence. We should give priority to the merging of human and artificial intelligence, the first truly human artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence will never be holistic without biological senses. Humans will merge with artificial intelligence and a hybrid will inherit the Earth. If there is an apocalypse in which evil is destroyed, this would be it. Nevertheless, will the first of these super beings desire to assume all power? Will the appearance of such an entity usher in an age of good...or evil? Either way, the past was bad enough, and the future holds the only hope for a better world."~Beaver

Gandhi said, accounting his critics, "first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
"I predict that it's only a matter of time before science is able to create an ANGEL by transferring the genetics of birds to humans. But will science always be a angel to the masses of humans on Earth?"~Beaver
"The presage announced here regards two different forces in nature, one is primal and the other is intellectual and American constitutional. The coming changes are ultimately inevitable, only the details are in question.

I can tell you that I'm totally heterosexual from my earliest memories. But I predict that the last heterosexual and (homosexual) male will betide within two-hundred years. The relationship between males and females has always been contentious at best (even forced). Now, with the new freedom of females, it will not lead to a historical matriarchy this time (marriages and reproduction are already falling apart within well educated and liberalized heterosexual relationships), and also, because within this century, or the next, females will no longer bear children in their wombs (artificial wombs), and less need for children as life is extended.

Genetically, the future belongs to the female and not to the male (I had believed this long before I heard of Dr. Sykes, an acclaimed Nobel prize winning geneticists who wrote books like "Adam's Curse: A Future Without Men", or science author named Steve Jones similarly on male chromosome extinction). I believe that all males are parasitic much like Jones explains (but not likely much more parasitic than females just more powerful), and that, as the male's power over the female dwindles, so will his continuing role in reproduction. Sexuality is not only about equal rights, it's as much about power as we can see when heterosexual males attempt to sexualize young females (asexuals, bisexuals, and homosexuals) to be heterosexual, and homosexuals attempt to sexualize those same young males/females to be gay.

 All of the signs of a coming parthenogenesis are plain to see. The high numbers of feminist (unintended and intended consequences) and gays in psychology will simply accelerate this outcome....Life finds a way! Modern feminist are very good at using the machophilia Jane-Goodall-Alpha-monkey males to do their bidding. Machophiles have long presumed themselves the progenitors of the next generation. They were necessary in a more primitive world in order to protect communities from an enemy.

Here's a quote given by Geneticist Dr Sykes, "Take Genghis Khan's Y chromosome, which is now found in 16 million men in Central Asia. It started as a single copy from the man himself in the 12th century. What drove this? Well, when he conquered a territory, he killed the men and systematically inseminated the most attractive women. A thousand years later, his Y chromosome has survived and proliferated, which is sexual selection on a very grand scale.

Too many machophiles in a modern world will be destructive as always in history. For some centuries America's large distances and separated communities have forestalled their best efforts, until now. With improving communication and transportation they are back at their old game, and the result will mean a more destructive society in time...just like in the Middle East, and other societies in history, with top down procreation. (Feminist may in fact change that specific outcome, this time...hopefully, for the best).

Feminist will continue to rationalize the use of the machophile to destroy (termed SAVE) as many other men's families as possible, just before - this time - they'll turn on the machophies overwhelming and outperforming them (fading them away). On the other hand, considering that males end up in Jails and prisons about ten to hundred times more often than females, maybe they'll simply wait for all the males to be locked up, then they'll take over. Seriously though, many of those locked up are deserving. The others, well, I'll refer you to someone you may have heard of by the name of Albert Einstein, when he said about prohibition, "Why do you pass laws you can't enforce." Of course, the evidence is significant, even if I am being a little facetious.

Feminist are seeking the male's powers while gays are seeking both sexual and general powers. Life has always been asexual, bisexual, homosexual, intersexual, and heterosexual. Science has long understood that life can change to a single sex. Life has remained heterosexual because heterosexuality has proven best for survival, to date. Although, a different relationship of the two may continue, I'm not convinced that it will.

  I'm not saying that this will be a bad ending for the world, but only that it will be a different world. Like death and paying taxes, you and I may not like it, but all that can likely be done about it will be to slow the process! Legislatures don't even understand what is occurring in order to slow it...so they may continue to accelerate it. I believe that other exponential changes in science called the SINGULARITY (Ray Kurzweil at YouTube) will simply accelerate these changes far beyond the imaginings of Steve Jones (hence, my two hundred year prediction above). I agree with Ray Kurzweil that most people think so lineally that they will be astounded by the coming exponential changes coming from science. If you don't think so, then I say, just keep your eyes on the NEWS.

Watch the sexual wars play themselves out. Make sure that when you hear a psychologist, or anyone, talking about sex that you clearly understand who they are, because sexuality is one of the grandest deceptive games on Earth. This new and unusual time in history will make all of these things come true. Sometimes the truth can be shocking and the specifics of a future difficult to predict. Those in the driver's seat may see what's in their own best interest. Let's just see whose predictions are correct!

Much like a religion, by the time that those prevaricators of modern psychology reveal the fallacies in their definitions, interpretations, and explanations regarding sexuality, it will likely all be over...that regards those who would ever desire to reveal it, because it could threaten their power. In consideration of advances in modern psychology, and the largest numbers of psychologist in history, you may imagine that it purports less human frailty and selfishness; than...look again. Modern psychology is still as much about coteries of power and reproduction as it is about right and wrong!"

"Here is just one incomplete example of the boldfaced lies perpetrated by modern day machophile psychology: I’m not in support of the FLDS polygamist communities, but I wonder on days when I witness television court shows parading one female/male after the other, smirking and smiling, as they announce having babies by several different women/men. The judge simply castigates the individuals by saying, “Stop that! Stop that you bad old boy, or girl.” It’s as if in the next sentence the judge will ask for a date. This is legalized polygamy. Where is the obligation and responsibility to children? Where are all those feminist psychologist out to protect the children? Many don't take care of their children at all. These individuals are worse than the FLDS polygamist. Where’s the outrage?

Where are those machophile feminist and male psychologists? They are out sleeping with their neighbor’s wife and other paramours. That's where they are! That's why laws are not tougher! (March 2009 N.Y. madam reveals high-profile client list including some of the most influential and powerful in society). They violate the law in many of these activities, but do you really believe that legislators, judges, law enforcement will do anything about it? The game of sex is still largely about power, not right and wrong. Often in history power sees what's in its own best interest, and not what is truth. Power will simply relegate these words into the vacua space between their ears.

I believe that there is an obligation in a modern society to care for children up and until the age of, at least sixteen. Life is tough all over, and it should be more difficult to get a divorce before that date. Sex outside marriage may be a personal matter, but progeny is not. Progeny outside marriage should be outlawed by law…not sex. Science should get busier finding safer and more effective contraception.

Are legislators serious about controlling pregnancies, disease, and children’s rights outside marriage, or are they just playing an age old game with other peoples’ rights? You make the judgment! How much would you wager, that the machophiles will conjure up every excuse known to man, or women, because their sexual game is not about right and wrong, it’s about POWER! Mark my words. They will pass laws until you are dead, and the only humans left procreating...are THEM.

So you see how the game works. The FLDS, who failed to create an army to help them negotiate (whom may not bring constitutional and civil rights charges; and yes, they need changes), will be destroyed, and those who have money and enforcers, such as gangs, ball players, legislators, and terrorist, will get a grander degree of reprieve, or even, license...not in my world. The feminist and machophile psychologist are in bed with those thugs! The history of Earth records a seemingly endless source of fools who regularly inherit, or steal power, and breed terrible wars." ~Beaver

Read Dr. Warpenstein's article titled "MACHOPHIA - A Neanderthal Force On EARTH" this Web Site.
"I predict that within the next 30 to 50 years the exponential acceleration of science will presage a coming age of change in human nature and the successful transition of our capitalist system to a socialist (hopefully, democratic) system. Mankind's modern and primitive days will end FOREVER. Artificial intelligence and automation will supplant human beings in the production of all basic products (societies will not want the rich to own all of this means of production). Compare these circumstantial changes to the 2008 financial collapse. The coming financial and economic changes witll be dramatic.

Science will reverse engineer the human brain and adequately understand methologies for magnifying empathy, fairness, along with incentives to remain productive. Similarly, science will understand how and why to decrease - what some have termed the lizard lobe - aggression levels in a way that will insure that human kind will agonize over harm when making decisions.

We're talking about the salvation of various human races and natures to the consonances of billions. But then, I wonder whether the human race is about to face a hybrid Hitler with a rationalization to remove billions of the rest of humanity, or does the might of a God make right? Of course, at best, this presage is optimistic in light of human history.

I believe that science needs to remove some 3% to 5% of the worst machophiles who dominate societies throughout history - not likely more than 10%. The problem has been when, throughout history, they have redirected their aggression to dominate societies and create brutal and absolute powers. They do their greatest damage when in control of the military, law enforcement, legislators, judges, prosecutors, etc. Very often, these individuals start with business and government bribery, waste, fraud, abuse, and by whittling away at personal rights." ~Beaver
"The creator of this Web Site is a self-taught twelfth grade retired miner/truck driver "Bennie Beaver". I had little help learning the computer and learning to write so please give me a break when it comes to expertness."

"I'm just a layman seeking knowledge and understanding. I believe that the human evolution is about to enter an age of change that staggers the imagination. Unfortunately, I believe that the human relationship is still largely predicated on power, and that it struggles to be largely predicated on empathy and fairness in its strive for truth. I wonder whether it's possible to remain totally open minded. I've heard authority claim to be open minded, but than, I doubted it was so. I'm not an authority." ~Bennie Beaver

"A central lesson of science is that to understand complex issues (or even simple ones), we must try to free our minds of dogma and to guarantee the freedom to publish, to contradict, and to experiment. Arguments from authority are unacceptable." "Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the Universe, are challenged by this point of pale light. Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves." ~Carl Sagan.
I question whether ubiguitous quantum entanglement is endowed with repulsive properties responsible for an ever expanding hologram universe of entropy. I wonder whether dark energy and black holes, in correlation with entangled particles, accounting for some three-quarters of the mass of the universe, a quintessence of choice (intelligence order) and chance/deterioration (entropy), may yet reorder the primeval atom in the face of a deterioration (entropy) to once again allow the universe to collapse. Of course, this idea suggest that the essence of entanglement, like dark energy, so elusive and indescribable, is to some degree dark energy, and it has been with us since the Big Bang. Black holes, inter-connected entanglement, are an otherly dimensional expanding (scalar) maltiverses pushing our universe apart. Simultaneously, black holes maintain a re-distributing balancing of matter and energy in our own universe.

I'm thinking of the story about the extreme unlikelihood of awakening the next morning and finding that your car has seemingly magically oozed through the wall of your garage and is now sitting out by the street curb...a scientific possibility. Similarly, the increasing likelihood that the universe will suddenly reverse and collapse, may be a (scalar) quintessence of accumulating intelligence that locally ordered will in time reverse entropy over time back to total order and primeval atom...a collapse not necessarily beginning at our end of the universe. Intelligence is at once deteriorating entropy, then evolving order forcing back to a primaval atom. Intelligence will soon reach escape velocity.

Suppose that Einstein was right, and it turns out that quantum theory can make sense, just more weird than hitherto imagined. Nevertheless, I believe that reality is a dichotomy, like a high road and a low road, without which there would be no reality...M-Theory seeks a unification from differing paths. Similarly, an alpha and omega, like the chicken and egg quandary, may exist simultaneously and eternally from moment to moment....The end is conversely a new beginning.

Has any scientist investigated properties of repulsion or anti-gravity between entangled particles?

I'm not referring to normal negative to negative and positive to positive repulsion of particles, but rather, a possible repulsion of entangled particles, molecules, and atoms. If this repulsion helps explain the accelerating expansion of the universe, then wow to Einstein's expression of entanglement, "spooky action at a distance."

Makes one wonder whether this could be the elusive anti-gravity imagined by Science Fiction...."Beam me up Scotty".

©2009 by: Bennie M. S. Beaver

I'm an optimist by nature, but I predict that, partly because of a lack of enough competent science graduates in congress and law maker ignorance, America and the world will suffer disasters due to an inadequate response to global warming, comet or asteriod impacts, explosive calderas, solar radiation outburst, America's infrastructure failures, population growth, technology, and wars......a terrible reckoning ~ Beaver

I should add the remarks I read, of an eminent physicist by the name of Freeman Dyson, who questions believers in global warming. he says, "enormous gaps in our knowledge, the sparseness of our observations and the superficiality of our theories," these reservations come from a good scientist who asks the pigheaded questions. He could also be a lonely foreteller. Or, as he avows, he could be dead wrong.

Nonetheless, I for one believe that, maybe, all the talk in the world ain't worth a spit in a river unless you're right. Taking all the "ifs" and for "sures" we could still end up with a bunch of "maybes". Cleaning up the environment can make it all for sure, right. Yes, and then, maybe we can fight a coming ice age! Another eminent physicist expresses the following view:

  Stephen Hawking 2008 Guardian Award Winner:

The award is in recognition of the venerable Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge with his continuous warnings of global catastrophic risks that make it unsafe and unwise for mankind to remain on one planet.

Hawking says, “Life on Earth is at the ever-increasing risk of being wiped out by a disaster, such as sudden global warming, nuclear war, a genetically engineered virus or other dangers we have not yet thought of.” He says, “It is important for the human race to spread out into space for the survival of the species.”

I've been in total agreement as reflected within various titles on my truck driver/miner Web Site at SF TITLE http://www.drwarpenstein.com. Second page CONTENTS several titles including “If I were president”.
The last known extinction of the large land animals occurred only 12,900 years ago. WILL MANKIND COMPREHEND AND ATTEND TO Hawking's WARNINGS? In spite of natures dichotomy of possible out comes, I believe that science is our real hope for salvation; but science presents its own bag of risk if not understood and managed decorously. ~ Beaver

"We should have long ago built a hug interplanetary spaceship that would remains in Earth orbit, ever ready to travel to the planets. At the cost of a few weapons systems and ships, of which we have enough to destroy the world several times over, we would have been on Mars with a permanent colony. Keeping ahead of an enemy, through research and discovery, is what coaxes them into spending more resources on redeemable value, trying to keep up...stay a step ahead. This is a long ignored principle that can work to our advantage....Let's go! Let's roll!"~ Beaver.

The key for mankind to survive the technological future is to end the preeminence of our warring way as it relates to religion, sex, wealth, and power...a little more Vulcan like along with an enhanced human sense of empathy and fairness, etc. Likely, only science will be able to make this degree of change in human nature. It almost seems like hope against-all-odds, but hope is a preeminent force in nature. A favorable outcome can become reality for a minute, a week, a year, or for millenniums.
As many geniuses and American founding fathers understood, if men were angels, then there would be no need for governments.

Maybe, considering the enormous powers being created by science and technology, men/women will need to become angels, or risk becoming extinct!

Even so, suppose that only one omnipotent force is possible in the universe, and the rest are only lesser angels. How will Ray Kurzweil's singularity handle the competitive nature of individualism, and jealousy, envy, and hate {With sportsmanship?}; and...or will all intelligentsia become one.
After having said all this, I still believe that it adds up to a need to change human nature, or reap the pangs of our technology in the hands of a nefarious, or simply, divergent mind.
The SF book "Dr. Warpenstein" is based on the Phoenix UFO
It was Dr. Warpenstein!
Among the greatest risk for the survival of freedom and the individual is for the human race to remain tethered to agglomerate power. Think portable power through the aid of automation and a merging of humankind and artificial intelligence....two occurrences that could help save the future of the human race.

Automate, automate, and do it smaller and locally to compete with third world labor; and in order to protect some edge in technology and keep money here.

  Ultimately, those technologies will aid the rest of the world. This will help the free world remain strong, and put more pressures on autocratic governments to change. If we continue to sell out our economy to autocratic governments we will (unnecessarily) risk failure. This is not meant to stop all trade!

Getting back to smaller and local production of basic necessities is important for our protection from natural and man made disasters. Do not waste billions and trillions of dollars rebulding present day electrical and other tethered energy systems. Side step those failing infrastructures and invest in ideas like MIT's new breakthrough in Semi-Solid Lithium Rechargeable Flow Battery technologies, etc. Automation is where science is headed. Think about it!

This will make it possible to secure basic necessities, with or without jobs, in order to gain time for a changing society.

If individual communities remain dependent on other countries, or just other places, for their (necessities), they will risk disaster. Science and automation will soon make it possible to produce basic necessities for little cost. It's time to make the change and save our security and freedoms from goofy government and for-profit-only agglomerate power.

  What I mean, is this example: agglomerate power doesn't want a cure for the common cold if they could loose profits from all those over-the-counter medicines. Corporations are pocketing huge profits relative to the benefits to America. Whe're loosing too much of our industries necessary for basic necessities in a disaster. Whe're becoming too dependent and could pay should they cut us off in an emergency. Where this kind of thinking does exist, it must change, soon! We need our (basic necessities) under our control....We can trade many other things. Someday, we'll be glade that we did!
Present day, there are new biometric technologies, such as eye-scanners (future RNA scanners), that can detect personal interest, intelligence, skills, and intent which may be misused by businesses and authorities. This is only one among many new tracking technologies being developed, or already in existence. These authorities should be the first to be scanned and categorized...Big brother is here, and potentially a savior or a devil all wrapped in one!
Is there anyone listening? Can you hear me now? Dr. Warpenstein to Earth control. Is there anyone down there?

You'll soon have a much grander choice between entering into a new age of hope for all, selective survival, or just plain destruction.

With the looming escape velocity of technology, should we fear the technologies, or the human creators of those technologies?
An evolutionary machine is now working and will likely make it possible to change human nature within ten years....Today date 2011 -- George Church geneticist at Harvard Medical School Boston.